Saturday, 20 April 2013


 It was a memorable week. Mrs Thatcher, having died, had to be cremated.  Cameron, somewhat foolishly, set a precedent for prime ministers in the future, by giving his friend what was, in all but name, a state funeral. Now when Minor Major goes he'll have to have one; so too will Loadsamoney Blair, the idiot Brown and Cameron himself. If more than two of them die in the same year, Moodies will have to downgrade the UK to Junk.

BTW...did you know that a suite at the Ritz costs well over £30,000 a month, possibly as much as £50,000. Beats Forebank Nursing Home!¬
Well Dave? Any ideas?

Even through rose coloured spectacles in some places it still looks a muddy brown.
Clearly, Scotland must be one of the parts of England that are less important. What a pompous old fool he is.
I know we already published it, but I just couldn't resist another wee skek at Bubbles Gidiot . Priceless.
In the meantime Eden Court Theatre has been able to let half its staff go as it appears that there's hardly an audience this weekend.
Eden Court theatre with a popular act
Eden Court Theatre with  an unpopular act


  1. To be fair, the photo of Eden Court was taken during Jo Lamont's speech and the bar had just opened. When Cutie Cathy was on it was packed to the rafters!

  2. I don't usually laugh out loud at articles in the Herald but when they quoted Lamont as saying "He wants to debate with Cameron but he won't debate me" certainly worked. Is she mad?

    1. To be fair John any time ANYONE mentions the "D" word she runs a mile then dives down the nearest bolt hole!

  3. Let's face it but bars being open in the venue and Jo Lamont talking in the hall does explain the empty seats. The fact that the rest of them are sleeping explains why THEY are still there!!

    As for Lamont and Salmond debating, I've never heard her offer but clearly he is terrified of being pitted against her massive intellect and razor sharp wit; either that or he has a previous appointment to wash his hair.

    It seems to me that a debate between the person who is best placed to move and shake in UK politics and the person in the same situation in Scottish politics would make sense.

    Cameron is absolutely without a reason to say no.

    He may feel that he is in a senior position to Salmond (and he'd be right), but to say so would reinforce his Eton-Oxford privileged background and sense of superiority.

    He may think that he wouldn't come out of the debate without being mauled and lose his side a shed load of support (which would be true), but obviously he can't say that without sounding even more pathetic than he is.

    So what does the buffoon do? He comes to Scotland, as an Englishman, and lectures us about how we are better together in a speech made at an employer's premises, where the audience is obliged to be respectful. Then when asked, outside of that speech, why he won't debate with the first minister, he says that it's up to the Scottish people to argue the toss, not to him a mere Englishman, (who has just lectured us on how Kim Jung Un is about to bomb the bejesus out of Glasgow and how, to beat that threat, we e need to be a part of the UK). He should, says Cameron, debate with Darling, showing again how out of touch he is.

    Darling is a backbench MP with no power at all to do anything (except claim expenses). He represents the Tories and Labour and Liberal Parties as head of the No campaign. His opposite number is the head of the Yes Campaign. Not the first minister.

  4. I know children who could wipe the floor with Lamont in a debate, reading her (annotated by Rev Stu) speech over at wings, what a load of vacuous empty drivel.

    I like The Sun picture, I saw it through the week and thought it was particularly apt.

  5. What did you think of the pompous old fool with his "less important" areas of the country,Pa?

    Stu's deconstruction is brilliant.

  6. I was told it was £3,300 per night so, that puts it at say 110 days so, it is about £363,000 or so.

    She may have had a discount or even it could have been paid by someone else.

    I think the Barclay Brothers, who used to own the Scotsman own the Ritz?

    1. I think you're right IBSU.

      I don't think she will haver paid a penny to the Ritz for her "stay" though. I reckon, as the Barclay brothers are big donaters to the Tory they have waived her "bill" in lieu of a donation to the Tory party!

  7. I love Lamont's claim that she allegedly made yesterday that she will work with Alex Salmond on child care etc. HELL she can't even work with MP's in her own party so what on earth is she on that makes her think she can work with the First Minister?

    I read that she want to CONSIDER Income Tax and APD as issues to be devolved to Scotland. Hmm. Well if this is TRUE what the hell were she and her cohorts in Holyrood doing last week ABSTAINING in the APD debate?

    I assume that Lamont DOES realise that abstaining does NOT count as working WITH people!

  8. I think Charles Moore is a buffoon who typifies the attitude of many people who have a vested interested in the continuation of the union.

    He strikes me as one of those bumptious arseholes who likes to hold forth on topics they think they know all about, but what they're actually doing is presenting ill-considered opinion as fact.

  9. IBSU:

    That's even more expensive. Doubtless the Barclay brothers could afford to keep her in style there, seeing as her family abandoned her, with the money they save by living in the Channel Islands, incidentally (and this might interest Alistair Darling and Godiot Bubbles Osbucket) a regime where they use sterling but manage very well to have a very much more thriving economy than the UK.

  10. Who knows what she thinks, Arbroath.

    She doesn't seem to me to have much of a clue, but you're certainly right about her inability to work with her own party, so heaven knows how she could work with the government.

    However, as the subject is so important, I hope that at least she tries... but she has to remember whose policies were elected, and it wasn't her.

  11. Aye well, don't hold back on my account Pa!!!

    Yeah. He's probably never been north of London except to hunt in the Highlands.

  12. Mark is "domiciled" in Gibraltar and need not even spend a night there during a tax year. He pays a max of about £50K "assessed" income tax per year and has to "own" (or make an investment in Gib of about £500,000 in a flat there which he can later sell when he or his inheritors change tax status-there is no inheritance tax in Gib)

    Mark Thatcher was essentially shown the out-door in Switzerland for abusing their domicility rules, nearly goaled in S Africa for tax evasion and funding an attempted revolution in another black African country and refused domice in Monaco as an indesirable. Nice guy he is not.

    Maggies house is valued at over £6 million but is owned by a BVI company whose beneficiary position is unknown.

    Mark and his twin sister were not present at their Mother's death and rumour has it that (allegedly) he could have been arrested for any of a number of old problems. Immediately after Maggie's death it would have been difficult to have him being locked up and being unavailable for his Mammy's funeral, especially one that was a "State" occasion and part of Cameron's re-election campaign.

    Did you know she was cremated and I wonder why? Maybe he grave would have become a pilgrimage and excavation site for all and sundry, especially those with wooden stakes.


  13. He's a horrible little character Wolfie, ain't he? People like him can get away without being arrested. I believe on one occasion when the stupid prat got himself lost in Africa, they sent soldiers looking for him, because mummy was in tears.

    Yes. I knew she was cremated, although no one told Johann Lamont, who made mention of her being buried. And absolutely the site would have been vandalised.

    I wonder if it was Cameron who convinced the Queen to go to the funeral; the alternative being that Miliband might be her majesty's next prime miniter...