Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Patricia the door opener to whom doors may yet be closed

Lobbydog’s blog picked up on the fact that his readers have been writing to say that Patricia Hewitt should not be rewarded by being invited to take a seat on any more boards of directors.

The latest to be considering her for a directorship is Eurotunnel. I said the other day on this blog that, if she gets her directorship then I will never use Eurotunnel again.

It appears that
The Independent has also reported on this subject that a growing band of people have said that they will blacklist companies of which this woman is a director.


I doubt in truth if there is much that she can offer a company now. She has been suspended from the Labour Party in disgrace. She is standing down from parliament and hasn't the remotest chance of a peerage. She's a figure of fun because of her daft coup attempt with that other trougher Hoon the Horrible, not to mention her gullibility for falling for the sting operation set up by the Sunday Times/Despatches team. She is unlikely to be able to wield any influence with government or with senior civil servants. She is persona non grata. To be seen with her, or having to do with her may tar one with the same brush.... dangerous.

I wouldn't touch her with a tarry pole. It's only a matter of time before the greedy old fool will get caught out with some more horribly misjudged actions.... you know, like the coup that couldn't even topple Gordon Brown.... lol .... eejit!

I imagine the only way that this woman could open any doors would be if they gave her a job as a doorman, err woman... err person on the Eurostar. (Sorry Harriet.)

Can you imagine "The next train is leaving for Paris from platform 3 ... Le prochain train part pour Paris du quai numéro 3", said in that mock Thatcherite voice?


  1. Ye huv tae wonder jist whit ony self-respectin' company could want wi' Pat oan ther payroll. She's nae ornament tae be honest, she cannae answer the phones, oan account, as ye point oot yersel tris, o' her soundin' like a costipated tory, an' she cannae even make a decent cup o' tea. Ah happened tae run intae her in the fish shop a couple o' weeks back. She wis gettin' in some cod roe for her man's tea. We got talkin' an' she wis tellin' me aboot her cat's wee problem. Bein' a pussy expert masel ah said ah wid hae a wee look at it, save oan her vet's bill like. So we're back at hers and ye should see her cat. Puir wee thing, looks like its no been fed a month, an' the litter tray wis manky. Ah had words wi' her aboot that. She says she's no had time tae clean it, whit wi' aw the work she's got on. Ah telt her she's gaunnae huv tae learn how tae say 'Naw' instead o' tartin' hersel oot. She says it's no easy tae make her pension last the week, what wi' aw the new claes she's got tae buy in case Question Time phones.

    Anyway, she makes me a cup o' tea, an' wid ye credit it, she puts lemon in it! Says the cat's drank aw the milk. My arse in parsley! That cat's no seen milk since it came in jugs.

    So it cannae be tae make the tea. Mibbe she could dae some cleanin' or be the 'Afore' model for a plastic surgery firm.

  2. Oh Sophia, that poor wee cat. Now my heart really bleeds.

    I'm a bit dubious about that job you propose for her....after all, there is only so much exaggerating these people can do before they lose all credibility.

    You may be able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but what on earth could you make out of Pat Hewitt that anyone would pay for.

  3. Maybe she sounds better in French! We could push her off the train as it leaves the tunnel at Calais and then she would be the French's problem and they know what to do with people like her.

  4. Hum Munguin... that might be the end of that Entente Cordial thingy that we have with them….. I mean we wouldn’t much care for having Edith Cresson dumped on us, would we?

  5. We dinnae hae tae wait till Calais tae push her off. Jist wait till the train gets up speed. Maidstone should be fine.

  6. Ah mind havin' that Edith Cresson dumped on me yin time. Her faither wis an Ingin' Johnnie daein' his rounds in Leith. He used tae cairry Edith aroond oan his handlebars. She wis a big bairn tho wis Edith, an' her faithers airms were gettin' awfy sair, so he stops by ma hoose an' asks if ah wid keep a wee eye oan her while he selt ingins. Ah shoulda telt him ah had a washin' tae dae, but ah'm big-heartit that way an' said aye ah would.

    It wis only when ah wis lyin' in ma bed that night that ah minded aboot the wee lassie, but when ah went oot intae the gairden she wisnae there. Ah wis black-affrontit an' had tae hide every time Monsieur Cresson came tae ma door sellin' ingins.

    That's how ah startit gettin' ma ingins fae Rankins, an' how ah got addicted tae cherries.

  7. Ah Sophia, I wondered about that.....

    Cherries are nice though, huh

  8. Life is just a bowl of cherries,
    Don't take it serious, life's too mysterious.
    You work, you save, you worry so,
    But you can't take your dough when you go go go.
    Life is just a bowl of cherries,
    So live, and laugh at it all.