Sunday, 29 July 2012


If there had been a time to announce that the Westminster government had decided to out-source the support staffing for looking after the nuclear fleet on the Clyde, I would have thought that it probably wasn't right now with the spectacle of out-sourced cocked-up security in London requiring an 18,500-man back up from the military being played out in front of us every day.

On the other hand when every headline in every paper is about the 'greatest show on Earth in the greatest city on Earth', and it is impossible to turn on the tv to a news channel without enduring more Coca Cola advertising, it's a good time to bury bad news.

Of course the government has worked out that it will cost less money for the private sector to look after the dependent nuclear deterrent in this dependent country, and of course it is good to see them saving money. However, there are some things that might just be a little bit too important to be bought at a knock down price by people who may or may not actually be able to fulfil their contract to the standard that we might require. (Well, the private sector has form!)

The MoD has signed a 15-year contract (!!!!!) for support staff to be provided by AWE, Babcock, and Lockheed Martin UK Strategic Systems who will also take over some Royal Navy and management functions, with staff being seconded to the companies.

Now on the basis that everything that the MoD touches ends up costing double, triple, tenfold and more what it should cost, and then being unfit for purpose, I'm a bit on the uneasy side.

Cutting corners to make more profit and give the directors bigger bonuses is maybe what Britain is all about, but these things are 50 miles away from Scotland's largest city.

I don't want weapons of mass destruction on my county's soil at any cost, but at least I felt a tiny bit safer about them when they were in the hands of the military. In the hands of money grubbing spivs, I'm scared.

Let's get out of this expensive union as quick as we can, and then we can dump these vile weapons, and avoid having to pay the £100 billion the replacements are going to cost (because the coalition only kicked the can down the road a little bit to appease the Liberals, and even at that that creep Hammond has agreed to spend a billion that we don't have on the preliminaries for the new weapons).


  1. Odd that the company is directed by a chap from Serco...

  2. This is a step towards bringing in EU staff ostensibly under a civilian banner. As for SERCO, they are our equivalent of The American Halliburton. A shadowy business controlled by amongst others, The CIA. In SERCO's case it is EU run or patronaged. As will your State once absorbed. My prayer is that the English might put up more of a fight against following the Scottish euro sell out to come.

  3. Morning JohnB...Welcome to the blog :)

    I've just had a look at the list of things that Serco ("probably the biggest company you've ever heard of" ...the Guardian) actually runs.

    Is there nothing this company doesn't do?

    When you say he's a guy from Serco, do you mean he left Serco and came to this alliance?

  4. Morning OR. How's the garden this year? Mine is more like a water garden.

    What did you mean about EU staff? Surely the People at Faslane are military person; part of HMRN?

    As for the €, I don't think we'll be having it... I wonder if there will actually BE a € to have.

    I'd like a Scottish "Sporran", made up of 100 "Bagpipes", but I expect that will be rejected. :(

    There is no reason that one of the richest countries (by capita) would not have its own currency. Iceland does, and apart from a blip a few years ago, for which the guilty have been punished instead of rewarded as they have been in the UK, that works very nicely.

    However, some economists think that if the Scotland withdrew form the pound taking the oil, which is what keeps it strong, it would collapse.

    So, in solidarity with our friends in the UK, I expect we will get lumbered with it.

  5. It's the thin edge of the wedge - we're all doomed, I tell you, doomed!It will follow the same pattern as privatising military training,

  6. Looks like my previous prophesy of "Scotland's Nukes" being put up for sale on E -Bay is getting closer to reality. :lol:

  7. tris

    you a closet tree hugger or what??

    Me i would like every person to have a nuclear reactor at the bottom of their Garden.

    Glowing away at night in the dark

    I see Brownlie hs started to post in the style of Private James Frazer from dads army

  8. Yes Joh>

    SVQ Jungle Warfare

    Level 1: Spell Jungle

    Answer Gugnel?

    Close enough ... Pass.

    Doomed is the optimistic way of looking at it.

  9. If it's going to make a few bob for the company I can't see that they wouldn't do that Arbroath.

    Must have Paypal!

  10. No Niko. I hug trees openly. Indeed some of my best friends are trees.

    Some of them are just planks.

    I realise that the once anti-nuclear Labour party is now for them, but I'd have thought you'd have stayed true to Old Labour on that.

    Still. I suppose some people need something to make them glow... Me, I just glow of good health and youth...

  11. Here's a wee thought Tris.

    After the utter FIASCO created by LOCOG over the video of the North Korean Women's football team is it true that with the new private company moving in to take control of the Nukes at Coulport we will be offering North Korea a "good deal" on any order they make for Nukes, to calm the "political waters" you understand, BEFORE we put the rest up for sale on E-Bay!

  12. Anything is possible Arbroath.

    Deal is, if they have the money, and that makes the directors a bit fat bonus.... do it.

    Saves the PayPal thing!

  13. Well spotted, Niko - you're not as daft as I thought! Corporal Jones was repeatedly offering some good advice to the Tory/Labour old unionist pals act.

  14. Hmmm John. They don't like it up em?