Thursday, 19 July 2012


This week the National Audit Office said the UK Border Agency had laid off 1,000 more staff than intended and was having to hire extra people and increase overtime to meet its workload.


How exactly do you sack 1,000 people more than you meant to? 

I mean especially after the  the MoD did the same thing and had to beg them to come back after paying them redundancy money, you'd think the edict would have gone out to sack with care.

Who on Earth... (or maybe they are not on Earth)... is running the UK Government?

Mr Bean? 

No! Silly me! 

He would never make this much of a mess of it.

Don't ask the silly old bat pictured above. She clearly has no idea.

Deficit reduction. IMF view.


  1. tris

    A thousand more unemployed here or there are of little consequence to old Etonians such as Osborne/Cameron.
    I fear (not a lot) Mrs May is another in a long long line of Home secretary's heading for the exit door
    I see under Alex salmonds snp misrule the Scottish economy is going down the shitter(yeah i know but people are suffering).

    No doubt he will blame All and sundry but mostly the English for his inability to give proper governance.

  2. I'm not sure he can afford to get rid of old Tessy. He's only got a couple of other women and I'm sure he won't want to give the impression that the country is being run by an old boys' club...well... I mean he wouldn't would he?

    As for the Scottish economy, well, to be fair, Niko, even you would have to admit that,as it stands, the Scottish economy is very much affected by the extremely limited number of options open to the Scottish government.

    Unlike the average city council it can't borrow to get major works underway. It never could, even when your Jack McConnell ran it. It was Tony Blair's way of ensuring it was no more than, as he called, a Parish Council (even more insulting given that parish councils are an English thing).

    The Scottish government has given London a list of shovel ready projects which would create employment and kick start the economy, just like Osborne's mates, the right wing IMF are suggesting he might like to think about, but that wee idiot Michael Moore and his pal Danny Alexander, have said NO.

    It's the way to solve the problem but we can't get the money, and that's that.

    It's a bit unfair given how much of our money is being pumped into the Coca Cola/McDonald's Olympics Show... but that's life.

    Note well though, Niko. I never blame the English. (OK, I accept that all the Tories are English but that's only because they could only manage Muddle from Scotland and he wouldn't make a parish councillor never mind a cabinet minister). No, it's not the fault of the English. It's the fault of the UK.

  3. Are we witnessing the fall of the British Empire as it corrodes from within? Here's hoping anyway.

  4. Well, wouldn't that be a pity.

    Of course it collapsed 50 years ago, but no one in Downing Street or Buckingham Palace has quite grasped that yet.

    Still, if anyone can end it for good, this bunch of half wit eejits are just the boys!

  5. I am glad to see that Niko is coming round to accepting the arguments in favour of Independence, though in his usual insulting manner couched in untruths.

    In order to do what it needs to do with the economy, the Scottish Government needs full powers. Niko has observed the limited effect not having those powers as.

    Pity thn that as. New Labour he would prefer to see Scotland sink without trace, shackled to a Neo-liberal Westminster

  6. Exactly Anon.

    I doubt there is a massive unemployment problem in Norway, the nearest comparable country. And even if there were, I think Alex Salmond was asking the UK government to give him around half a billion pounds to try to reverse it. That would be small beer to the Norwegians with their oil fund of over £500 billion!

    Could there ever have been such a waste of money as the incompetent management of the British economy fuelled as it is by oil money, thrown away on weapons of mass destruction which we can't use, and fighting endless wars which do more harm than good, cause danger for British people and death and destruction for both our troops and huge numbers of civilians.

    And to what possible end. Can they not see by now that when they interfere in another country, it follows the UK is to complete and utter chaos. Iraq, Afghanistan could hardly be called stable and well run now they are being overseen by Western puppets.