Friday, 5 April 2013


(Make love, not war, because a packet of condoms will always cost less than a nuclear bomb.)

Not bad advice, unless of course (as Mr Cameron pointed out whilst lecturing Scots, but not Alex Salmond, on how to vote in the referendum) some daft wee laddie of a mad dictator is pointing his nukes at you and they could go off within 45 minutes... or am I getting that one mixed up with the last fat cat right wing nutjob PM who threatened us with nuclear annihilation. Probably.

Incidentally, given that Mr Cameron's excuse for not debating with the First Minister on the independence subject, is that he is not Scottish and this is a matter for Scots to decide, why they hell was the daft b*****d up where lecturing us on the subject anyway.  According to him it's none of his business.

Really! It's hard to imagine a less competent government, isn't it? I thought Gordon Brown was a turnip, but Cameron breaks all records for downright stupidity and ineptitude and his hapless braindead ministers are close on his tail.

This is a good read, as is this, and this.


  1. I'm not sure he is stupid. He just thinks we are and that we'll fall for any old tripe because we lack the wit to critically analyse his utterances! And then there's the chance he's doing it deliberately. Remember that guy Cruddas taped saying Scotland wasn't important in Tory eyes.

  2. He's too busy counting all the additional dosh he'll be able to keep for himself instead of handing over to the dreaded tax man to really care about the wee poor stupid county of North Britain. When he's not doing that he's drooling over the prospect of a landslide win in South East England in the 2015 General Election that will see him returned to power in Westminster with a MASSIVE overall majority! :-)

  3. It's hard to judge PP. OK, he's supposed to have got a first at Oxford, but with his father's money there is no guarantee that that was down to intellect. His only known activities at Oxford were playing tennis and dining!

    He's never had any experience outside of the charmed life of Eton, Oxford, London and "the season".

    His competence as a leader, a prime minister and a politician... Well his record speaks for itself. He inherited a mess and has made that mess far far worse than it was when he laid his hands on it. He has had to execute in 2.5 years more U-turns than governments over the last 50 years and more put together. Not because of the coalition, but because of the idiotic unworkability and stupidity of most of his policies.

    If that doesn't make him stupid, I dunno what will.

    But you have a point. He doesn't understand people who didn't go to Eton and Oxford; people who are lower middle or working class are utterly outside his ken. He has no idea what we are like. I wonder if he has ever been in a house where you had to turn a corner every 5 or so paces. So quite possibly he thinks that we are all semi morons and that we, as lower orders will simply believe everything the gentry class tell us.

    So maybe he thinks that we will swallow the idea that North Korea can launch their missiles at Scotland and the fact that we have a few missiles will be the saving of us, even if it does mean that hundreds of us have to die of cold or starvation, or commit suicide because we simply don't know how we'll manage...

    Actually, the very fact that he thinks we are stupid indicates that he is pretty stupid.

    Scotland isn't important to the Tories. They have singularly failed to win any seats here, except Muddles, since 1997 when they didn't have a single seat.

    But I think Cameron will fight to keep it, because he personally doesn't want to go down in history for only one thing. His Big Society has not so much fallen on its face than been trampled on by at least 55 million people who told him to stuff it. What else ill he be famous for. A one term prime minister who lost Scotland, and possibly started Northern Ireland looking for a way out, not to mention Jersey, Guernsey and Man.

  4. Fingers and toes crossed that it will be, CH. I suspect that they will ditch him. He's useless, and even most of his own party don't rate him.

    The scary thing is his successor could be Boris, or Theresa, or Laim Fox and his young friend.

    Let's hope we are out of it by then.

  5. Do you think he will get a majority in England if we are gone, Arbroath?

    I suppose he could. After all the loss of the labour seats in Scotland would make a big difference, and where will the Liberal seats go?

    Do you think that at a real election Ukip is an threat? Is it any more that a party of protest, taking over from the Liberals?

    1. I do have a sneeky suspicion that he is actually deliberately undermining the BT squad because he can see this as his chance for "immortality." He would be the man who LOST Scotland but delivered decades of Tory rule to rUK.

