Thursday, 19 February 2015


You lead, we'll follow.
I'm gonna be a dentist when I grow up...
Did someone say nuts?
Phew, I'm puggled.
Hope this doesn't give way...
I don't think I can eat all that!
You like my garden?
Bet you don't have sunsets like this in Scotland...


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, really lovely... I thought they were a welcome break from Cameron, Miliband, and that bloody man Murphy. Much better looking too!

  2. Awhhh loved them pictures. Actually the beeb (yeah boo hiss) has had a series of cute animal programmes on at 6pm on Sundays - available on iplayer. We'll need to hope that Munguin doesn't get too jealous.

    Has Murphy lied today? I can't keep track.

    1. Has Murphy lied today? You betcha.

    2. The only thing I like on the BBC. David Attenborough 's politics may not be to my taste, but his programmes are.

      Has Murphy lied today...?

      Did he wake up? Yes? Well yeah, probably!

    3. Oh I wish I could watch animal programmes but the Pug hates them, even with only the use of one eye presently he is still able to see them in the distance. We always said he counts the legs and if there are four, he can eat them. He doesn't bother about Dinosaurs, so he knows they're extinct. I know what you mean Tris about cats, I don't dislike any animal and realise that cats go where they want and do what they want, but how come I clean up after my dog and the next door neighbours cats as well. Thankfully my neighbours with the cats moved out last year and my garden is smelling sweeter, they used to pee on the fence, from the top.
      Murphy is like all of Labour Scottish Branch incapable of telling the truth. He must have told a lie yesterday, perhaps the media are getting bored.

    4. Hmmm... Maybe Hektor should go for a wee lie down when you are watching animals.

      I'd never be bad to any animal, I even take beetles and spiders outside and rescue caterpillars and wasps, to which I'm allergic. But if I never saw another cat, I'd be happy.

  3. Tris, you're bucking the internet here, no cat pictures.

    1. TBH, Jim, I'm not wild about cats of the domestic variety. I like Lions and Tigers though.

      My neighbour has two cats and they are dirty and destructive. They kill the mice that live in the garden shed, that I look after with spare scraps... They have been known to kill chicks in the spring too. Not to mention lying on expensive plants while they hunt them.

      They are the reason for there being so many prickly plants in the garden!!!

  4. tris and the other nats

    From the new statesman

    New Ashcroft polling shows Ukip could win three more Tory seats

    Ashcroft polls show Ukip are competitive in three seats where the Tories won by big majorities in 2010.

    From the Torygraph
    Tories ahead of Ukip in key seats, poll finds
    A survey of four key constituencies by Lord Ashcroft finds that although the Conservatives are vulnerable to Nigel Farage’s party, they are still on course to hold the seats.

    Same polling different conclusions.......wonder why

    1. I saw the Ashcroft stuff over on the UK Polling Report.

      What they showed was:

      North East Cambridgeshire UKIP in second place, Conservatives a very solid 21 point lead. The polls in the other three seats were much closer.

      In South Basildon and East Thurrock: Tory lead of 6 points – Conservatives 35%, UKIP 29%. Labour were in an extremely close third place on 28%, so it’s a fairly even split between the three parties with plenty of potential for tactical voting to change the result.

      In Boston and Skegness Ashcroft Conservatives just ahead. Topline figures are CON 38%, LAB 17%, LDEM 5%, UKIP 35%.

      ( Note that this was one of the seats that Survation had previously polled for Alan Bown, the UKIP donor, back in September. Ashcroft’s three point Tory lead is in complete contrast to the Survation poll which showed a twenty point UKIP lead.)

      Castle Point was closest of all, essentially neck and neck between the Conservatives and UKIP. Topline figures there were CON 37%, LAB 16%, LDEM 3%, UKIP 36%.

      (Copied from the site.)

      I'd agree with the statesman. In at least three of the seats they are competitive.

      I doubt if you could honestly say that they were on course to hold all four. But you know the Barclay Brothers, the Evil Twins, comforter of mrs Thatcher in her last dismal months of illness as she moved to her end... Close friends of HSBC, close enough for their economic editor to resign rather than go on telling lies for them.

      So, although it was once a reasonable, if right wing newspaper (it's editorials were ridiculous), it is now not fit to wrap chips in. It prints a tissue of whatever lies the Evil Twins, hiding on their island off Sark, tell it to.

  5. A pleasant surprise Tris .

    the wee fat bird( Finch ??) did look tired.

    brought a big smile to my crabbit mush.

    many thanks :)

    1. I'm glad, Richy.

      Sometimes we all need a break form this endless General Election.

  6. The first two photos were taken in my back-garden and we do have sunsets like that! Lovely photos, Tris, thanks for that!

    1. Thought I recognised the terrain, John. But don't tell the elephant that you have sunsets like his... He doesn't look the sort of bloke you hack off .

    2. I thought that sunset was in Sandringham or some royal estate as the clue is in the ears..

      Spot the difference.

    3. CH, that's grim reading.
      My uncle worked in Saudi, for Loyds register of shipping (he "mot'd super tankers).
      When he was there a couple were found guilty of adultery.
      The man was beheaded and the woman stoned.
      The stoning had a modern twist, using a digger a hole was dug, the poor woman made to stand in the hole. A tipper truck then emptied it's entire load of rocks on top of her, in effect killing and burying her at the same time.
      Thus her family could not retrieve her corpse for burial, even if they wanted to; which they may not have.

    4. Amazing to read that they do that and one of them is our close friends and allies, to whom we send weapons, an who regularly attend banquets at Buck House, which we pay for!

      What a weird country we live in.

      Aye, CH, he looks a bit like prince Philip, although he's a lot more handsome, and probably much better company.

  7. Awesome photos Tris. No doubt His Lordship, Munguin the First, was out and about during a wee tea break to catch some awesomeness like that. :-)

    1. His life is one great long tea break... except that he drinks champagne...


      Thanks Arbroath..