Sunday, 15 July 2012


Think about it. Report after report says that we would be miles better off without the UK and its endless wars and nuclear weapons that it can't use without permission (and codes) from the US, and which sit on OUR territory, near OUR largest city, until they are obsolete and have to be replaced at yet more enormous expense giving America the potential to kill even more people with its Weapons of Mass Destruction.

What could we do with that money?

Just think!

We could have roads as good as Norway's; the A9 wouldn't have to wait; we'd no longer have a dual carriageway linking our main cities.  

We could have internet connections as fast as London's and think how much that would improve our business prospects.

We could have world class hospitals. 

We could provide good addiction treatment and get so many people off the hard drugs and alcohol that current make their lives a misery.

We could have intercity railways as good as the French, German, Japanese or Chinese.  They could be electrified instead of decade old, dangerous diesel trains. 

We could build decent houses for people. 

We could provide free education for our young tailored to their needs

And we could treat our old with dignity,decent places to live, decent hospital treatment.




  1. Tris,

    I take it that Niko has taken over as your script-writer whilst I've been slaving away. What is there to be afraid of indeed? There are a hard-core of individuals who still, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that Labour are the people's party and will attend to their needs. They, therefore, will vote for whichever way Labour wants to do. Take Niko, for example, he does not want wars, weapons of mass destruction, co-operation with the Tories etc but still blindly follows Labour. What the pro-independence movement have to do is convince Niko and his chums that there is an opportunity, post independence, to set up a true Labour party with real Labour values instead of the clones of Tories that he still votes for. Who knows I might even vote for them myself or return to the fold.

  2. Ah... Mr Brownlie. I was thinking that maybe you had overturned your wee boatie and were languishing in an air bubble at the bottom of the sea hoping that in time you would grow gills.

    It is indeed satisfying to see you have made a return to the internet, lungs still in tact?

    I did try to get Niko to be my ghost writer so that I could take off on holiday, but he said I wasn't paying enough... so I regret this is my own work, warts and all.

    I'm sorry to say, you are right about Labour.

    At one stage a few years ago I was out campaigning for the SNP when I met one of my then clients. A lad of 22 or 23 who had not, since school, done a hand's turn (but who mysteriously managed to dress himself from the top end of the Dundee fashion scene).

    'Whit's a this Tris?' he demanded... "How are ye workin' fir that lot?"

    I always keep politics away from work, so he'd have had no idea that I was SNP.

    "I'll no be votin' for them", he vouched safe.

    "Will you not?" I returned. "Are you a Tory then?"

    Missing the irony in my voice, he answered... "Nah, I vote Labour. It's the working man's party".

    Well, as he'd never done a day's work in his puff, I smiled wryly at that. But I got much more amusement from the fact that I had just read a few days before (and undoubtedly he would not know yet) that the Labour government in London at the time, had just announced new measures to deny people like him benefits thanks to their new hard line policies.

    Idiot. I expect he had heard his equally shiftless father mutter something about the working man's party and had simply adopted it for himself.

    Of course they had always had the wrong idea about Labour. In its decent days it didn't support idleness, but was a bit more realistic about making sure that those who couldn't find work, didn't starve.

    Labour is nowadays nearly 100% the opposite of what they used to be...mainly thanks to the war criminal that they seem about to take back into their fold. Camernob must be happy!

    In Scotland we have the SNP, but heaven knows what the English will do at the next elections given the choice of three centre right parties.

    I'd expect to see protest votes to UKIP, BNP, etc, against which of course FPTP puts immense barriers.

  3. Popped this into Bravefarts blog and since we're talking money I'll pop it in here as well.

    Gordon Brown Sold Britain’s Gold at Artificially Low Prices to Bail Out a Large American Bank

    One decision stands out as downright bizarre, however: the sale of the majority of Britain’s gold reserves for prices between $256 and $296 an ounce ….

    When Brown decided to dispose of almost 400 tonnes of gold between 1999 and 2002, he did two distinctly odd things.

    c$3,670,016,000 all to bail out a foreign bank easy come easy go is Labours mantra.

    Oil rich countries normally do quite well if not interfered by westmidden.

    Mighty Norway buys up FTSE 100

  4. tris

    Mccrone report a betrayal of what if it is the snp then who cares they deserved to be betrayed........


    Post Independence me and the other Labour supporters will sent into Alex salmonds snp Gulag.

  5. Yes CH. I saw that story. What did Brave have to say about it? Not much I expect.

    He simply gave away billions... what a useless waste of space.

    I was interested in the story about Norway. I see the tiny county owns far more than China.

    Oh what I would give to have had the luck to be born Norwegian.

    If we can't have independence can we please be taken over by the Norwegians. I'd happily learn the language to live at their standards and with their ethos on what life is supposed to be about, instead of the class-ridden money-making crap we get here in this dump.

  6. Nah, Niko. It was a betrayal of you and me.. of all Scottish people. It was a betrayal of democracy. They knew there was a chance we would take the oil and leave them so they lied. Callaghan and Thatcher and Major and Blair. Liars, filthy liars..

    Maybe some Scots would have chosen to stay with the UK and live a life of class ridden poverty in slums while the rich and warmongering criminals sucked up all the money into their tax avoidance schemes, but I suspect that had we been told that by saying goodbye to this cesspit, that as a country we could have been obscenely rich, we might just have made the choice to say goodbye.

    We still can.

    As I said, think of how we could treat our kids and our old, our sick... No longer shaming them into wanting to die because the state thinks of them as a burden.

    if you get cancer and can't work you are a burden; you will be made to work. If you get old you are a burden, so you'll be kept at work longer and longer.

    Just imagine, Niko, no longer driving over pot holes while sending our road tax to Cardiff to be spent on orbital ring roads for London and Birmingham, and motorways between all their big cities.

    Between most of our big cities we have dual carriageway and in some cases single carriageway. But is our road tax any less? No.

    Imagine the lives we could lead... and unionists are stupid enough to believe the lies that politicians tell (because these self same politicians want the big jobs in London that involve being seen with the president of America or China or France...)

    Better together... yeah, but for whom?

    I see though that you have come round to the fact that independence is inevitable...

  7. Not very Brave ........ zilch.

    OBR has been downgraded from 0.8% growth to 0.2% in the longest recession for over a 100 years and we haven't hit the bottom yet. Better together and we can all sink into the unionist quagmire caused by the City of London and their parliamentary muppets.