Thursday, 18 March 2010


That Nadine Dorries is a complete fruit cake, no-one would dispute. She was the one who told us that MPs had been instructed to use their £24,000 allowance as salary in lieu of a pay increase, without it occurring to her that, should that have been the case they might well have been expected, like us ordinary mortals, to pay income tax on it!!!! Then she compared the completely reasonable investigation by the Daily Telegraph into MPs’ expenses, with the McCarthy Witch Hunts, saying that MPs were being driven to breakdowns and suicide because of it. (What a joke! The stupid woman should have known nearly everyone would get off scot free.)

In January this year, it was announced that she was being investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards over her second home expenses and that there were a number of her neighbours queuing up to give evidence against her.

She recently took part in a reality tv show, despite having a full time job as an MP, where she was supposed to live in a council estate with only dole money to get her through, but was found to have secreted a £50 note in her undergarments, thus completely defeating the point of the show, and demonstrating horrific disrespect both to the project and to unemployed people in general.

We now, the bam pot has got stuck into Esther Rantzen who is standing as a clean up politics independent in Luton South. Dorries’ friend, Stephen Rhodes is standing against Ms Rantzen in the constituency, and she has pitched in calling Ms Rantzen a self publicist who has a scant understanding of politics.

Jeez, sometimes you think you’ve heard it all, then Nadine Dorries pops up again to brighten the day.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Dorries said: “I am afraid that Esther’s bid at politics is a rather transparent attempt to eject [sic] herself into the public eye once again, and probably to get some work on the back of it. Politics isn’t showbiz, it’s life.”

Ha ha. “That’s Life” Dorries you twerp. I wonder if she realized what she said. Somehow I doubt it. She strikes me as terminally dim.

Right. I’m no fan of Esther Rantzen, but whatever you say about her she has worked in consumer rights for many years with “That’s Life”, and over the last 20 years she has been closely associated with Child Line, a charity which takes calls from and aims to help children who have been bullied, or abused. Additionally she has campaigned for the recognition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and work for people suffering deafness.

I suspect, therefore, that Esther Rantzen has forgotten more about the issues that ordinary people care about than the idiot Dorries, who seems to be a self publicist of the worst sort and not particularly in touch with the world outside her own head.

I dare say that Ms Rantzen will survive attacks from the likes of Nadine Dorries from whom criticism is a joke. But it’s the poor people of Luton South I feel sorry for. It is currently represented by Margaret Moran, a Labour MP forced to stand down at the next election over her expense claims despite her original intention to sue the backside off the Telegraph for the monstrous allegations leveled against her. Hum... I wonder what happened there then.....

The likelihood is that the arrival of Ms Dorries’ friend will split the independent vote leaving the way open for a Labour or Tory MP. I think that for all Nadine’s caterwauling Esther Rantzen would have made a good MP, as did Martin Bell. Once again it’s the people who lose out.

Picured: Nadine Dorries (top left) in the House of Commons but dressed for an afternoon’s shopping and (bottom right) Esther Rantzen.


  1. My word I wonder if Nadine uses the same rent a fruitcake service as Jordan. Maybe she should have a word with Max Clifford if not she might drift into the Mohammedd Al Fayhed bracket of fruitcakes. Wouldn't that be a shame.

  2. I remember her statements when the exp scandal broke.
    I remeber her on 5 Live radio.

    I sent a roll of bacofoil to her constituency office.
    Ok I lied it wasn't baco was Asda's own label but still was foil.
    I advised her to make a tin foil hat because something was frying her brain.

    Also with regards to the apparent and dont sue me Nadine uncorroborated potential rumour a la Damian McBride/Derek Draper............looking at the photos Ester gets it first in my book.

  3. She's a super fruit cake Munguin. In a league all of her own...

    Well maybe with Nikkie Winterbottom and his wife.... oh and that daft bag Moran... oh and about 400 others all gathered in a very small space.... hmm

    ...I wonder if they should check the water at Westmonster... maybe they are piping it in directly from the Thames?

  4. LotF... ha ha ha... How disrespectful. For a woman of her standing you should ahve sent real bacofoil

    He he... I didn't have the space to cover all her daftness or I'd have mentioned the MacBridie and Draper furore. She's never far away for self publicised nonsense. Actually, like Munguin says, there's a distict resemblence to Jordan there.... and I'm not talking about the country either.

  5. Listen, she's an erse is Nadine, she's no that bright tae start wi', then wi' aw' that bother, her man leavin' her an' aw' that, an' then she got her name in the papers, an' it was mibbe gaun tae end up in the coorts, an' it aw' went tae her heid. Ah mind ah said tae her at the time, ah said "Nadine, shut yer trap." but wid she listen tae me?

    The wans ah feel sorry for are thae puir voters in Luton Sooth. Ah dinnae think they're sure what an MP is. They voted for a Krankie wi' a rhodedendron stick tae its heid last time, and they'll entertain the idea o' Esther Rantzen, Countess 'o Self-Publicity at the next pollin'? They're aff their heids.