      Labour are going no where. They have lurched so far right they have out righted the right of the Tory party. Nothing that is coming out of Labour is any different to what the Tories are already saying so why would anyone want to switch from Tory to Labour?

      As far as the Lib Dems are concerned I am not sure they will survive much more than a tiny party. They have shot their bolt and I would very surprised if many in rUK ever trusted the Lib Dems again.

      UKIP is the dark horse in my opinion. They have the Tories dancing to their tune already, remember Cameron has had to come out and "promise" an IN/OUT referendum on the EU in 2017. This "promise" of a referendum would never have come about if it was not for UKIP. I think the next General Election might very well see the first UKIP M.P.'s in Westminster. Despite all the rhetoric I don't think they will gain many seats but they will certainly give the Tories a BIG fright, moreover they will I'm sure cause serious concern for the Lib Dems. It would not surprise me to see the Lib Dems fall right down the political pecking order and probably even lose their deposits in a few seats.

      As an aside thought you'd be interested in the latest offering from the Scotland on Sunday newspaper.

      Interesting that they think this is a suitable photo to put in their magazine. I wonder if they have actually talked to any of the people in the original photo, I suspect NOT!

      Here's the original unadulterated picture.

  6. Thanks for that Arbroath.

    I certainly see what you are saying.

    Why vote Labour when they are offering much the same policies as the Tories? And they will have to do that if they want to win these important southern seats. They simply can't afford to care too much about the poor, old, unemployed, and they must not be seen to kowtow in anyway to the unions. I suppose they have to win what passes for heart, and what passes for minds of the Daily Mail and Daily Express reader.

    UKIP are indeed a danger. They are not the single issue party they seem to be. To broaden their appeal they have reached out to the right wing and the far right wing.

    One of their members recently suggested that unemployed people shouldn't be allowed to vote!!

    They are, for all their more moderate supporters deny it, racist.

    I don't think they will get many seats, but I think Cameron is right to worry about them, because they could shave bits of his vote in southern seats and allow Labour to win by the back door,a s it were.

    As for the Liberals, I believe that they are finished. I can see them back in the position they were in in the 1970s... 6 seats.

    That's lamentable for the SNP in Westminster on 9% of the vote, but, totally horrendous when you are talking 1% of the seats in parliament on 100% of the vote.

    The photograph is inexcusable, and in some countries would be punishable buy a period in jail.

    There is, it seems, no depths to which these despicable low fife will not sink. Scotland on Sunday... I wouldn't even wrap my fish supper in it.

    I'm wondering when they are going to reveal that Alex Salmond is, in fact Lord Voldermort or the devil himself... Anything is worth a try when you are desperate.

  7. PS... If I were in that picture I would sue the arse off the Johnston Press.

    1. There has been a great deal of Twitter chat tonight about the Scotland on Sunday picture and I do not think the SoS are going to like the outcome. In fact quite a few may very well send a complaint in to The Press Complaints Commission. I am considering this path myself. SoS mus NEVER be allowed to forget how low they have gone and the people of Scotland will NOT stand for this outrageous picture.

      Like others in the Twittersphere I believe this may very well be the straw that finally breaks the camel's back. Both Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday circulation figures have been dropping for quite some period of time but with this latest "attack" on Nationalists then I would expect their figures to drop even further!

      Surely the circulation figures for Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday MUST be approaching, if they have not already passed, the level of sales that makes the papers actually profitable.

    2. I think it is only a matter of time before Johnson press sell the Scotsman, possibly to D C Thomson, which seems to be able to make everything pay... by paying pretty low wages, I suppose. It will end up being edited in Dundee, along with the Courier, or in Aberdeen along with eh P&J, taking a basically Tory view of things.

      Alternatively they will just close the thing down.

      I hope there are complaints made. This is totally unacceptable.


      Here's a petition if you're interested....

  8. Off Topic, but I just saw these figures...

    2011/12 welfare expenditure:

    42.3% elderly,
    20.8% low income,
    18.4% families,
    15.5% sick/disabled,
    2.6% unemployed.

    Source: DWP

    Less than 20% of the welfare budget goes on sick, disabled and unemployed people.

    The way they talk about it you'd think Mr Philpot got it all.