Sunday, 14 April 2013


It's not a question of personalities. It's unlikely that either of them will be in the job for ever, isn't it?
We're pretty much saying no. It's not for us; it's for you!
You bet he is
Exactly. Then how are you going to keep the rich satisfied? Shoot the poor?
Hard one, huh, Dave?
They're real people, Dave. Not like you, of course, but real nonetheless
And Labour's no better. What a charlatan
Scots can work together. It's not about the SNP ...
...or Alex Salmond
As for the funeral. It's a farce. What we are saying is...
Never, never, never
These are Tory values
And yet...what did she actually achieve?
And wasn't she a two faced bitch?
So  no more Thatcher; no more Cameron
I wouldn't bet my pension on it Dave.
OK... let's make it happen.

Seen in Belfast: Rust In Peace, Iron Lady!

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  1. Replies
    1. Charlatan...sorry, my error. Corrected with thanks

  2. LOL He gets more outrageous. I don't think he's right about the oil running out.

    It's certainly enough to keep Scotland afloat, but not the UK and all its policeman duties.

  3. Re folk that say they won't vote YES because they dislike AS, i often use this arguement.

    He. I canny stand that man, so i'm voting NO.
    Me. I dinny like him either, so i'm voting YES tae get rid of him.
    He. What do you mean?
    Me. As soon as we get independence, i'm voting X. (The party depends on who i'm speaking to)
    He. ?????????
    Me. We can elect whoever we want in an independent Scotland as FM.

    I usually find this tactic works with folk that don't really think about politics, and just need a wee nudge to their thinking.

    Just for the record, i'm not a SNP member, but i actually like AS. :-)

  4. Seen in Belfast: Rust In Peace, Iron Lady!

    Like that. Now lets put Westminster on the scrapheap by voting YES in 2014.

  5. Good one Juteman. Clever tactic.

    I like Alex. I'm not sure about as a person, but he is a consummate politician. I've watched him work a room. He is totally personable, charming, witty and leaves behind him a warm glow... and he did that long before the warm glow might be attributed to his position. "Oh the first minister told me a joke!!" Nope. Alex could do that when he was the leader of a minority group in London.

    I was waiting for him at the Discovery one time. he was coming over the crossing. There was tv and radio and the local press all waiting to see him, and do interviews at Discovery Point. But he met two old ladies on the crossing island in the middle of the road and stood and talked to them for 5 minutes before he came over. They wanted to talk to him; he was available. They were aglow when they left him.

    I admire his ability to see more than his opponents do, and to know what is going on. I've rarely seen him beaten. I'd love to see him head to head with Cameron. Cameron would be mincemeat within a few minutes.

    I don't think he's a liar; well ok, he's a politician. But all the things that Labour or Blether Together have tried to pin on him as lies have not stuck. He has been proved right time and again.

    He is a HUGE asset.

    But there are people who think he is smug... and I think probably they are right. If you are a huge animal in a pool of tiddlers, like lamont, Davidson and that little Liberal blokey, I suppose you get smug.

    He should work harder at NOT being smug.

    I don't know him as a person, but I suspect that like most "driven people" he is a pain in the butt.

    However, as I rarely have the problem of being in the same room as him, his "drive " is an asset rather than a liability as far as I am concerned.

    1. Trouble is Tris that it is extremely hard NOT to come across as smug when you are faced with what can only be described as "laughable" opposition.

    2. Hes, Arbroath, he really doesn't have any worthy opponents in Scotland... and as for Cameron or Miliband... Laughable.

      Put him up against people with real brains like Obama, Merkel, ... I dunno.... and he'd meet his match maybe... but only his match.

      He is without doubt a clever man.

    3. Dunno Tris, even Obama and Merkel would have trouble with Alex. Mind you they ARE better "opposition" in terms of class compared to what he faces week in week out!

  6. Boom boom... CH.

  7. I think that he is simply a conviction politician. He cares about his country, and its people.
    Careerist politicians have a problem with that.
    I don't know his family circumstances, but maybe not having children has driven him to try and have a bigger family.
    Whatever, he comes across to me as a genuine person.

    1. I think the word is integrity sadly missing from a large percentage of careerist politicians who can only think about ladder rungs to climb to better themselves.

  8. Yes. He cares about Scotland, and his left of centre policies are pretty much to my taste, so the SNP usually more or less meets my aspirations for scotland. He's our best hope without a doubt.

    I've met his wife who is utterly charming and although she stays at home and doesn't live in Bute House, she is always at his side when the occasion arises. She too, is a consummate room worker. She is simply a lovely lady.

    1. If my "failing" memory serves me right Tris was A.S.'s wife not his boss when he first started in the banking sector?

    2. Moira Salmond, formerly McGlashan, was a senior civil servant and became her future husband's boss when he joined the Scottish Office in the 1970s. The two were married in 1981. ... from Wiki... so your failing memory Arbroath, is not as failing as you may have thought :)

      There's a wee article on Moira. I really do like her (not that I know her apart from a few brief conversations at conference parties).

    3. WHIT? shooreley shome mishtake!!!
      I NEVER get things like this right! :-)

    4. LOL! nope... No mistake... It's on Wiki!

    5. PHEW!
      For a moment there I thought I was going senile in my old age! :-)

  9. The thing with AS is, leaving SNP policy aside, some of which I don't agree with, in terms of the independence debate he's in a rare position for a politician; he has fact and right on his side. The unionists have nothing, its so plain to see so they resort to smear and obfuscation, you know the rest.

    I think Salmond has done a lot of work to appear less smug, I used to dislike him for it, then I realised; he was that way for two reasons; he was right and his opponents were all wrong and he knew it.

    So he's toned it down a good bit, he's far less rambunctious when he's talking and a lot more ambassadorial, which I think suits him better.

    Is what I think.

  10. Yes. I pretty much agree with that.

    You're right. He has right on his side and they don't. He's fighting for his country. They are fighting for their jobs, their titles and their fantastic retirement packages in teh HofL etc.

    They are fighting for them. Alex is fighting for us.

    And the reasons that they can't beat him is that, they depend on lies for their arguments. After all, they can hardly say... Look we are better together because i will get to be Lord Darling, with £300+ a day tax free, so there!

    So they have to say we are better together because...erm... we wouldn't be able to afford nuclear weapons... Or we'll be thrown out of the EU... Otr we'll not be able to use the pound and we'll have to join the Euro, even though we've been thrown out of the EU... Or, you'll need a passport to see your Granny in Carlisle, but not to go anywhere else in the British Isles... the separate countries of Eire, or Man, or Guernsey or Jersey... Or Shetland will become an exclave of England and will keep all the oil... even though exclaves have no territorial waters and Shetland was a dowry payment to SCOTLAND.

    All utter bollocks.