Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Even when he’s caught out lying through his newly whitened and straightened teeth, the prime minister just can’t own up and say something like, “Sorry, I was totally wrong”, or, “Fair cop, Gov, you got me bang to rights”. Oh no, not the UK prime minister.

What does the estimable Gordon Brown do? He lies again, that’s what.

When it was pointed out to him that he had misled the Chilcot Inquiry, and on several occasions to the House of Commons (something I thought they weren’t supposed to do), the slimy little toad replied: “I do accept that in one or two years defence expenditure did not rise in real terms.”


In fact it did not just “not rise”; it “fell”. For the mathematically challenged, as Gordon Brown appears to be (remember the economic growth forecast of 0%), “fell” means “went down”. Additionally it wasn’t “one or two years” it was “three years”, which again I will explain for Mr Brown's benefit, is larger than two.

Throughout his testimony before Chilcot, Brown insisted again and again that military spending had increased in every year since 1997.

The Times points out that his claims were greeted with incredulity by retired military big wigs including General Guthrie, the former Chief of Defence Staff and Admiral Boyce, the former defence chief both of whom accused him of deliberately misleading the inquiry.

It seems that they were right. But there can’t be the slightest doubt in anyone's mind that when he gave that evidence he must have known that it was a lie.

So we have a prime minister who gives false evidence to an inquiry into a war and the next day flies out to be photographed with the very troops that he has starved of money and equipment, which as we know has caused deaths?

Did the fool think that no one would ever find out? No wonder he looks like he never sleeps. Neither would I if I had these lads' blood on my hands.


  1. tris,

    I wonder if Brown is familiar with Shakespeare's MacBeth:

    "Methought I heard a voice cry "Sleep no more"


    "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean off my hands".

  2. Caught out lying through his teeth. Lets hope there is some poll damage to be had out of this.

  3. The great Scottish scholar that he is Brownlie, you would have thought he'd have known the lines.

    But then again, his scholarliness turns out to be a PhD in the history of the Labour party. There’s an irony in that. When future students write theses on that subject they will be able to record that the day that he and his mates Blair and Mandleson got their hands on the tiller of that once very proud organization, the whole thing went belly up.

    The party of the people became the party of the bankers, of business and of top people (lards and the like).

    I’ve heard a lot of criticism of the cabin crew at BA (Aye listen up here Peter and you’ll learn something about this Scotsman), I’ve heard how they have a better pay deal and better terms and conditions than other airlines and that is why they have to have fewer people now, and a reduction in their working conditions. So then I think what a bloody stink MPs are making because we have taken away their rights to do up their houses, make vast profits from them, spend on food (on top of their salaries) what the average pensioner has to feed and heat and clothe themselves...

    The thing is that no one wants a reduction in their conditions; no one wants to do more work for less, and it’s all very well ranting on about the bad times, and how the chairman took a whole month without salary. Bravo him. But if the staff says yes to this, it will only be 6 months before the management are back trying to take more away from them.

    I’m not saying that it all the management’s fault but it’s 90% their fault. And who is that Party of the people supporting?

    They are rubbish. Right wing rubbish. It’s time this lot were consigned to the waste bin of politics where they belong.

    And the fool that helped lead them there should be first in that bin.

    Right, rant over... I feel better now.

  4. Munguin: Unfortunately it comes at the same time as Mr Ashcrofts lying, with the collusion of wee Willie, and the refusal of Tories to answer to a parliamentary committee on the subject have made the Tories just as untrustworthy.

    Where does that leave us. We have to chose between one set of liars and another....

    Or of course as Scots we could vote to a man (and woman) for Scotland's champions, and get rid of the stinking flee pit that is Westminster.