Wednesday, 4 July 2012


 I know that there are cheats in Incapacity Benefit (although I understand the numbers are small), but when you consider that we have discovered, bit by bit, over the last few years that the whole of British society is corrupt and stinking. We now know: 
  • that members of the royal family are on the take (and yet no case is ever heard against them); 
  • that large numbers of both the House of Lords and Commons have systematically cheated on their expenses and been obliged to replay sometimes vast sums of money, but almost none has been punished; 
  • that the press is bent, most specifically the Murdoch press, but the Express, Mirror and Mail groups aren't far behind them; 
  • that the police are corrupt, most particularly the MET, but doubtless others too;
  • that the bankers right up to the Bank of Britain, sorry England are in the LIBOR scandal up to their oxters, and were previously largely responsible for the mess the country is in, and that none of them gets any kind of punishment, except maybe being asked to resign with a MASSIVE golden handshake (and quickly being fixed up with another job);
  • that "celebrities" are hiving off money so that they pay no tax and are not even admonished, except in the case of Jimmy Carr who was named and shamed by Camoron, because he is a left wing comedian who pokes fun at the silly little arse for a living.
And with all this stinking mass of corruption, greed and filth around, our UK government thinks that the best group to target in its futile and cack-handed attempt to reduce its ever growing deficit, is the sick and the dying. Bravo the Tories, and Bravo to England for voting them in to government when you know perfectly well that they tear society up and use it as toilet paper.

This motion has been tabled in the House of Commons. I knew of some of the figures here, but I had no idea how utterly horrific some others were. I am distraught at the thought of this happening in our country.
That this House deplores that thousands of sick and disabled constituents are experiencing immense hardship after being deprived of benefits following a work capability assessment carried out by Atos Healthcare under a 100 million a year contract; notes that 40 per cent of appeals are successful but people wait up to six months for them to be heard; deplores that last year 1,100 claimants died while under compulsory work-related activity for benefit and that a number of those found fit for work and left without income have committed or attempted suicide; condemns the International Paralympic Committee’s promotion of Atos as its top sponsor and the sponsorship of the Olympics by Dow Chemical and other corporations responsible for causing death and disability; welcomes the actions taken by disabled people, carers, bereaved relatives and organisations to end this brutality and uphold entitlement to benefits; and applauds the British Medical Association call for the work capability assessment to end immediately and to be replaced with a system that does not cause harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.
I understand that so far 28 MPs have signed the motion, including 2 SNP members: Mike Weir and Angus MacNeil and one Scottish Labour MP, Sandra Osborne. I hope all Scottish MPs will join in [except Fluffy, and of course, Danny Alexander]. 

(A full list can be seen on the post that inspired my little rant, although it will hopefully grow as time goes on. I also, completely shamelessly, stole the absolutely excellent illustrations from Nominedeus, and hope that he won't sue me...)


  1. YOU.... can steal my stuff anytime tris, (I stole most of it anyways) you are always welcome, nice write up love the angle of comparing the fraudsters...(must get my brain to get into gear,one day)
    will pop a link in on my post to this.
    Thanks for the link ;-)

  2. You get the feeling that every pillar of society is "at it". The politicians, the banks, the media, the police, the self-professed "great and good", even footballers and the corporate Olympic games... They're all taking ordinary people for mugs. I wonder if this is how it felt in the Soviet Union round about 1991, when everything that people were meant to believe in was collapsing?

    One of my favourite Clash lines, from the song White Riot, goes "all the power in the hands of the people rich enough to buy it" and how true that is. Only the rich can afford to avoid tax and avoid punishment for blatant crimes. We need to stop putting up with it.

    It might seem to some like this is a case of trying to appropriate a crisis and use it as an excuse for Scottish independence, but I truly feel that the quicker we get away from the UK state, the quicker we can work towards a more just society. These things are endemic of the sort of imperialistic attitude that still reigns supreme in London. The emperors without an empire. As long as we're tied to a government that bows down to the corrupt square mile in London, things will never change.

  3. "I know that there are cheats in Incapacity Benefit (although I understand the numbers are small),"

    ever sat in a Tesco carpark and watched those who drive in and out of the disability spaces?
    Its like a fuckin car show most of the time.

  4. O/T but I thought I have to post this.

    For everyone feeling a wee bit hot under the collar or those who missed our dear friend Ryan's video on the Bitter Together website well here it is in all its STUNNING glory!