    If ye cast yer minds back tae last summer tho, an' Esther Rantzen wis gaun tae be the first o mony anti-party candidates, supposedly anti-sleaze but it disnae take an auld gipsy-wummin tae see the future there. They were gaun tae stand in aw' the elections where the worst o' the troughers were standin'. Well where are they Esther? Where's yer army? Why Luton South? The Moran's no even standin'. She's ran oaf wi' a florist.

    It's worse luck for us, ah have tae say. Ah fair look forrit tae an election night, tuckin' masel' up oan ma settee wi' a wee bottle an' a bag o' pandrops. Ah like a wee surprise oan election night, an' the mair bampot candidates like Esther the better. Ah can see masel' greetin' if Esther wins, it depends oan how much gin ah'll have had by then. Ah'll probably be greetin' regardless o' how she gets oan. Its the gin.

    Ah cannae wait. Ah wish they wid get it started. Ye know, ah cleared ma diary fer the 25th o' march, the the 8th o' april, noo the 6th o' may, ah'm fed up clearin' ma diary. Ah'm just gaun tae throw it away.

  6. Nadine got £1,000 out of Damian McSmear in libel damages and is currently suing the Gorgon for libel aswell so she's not all bad. She succesfully proved that they had made up stories about her sex life and sent e mails to newspapers etc in order to smear her. If Liebour are afraid of her and want to smear her then she must have something going for her. I'm not too keen on her giving £28K a year non jobs ( pushing paper around her constituency office) to her two daughters just months before the rules change and employing relatives is banned.
    If Esther Rantzen becomes an MP I'll never forgive an expenses cheating politician EVER AGAIN. She's a hideous publicity seeking harridan.

  7. Something for Esther to get her teeth into?

  8. LOL Sophia. You just ahve to start your own blog and I'll be your first follower.

    You paint the most fabulous pictures... I can almost taste the pan drops...


    Like you I can't wait for election night... getting rid of this lot will be a night to remember, even if the alternative is as bad, or even worse.

  9. Anon: True true, no body is all bad, and there you've found her saving grace....

  10. Brownlie.... boum boum.......

  11. Munguin

    Apart from following and reading your blog I use it to enter into others that you have on your side blogroll. It saves me from trawling through the blogosphere and generally I find that most of your links take me to blogs I would have read or wanted to read under my own steam. I also see that you post comments on the same other blogs which I have done.

    However one blog connection you have is one that have never commented upon and progressively ignore, Radio Free Britain.

    His headline about Scotland and the declining number of Scottish Jews enticed me to follow and I am simply fuming at what was said and portrayed on it.

    This clown equates Alex Salmond with Adolf Hitler and conjoins the SNP with the IRA, by photographic association but no narrative.

    I will post on this fuckwit's blog but only when I calm down and am in no danger of smashing the keyboard of my notebook computer.

    He has no fucking clue about Scotland, Glasgow and our Jewish population but that doesn't stop the poisonous vitriol he drip feeds throughout his bitter nasty piece.

    I suggest you read it and cut any connection with his blog after telling him why, if you agree with me.

  12. Bugger
    I've just read the article you mentioned and it says jews are treated well in Scotland and there's no problem. I don't understand why the author then goes on to do a photoshop of Alex Salmond as Hitler. Weird. Especially when the author says..

    " At the end of last year, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, described the perpetrators of the desecration as "deranged". In a letter to SCoJeC director Ephraim Borowski, Mr Salmond expressed "abhorrence" and distanced the SNP from the graffiti, which he called "offensive."

    A strange blog right enough.

  13. Appologies to Bugger, etc. The IRA Photos were for another blog. The Salmond one was a bit of fun. All sorted out now. Don't blame us for the article, have a word with the Jewish Chronicle and the Times.

  14. RFB:

    I was just working out an answer to Bugger’s and Anon’s posts, when your post turned up.

    I hope that’s everything sorted out... I hate unpleasantness.

    The SNP’s policy is that whatever your religion, whatever your ethnic origin, sex, sexuality, colour, size, ability or disability...etc, if you want to come to Scotland and work in Scotland, and be Scottish then that’s good with us.

    Of course there are people who want independence for Scotland who are racist or homophobic; some are deeply “religious” with little time for anyone from other religions. But they are a tiny minority, just like the people who make trouble anywhere are tiny minorities. There are others in Scotland who might find it to their political advantage to make it look like the SNP is anti-semetic.

    The SNP and the IRA are on different sides of the planet the one from the other, and any resemblance between Alex and Adolf will be that they both have two legs and a nose... I’m sure you know that.

    Mr Salmond deplores the kind of thing that your current picture shows... as you rightly point out on your blog.

    The reduced number of Jews is, as a result of the mixture of things that you point out. I have two mates who come from Jewish backgrounds but have no faith... I suspect that may be the main reason. Just like my mother is Christian and I and my brother are not.

    I hope everyone is fine with that and that there is no need for any further action from anyone....

    (for Munguin’s Republic)

  15. Well said Tris, the pic of Alex has been removed as a gesture of goodwill.

  16. Thank you RFB.

    I hope that Bugger and Anon will, like me, understand that it was a mistake, now removed and sorted!


  17. BTW Bugger. I should have said thank you very much for the compliments in your post. They were much appreciated both by me and that Munguin creature....who agreed the reply with me.

  18. RFB and tris

    Yes thanks for that. Good to see it sorted out so amicably.