Monday, 15 March 2010

Jim Murphy wastes Scottish money doing up his offices in the middle of the recession

The lovely Subrosa has a very interesting post today on the subject of Jim Murphy and his expenditure on his offices both in London and in Edinburgh.

He continually calls for constraint and efficiency savings in the Scottish Government, but somehow feels no moral obligation... or indeed obligation of any other sort, to follow suit.

SR has the figures and the facts about what the money has been spent on... along with the fact that Murphy has tried to conceal the expenditure in “roof and exterior repairs because it's a grade one listed building and must be maintained at an 'acceptable standard of decoration’”.

Most d
ecorations, and certainly new carpets are not included in the demands of “grade one” listed buildings to the best of my knowledge. In any case in the midst of a recession when people in Scotland are losing their jobs, what on earth is the Scotland Office doing spending money on carpets?

Can I make a suggestion? The cost of running the offices in London and Edinburgh come out of the Scottish Government’s Block Allocation of pocket money from England. The more that the now more or less redundant Scotland Office spends, the less that Mr Salmond has to do what he is going to make Scotland a better place to live in...

Sorted! Oh and the picture is of the interior of Dover House in London. Rather splendid, ain't it?


  1. I suppose captain beaky needs something nice to look at while he is drawing up his strategy to get Labour booted out at the election after all telling us all that the SNP were irrelevant did not work as the SNP are surging ahead in the polls (unlike the Tories) and even slavish Labour toadies like Kezia Dugdale are spending all their time worrying about SNP inroads into her Edinburgh territory and whinging about the Trams as if that was not all her and Labours fault

  2. Yep... I hadn't quite managed to sort all that out in my mind... but that's pretty much summed it up. It's a pity the wee eejit couldn't have done it with money from the Uk government... not ours. We have better things to do with it than keep english grade 1 listed buildings up to scratch.

  3. There isnae much tae say aboot wee Spud, well no much that common Scottish decency will let me say. The man seems duty-bound tae point oot tae us on a daily basis how far-removed he is fae the ordinary man and wummin in Scotland. Dover Hoose is a braw building ah'm sure, an' fair enough it has tae be kept lookin' nice. But since we got oor Parliament back again the Scottish Office in London toon is mair irrelevant than Anne Lorne Gillies (nice lassie tho she is)

    Tae see him spendin' money hand ower fist oan fancy carpets and oak flairboards makes me sick tae ma stomach. Could he no have done whit Annie Walker did and got cast-oaf carpets fae a hotel? Mind, Annie didnae ken they were fae a hotel, she was jist taken wi' the monograms (if ah'm right it was the Weatherfield Adelphi)

    He needs tae get in touch wi' the Jedburgh Mountroyal, or the Jerusalem Mayfair, or the Manchester Jarvis. D'ye see ma point? Ah could've saved him thoosans. But naw, he wid raither splash oor cash. The ba'bag.

  4. That's another rib tickler Sophia my sweet...

    He could have had some of my old wax cloth from when i did up the kitchen when I come to think about it. I think it's still lying down at the bins..... if he's reading this. He'd have to come and take it away though. I couldn't deliver.

  5. PS you're right. He does keep it lovely. I wonder if he's doing anything for a couple of hours on a Wednesday? I could do with a "heavy", you know what I mean for the rough stuff... black the grate and turn the matresses....and that sort of thing

    D'ya think he'd do it on the minimum wage... I not that awffy weel aff....?

  6. Come an' take it away? Whit are ye talkin' aboot tris? The man couldnae come an' take it away.

    That would mean leaving the plushness o' Dover Hoose an' jumpin' oan a train, first class mind, an' comin' tae Scotland. He wid get lost oan the way.

    If there's a god that is.

  7. Another let down from New Labour then Sophia.... Should be used to that by now...

  8. Lovely photo of Dover House Tris. Could you find one of the gym and other places? ;)

  9. I couldn't find much to be honest SR.... There wasn't anything much in Google and the Scotland Office site has a pic of Jimbo and some woman that is a junior minister. I've forgotten her name again, although the last time I did domething on the Scotland Office someone kindly supplied it for me (oops am I dim?).

    Maybe the Gym was really Jim....?