    ENJOY! :lol:

  5. Thanks Nom...

    It was such a good piece and I feel so strongly about it that I just had to... :)

    Thanks for adding a link...

  6. Yes Doug, I should have remembered that the Olympics have been corrupted too.

    Of course, who knows how corrupt previous games have been, but this one appears to take a gold in what the original Olympics was NOT about.

    We are conned into it at £3 billion, and within days, somehow amazingly balloons into £9 billion.

    Of course conveniently original figures neglected to account for security, extra police, the cost of the Nazi torch procession, and a host of other stuff including inflation.

    So the latest realistic estimates are around £24 billion. That's a lot for a broke country.

    All overseen by a muppet with more titles than Charlie Windsor, and a dubious record in running things (albeit an outstanding record in running!!)

    And what's it for...? Prestige and big business, who can sue the backside off you if you happen to wear a Burger King t-shirt in the McDonald's Olympics. Oh how the Parisians are laughing.

    I love "emperors without empires". It perfectly describes the preposterous posturing and posing of this pathetic lot.

    It may indeed seem like a case of using this for the Yes campaign's benefit, but for me it is all part of what I detest about the UK.

    The ongoing class-obsession (Zil lanes in London!!), the worship of heartless, big money, big business, the pushing under the carpet of what really matters in life.

    Would Scotland be any better? Well, I believe it would.

  7. Yes Anon...

    The misuse of parking places is quite scandalous.

    Of course, you realise that these spaces are frequently used by people with no disabilities, except for their disinclination to walk a few extra steps, right?

    A friend of mine watched a Chelsea tractor park in such a space, and a perfectly fit looking woman walk into the store. My friend checked and as she suspected there was no badge, so she took out her lipstick and wrote something less than flattering all over the woman's windscreen. I understand that it will have taken her hours to get that off, lipstick being all grease!

    You can't blame that on disabled people...

    Oh and Anon... could you remember that this blog is read by some young people, so if you don't mind could you avoid the "F" word, please :)

  8. LOL Arbroath. I love some of the comments too, although I could only make out 1 word in 4. My Norwegian is really rusty.

    My favourite was ..."I think they should try dumbing down this campaign a lot more. I got confused at 'sausage rolls'."

    Jeez, how thick do these people think Scots are?

  9. What do you mean thick tris?

    Don't you realise that this video was "removed" from the Bitter Together website because they deemed it TOO intelligent for us mere mortals! :lol:

  10. Ah... so he WAS speaking High Norwegian then?


  11. tris

    The idle unemployed well they cant use the Jews so another section of society will do.
    Cameron and co use the same strategy as the Nazis to inflame blind hatred against some so as to distract from their own criminal activities.....

  12. Tris

    Is it just me or is there a certain irony in the fact that Ryan wants to keep the government in power who wanted to put 20% VAT on his sausage roll.

    As William Wallace may possibly have said "They may take my freedom but they will never tax my sausage roll"

    P.S. I wonder if Ryan signed Greggs petition?

  13. Incapacity Benefit (being ended for the harder to get ESA) has a fraud rate of 0.5%

    DLA (adaptations to house and car to enable a normal life, includes workers) 0.8%

    Both those figures are from the DWP. In both cases unclaimed benefit is higher than fraud.

    Yet the Government want a 20% cut in DLA. So, 20% down when the fraud level is less than 5% of the reduction.

    The WCA would be a joke if it wasn't so horrifying. I have been through two and about to go through a third. The person doing it usually has no expertise in whatever the person is suffering from and they ignore the individual and concentrate on their checklist.

    The report produced has little relevance to what was discussed or what occurred at the meeeting. If you want to record the meeting, the DWP insist on a higher standard of evidence than the police, meaning that it won't happen as who can afford to pay for a Sound tech and equipment

    I was glad of Nicola Sturgeon's article in the Evening Times a couple of nights ago.

    I get amazed by a lot of my fellow Independence Supporters. They notice and decry the bias against the Indy movement on the BBC and the Press.

    But too many swallow wholesale the disinformation and bile that the press and BBC spew regarding the sick and unemployed.

    We're all getting the shaft

  14. He's Johann's new script writer as the last one preferred mince.

    OOps Ryan not David Hayman

  15. Och Dubs... never mind. I'll tidy it up for you.

    Bless him wee Ryan probably gets his wee sausage roll made from wee doags, even if they're wee rottweilers ...wee scone that he is...

