Thursday, 4 April 2013


The reason that we must stay together, according to the David Posh Boy (DPB), in Glasgow today, is that the UK together  had, among other achievements, built the NHS, created the BBC and defeated fascism. 

OK. Just as passing thoughts, the NHS was built quite separately in Scotland, before the English version and the UK is dismantling the NHS in England right now. There soon won't be one.

The BBC is not something in recent years that I've ever been proud of. Over many years they have taken our money and used it to afford themselves the most luxurious of lifestyles while dropping the standards of their programming. They appear to have allowed paedophiles free reign, with almost everyone aware of crimes that were taking place and saying nothing. A proud and honourable organisation then? And as DPB was talking in Scotland, we should also point out that BBC in this country stands for Biased and Bitter Clots (and that's the polite version).

I'm sure that the Canadians and the Australians and all the other Commonwealth countries that sent troops to the Second World War, not to mention the Americans and Soviets, who gave their lives in millions and took lives on the Eastern Front, will be happy to know that it was was the UK and Scotland together that defeated fascism. The rest might as well have stayed at home.

It's strange, even if one believes DPB, that Scotland and the rest of the UK couldn't fight against tyranny together again, even if we had different governments. As partners, maybe? 

I recall the emotional and pseudo-statesman like speech that Cameron made about the partnership between the UK and its senior partner, the USA, before leaving to meet President Obama, just a few years ago.

At that time, of course, he mixed up the dates of the American involvement in second world war, perhaps a hint of what was to come. Maybe today he was over-correcting his mistake, by leaving the Americans totally out of the war. Never mind, one day he may get it right.

One day, for that matter, he may get a lot of things right. Or maybe not.

In teh meantime, Gideon Posh Boy (GPB), never one to miss the chance of profiting from a disaster, announced that what was wrong with the welfare state was that taxpayers supported the Philpotts (the murdering parents who set fire to 6 of their children). 

I thought it might help GPB if I pointed out that most people who receive benefits are not actually like the Philpotts. Most of them are just poor people down on their luck because they have been thrown out of work, or have cancer or depression... and have never tried to murder as much as ONE of their children. I say this because, in fairness, it is likely that GPB's cosseted lifestyle has never afforded him the opportunity to get to know people that collect any kind of help at all from the state...

Oh no, wait a minute, until recently HE collected child benefit, and his friend DPB did too.. and Nick Posh Boy, and DPB also claimed Disability Living Allowance for his disabled son.

So he should know that all claimants are not like the Philpotts.

He just couldn't resist cashing in in the cheapest possible way, on the very understandable hatred that the public feel for the Philpotts right now.

He should remember that just because some MPs claimed for moat cleaning and tree surgeons, hanging baskets and four different houses, doesn't mean that Dennis Skinner is a thief. Keep that in mind Gideon Posh Boy.


  1. Was the posh boy half-wit in Chief not also busy telling us all that the North Korean situation was a good example of why we in Scotland need to house his nuclear missiles thirty miles from our most poulated city (700 miles from theirs: phew what a relief if the baloon goes up and the greatest leader ever does decide to launch his one nuclear rocket, only scroungers and over occupiers would be incinerated, certaibly nobody important). Better together!

  2. Meanwhile ex leader of the Lickspittle Democrats and their foreign affairs spokesperson from 1997 to 2006 Ming the interior decorator was telling us there is nothing to worry about and its just the greatest leader ever flexing his muscles and making a mark. Mixed messages from the two halves of the unionista coalition?? Better together!

  3. Certainly more confused together...

    I just don't know what Norway or Sweden is going to do, if Kim the Greatest's wee rocket does get off the ground and travel right round the world and his Oslo or Stockholm. They'll be plain out of luck.

    Let's just get this in perspective. China is the answer to this problem.

    China needs the markets in the West. China more of less feeds the koreans in Kim's weirdo state.

    If and when Kim stops his silly posturing and starts to look like he might actually wreck the world by bombing South Korea or Japan (as far as his rockets will go, if they manage to go anywhere), and thereby gubbing two large markets for Chinese goods, the New President of China will well and truly put the little pip squeak back in his box.

    No need for Mr Cameron to get involved, deep and wide though his knowledge of the political system in North Korea, and massive though his understand of the psychology of a little fat boy dictators may be, it is probably better that Camerposh concentrate his efforts on stopping the country falling into a triple dip recession.

    He will probably have plenty to occupy him come the summer and the benefit changes bite.


    and a MUST READ to see the bald one cringe in embarrassment...

  5. My backside would be ashamed to pass the stuff which pours daily from the mouths of the bullingdon boys

  6. Anyway...... what's the problem with the oppressor in chief using a disabled parking space? He, if anyone should know that the disabled can no longer afford to be mobile as the budget he 'commended to the house' begins to bite.

  7. "it was was the UK and Scotland together that defeated fascism."
    "UK & SCOTLAND". says it all, may just as well say Scotland is not part of the UK exept for England's role as the benefits office. If Scots were serious about cutting the umbilical cord they would insist on England having a say in the referendum. That would ensure independence for them.

  8. LOL @ Boorach. You have a point. Disabled Parking Spaces will soon be as obsolete as video cassettes.

  9. Hello Fred...

    I've always thought it was a good idea for the English to vote in the referendum.

    Most of them seem to think that we live between the pub and the betting shop, on handouts from them if the comments in the Mail and Telegraph are to be believed.

  10. I think it was pretty despicable of Osbourne to drag the Philpott tragedy into his ideological drive against welfare claimants, really horrid opportunism at work right there.

    As for Cameron using North Korea as cudgel to batter fear into Scotland should it vote yes, we should all remember who & what we should really fear if we vote no.

    On the cretinous Call Kaye this morning the Kirsty Wark was sitting in, they had the obligatory OAP, terribly plummy and oh so pleasant and well spoken telling us she thinks people who claim benefits should be STERILIZED!

    That show is hilarious, its worse than Jeremy Kyle. Some of the people that phone in are absolutely fucking nuts.

  11. pa..I'm impressed that you can actually listen to Krusty Work. She can be a 'nasty piece of work' can't she ?
    She spends her holidays with Labourites like Jack O'Malawi O'Connel.
    Fair and impartial BBC ....NOT.
    Oh and read that KollKaye's tweets to see where her loyalties lie as well. It aint Independence.... Lefty labour as well.

  12. tris

    see Gideon describes Mick Philpotts defence brilliantly
    here is a man brought up on Welfare.
    forced into his very body this dependency warped his very soul
    creating an addiction he was unable to control.
    his whole world was dominated by craving for more and more welfare.
    morning noon and night racking his body twisting his mind

    the need for welfare! welfare! welfare!

    It was with this all consuming addiction driving him
    he was unable to cope with welfare withdrawal(a terrible symptom)
    and committed those awful crimes.

    apparently Gideon is masterminding Micks appeal and is
    confident on gaining him a massive compensation pay out
    from the welfare state.

    Some might say this post is bit iffy but it does in my
    view capture Gideons thought processes.

  13. I can't believe it. Niko, are you SURE Gideon has ANY thought processes?

    I am convinced that NONE of the Bullington boys club are capable of ANY thought process what so ever!

  14. Pa. I is in the public mind that Philpott lived the life of Reilly (some may say) with his wife, his concubine and their numerous offspring, entirely at the expense of the taxpayer... He appears to have needed all his strength for procreation. He was also not above setting them alight when they got a bit crowded.

    Not a nice man, and one, I venture to suggest, who will have a miserable life in prison, and probably a relatively short one.

    So Osbo saw an opportunity to stick in the minds of the less intellectually able, that all benefit recipients were cast from the same material.

    Of course he didn't say that, but he implied it nonetheless.

    He is a despicable piece of dirty.

    There are so many unemployed people out there trying so hard to get a job, and thanks to him and his likes, there are only jobs for the toffs at the top. There are others working all the hours that they can get but getting very few (and trying for more as one of the ministers in the DWP suggested) and still being paid so little that they can't afford to live without help.

    There are sick people who would love to work, but with special conditions. I know, I've worked with some of them... They can't get jobs either.

    osbourne decries them and then when he's not sitting in a first class train seat takes the opportunity to park in a disabled bay.

    There are no words to describe how much I dislike Gideon.

  15. Nope Monty. I've never worked out how Pa can listen to Kay (and much worse, Warped). He's a man of strong constitution.

    I'm not sure why anyone who was lefty would want to be in the New One Nation Red Tory party though.

  16. Was that why he did it Niko?

    I thought it was a protest because they wanted a bigger house. I never watched or read anything about them though, because he's the kind of scumbag that makes George Osborne look as if he might be slightly human. And that takes some doing.

  17. Possibly, Arbroath, the vast quantities of alcohol they requires to wreck restaurants, killed all their brain cells off.

  18. I'm amazed it got that far, CH.

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