    Did it say what he was studying...? I hope it's something wee that his wee brain can cope with.

    As Spook would say...wee shame!!

  16. Yes Niko... it is, very unfortunately pretty much the same.

    We've been taught since the days of that repulsive man Peter Lily that anyone who claims any benefit of any kind is a cheat and a fraudster.

    I prefer to remember that whilst only a tiny percentage of people who claim benefits are cheating on them, more than 50% of MPs were cheating on their benefits, and if Lord Haddingsfield is to be believed, around 80% of the noble (huh) lot were cheating on theirs. We'll never know of course because plebs aren't allowed to know what goes on in their lordships' sty.

    And sadly the sheep believe that benefits are evil. Bit by bit this pile of public school hooray henries will manage to persuade us not to have benefits at all.

    I'd advise them to look carefully at countries where that kind of thing happens, but what will they care anyway. They will just sweep past the derelicts on the street in their publicly funded limos... probably down the Zil lanes that they have created for themselves.

  17. Anon: Thank you for these figures.

    It is a travesty of justice that people who are already ill are put through this screening, designed by someone who later said it was not fit for purpose, executed by amateurs, or at least people who are not proper professionals, and dependent only on a checklist so generalised as to be pretty pointless in many many cases.

    The 40% that are overturned are cases where the sick person faces a tribunal of 2 or 3 people on their own. In cases where legal representation (which has to be paid for) is present, the rate goes up towards 80%. As a tribunal is a court of law overseen by a judge, appointed by the English Ministry of Justice, representation for a sick person is not unreasonable

    The BMA has condemned it as unfair. What more do they want?

    Niko is right. They are a pile of Nazis.

    It seems to me they just want rid of anyone who is not able to toil for their greater food.


  18. I was impressed with him... I couldn't help thinking that the interviewer was a bit put out by the politicisation of the interview... "A lot of people would disagree with you"... can't disput that... but to balance it up he might also have added that a lot of people aggree with the man.

    No bigotry there. The guy plays Shakespearian roles... the ENGLISH bard. He just believes as many of us do (and some don't, NIKO, to show the balance) that the country would be better run from Edinburgh, by people who have been here.

    Well done him.

  19. Sorry for going O/T, again!

    Found this on the Daily Mail site.

    I watched the original programme on Channel 4 in 2004 and was quite impressed by the evidence that it managed to uncover. With the death of Mike Hastings the title of Earl of Loudoun now passes to his son who becomes the 15th Earl. He has apparently intimated to a local newspaper that if the evidence can authenticated then he may take things further.

    Methinks Lizzie had better start looking out the yellow pages, particularly the removals section, same goes for Charlie farley, william and the rest of hangers on.

    What on earth will dear old "Call me Dave", Milliband and the rest make of this situation?

    Interesting times are ahead methinks!

  20. That's OK Arbroath. Feel free.

    Although I have to say I don't really care much who is in Holyrood, the idea that it might NOT be Charlie in 20 years when the Queen dies, is a moderately cheering one.

    Don't we have some bloke who thinks he should be king too?

    Personally I think my granny's cat would do the job just fine and wouldn't cost nearly as much.

  21. @Arbroath 1320

    Right of conquest trumps inheritance, so that leaves us Liz I & II

  22. This is really funny. This is some little campaign for Scotland to remain dependent, and they put up a poll ahead of the referendum, which they tell us will be on the 18th October 2014.

    Anyway, as you will see, the whole thing's gone horribly wrong....

    Go and have a look!!!

  23. They must of asked the wrong question as it is not giving the prescribed result.

  24. Yep... It didn't get the wrong result though... it got the WRONG result.

  25. I guess they only thought that unionists would:

    a) visit their site

    b) vote Yes to stay in the union

  26. Oooooooooppps.... wrong!

  27. Oops indeed! :lol:

    Of course b) should NO to leave the union.

    I got my solitary brain cell all confuxified when I wrote my last post. :)

    I knew what I wanted to say but just got my YESES and NOES all confuified up! :D

    I guess I should have said:
    b) vote Yes to stay in the union. Which on the voting options is actually a NO vote! (I think that makes sense, sort of!)

  28. Erm...I understood it better before you explained it, Arbroath...! :)