Tuesday, 16 April 2013


"I was at the anti Trident demo this weekend. It brought back memories of a different time. The last anti nukes demo I went tae Glasgow for was a Labour party day oot. There must have been 100 party banners that day. I remember my own party BRANCH filling a double decker. 

"I doubt there were 100 party members at today's demo. 

"That's what New Labour have done to our party. To those who cling to better together and the don't rock the boat brigade I'm calling ye out. Where were you today? Supportin CND is a pillar of what we believe in. I was proud to be marching under the lab4indy banner. But I was deeply embarrassed that it was the ONLY labour party banner there. 

"The shame isnae mine, it's yours. 

"Make yer mind up comrades. Whit kinda labour party dae ye want tae be in? One that supports keepin WMDs in the Clyde? A party that canny commit tae repealing the bedroom tax but agrees tae spending £100 BILLION buying MORE nuclear missiles? 

"Is THAT why we joined the party! Miliband n Lamont don't speak for me. It's time ye grew pair and telt them they don't speak for you either."

Alex Bell

Labour for Independence.

I noticed that the MoD has made contingency plans for Trident when Scotland votes Yes in September 2014.

This U-turn made a quiet apprearance, the UK government having originally flounced off in the huff saying that if Scotland wouldn't house the WMDs then they just wouldn't be able to have them at all, and everyone in the UK would be left vulnerable to nuclear attack and it was all Alex Salmond's fault, and that, no, they couldn't have them in Portsmouth because it was too close to a large centre of population...like Faslane isn't!!

But, speaking in the House of Commons, the Defence Secretary, who is so unremarkable that his name escapes me, but you know him, pointy nosed, sharp featured, shift looking blokey with his money tied up in tax havens, has said that despite there being “no need for an immediately deliverable contingency plan” due to the negotiations that would take place following a Yes vote, “the House will, however, be aware that the MoD plans for a huge range of contingencies. For reasons of national security (or becasue wehaven't got a clue, or erm whatever,), we do not comment publicly on plans relating to the nuclear deterrent (and in any case it's none of your damned business pleb.).” 

So, I guess they will put them in Wales.

I was, like most people, appalled to hear the news of the bomb blasts in Boston yesterday at the end of the marathon. Whomsoever carried out this attack was callous beyond belief. One of the 3 dead was an 8 year old boy who had come to watch his dad cross the finishing line. What kind of people do that?

I was equally appalled to hear about the 55 people who were killed in bomb blasts in Iraq yesterday, although the BBC wouldn't have bothered to let me know if I hadn't listened very carefully, despite the fact that we (the Alliance of Britain and America) are the people who are responsible for letting the terrorists into Iraq.



    Not going to happen, the UK government including the Labour party down here have already decided on a like for like replacement.
    If you get independence then they won't go away either. Nato, you see...

  2. backofanenvelopeApril 16, 2013 6:25 pm

    What kind of people do that?

    The SAME kind of people that blew up two small boys in Warrington.

  3. It depends who we elect after independence, QM.

    If we are stupid enough to stay with the UK, then of course we shall have these weapons. It's David Cameron's or Ed Miliband's ticket to playing with the big boys: USA, Russia and China (at least at the moment).

    The current government's attitude in that it will apply to join Nato, but it will not be a nuclear power. England can go on being a nuclear power if it wants to. If Nato says that Scotland must be a nuclear power in order to be a member, then Scotland will not be a member.

    If Labour wins the election after independence, it may of course wish to be a nuclear power. It is (or at least the English version of Labour is) warmongering. It will be to see whether or not Scottish Labour, freed from the right wing control of London, returns to be a proper Labour party.

    If it decides to host WMDs, then Scotland would be the nuclear power, not England. But a small country like Scotland couldn't afford to buy or replace these things; I wouldn't like to be the Labour First minister that told the Scottish public that they would have to fork out a massive amount for weapons that they can't use.

    England has said it has plans, which of course it won't tell us, for security reasons. It doesn't appear to think that the security of all the Scots that live near Faslane is under any kind of threat, because everyone knows where it is...

  4. Finally Hammond, I think that's the bloke you're thinking of Tris, has admitted sort of publicly, that the MOD are going to have to move their nuke toys AFTER 18th September 2014. Well I guess this counts as a start! I'm just wondering if it is the thought of seeing his beloved nukes going on sale on E-Bay that has forced Hammond to admit that after Independence his "toys" will have to be moved out of Faslane otherwise someone might buy up his stock that is held in Scotland, someone like North Korea perhaps? :-)

  5. Yes Envelop. There seem to be people like that all over. You have to wonder what makes them tick... Seriously, how could someone live with the knowledge that in order to prove some point, legitimate or otherwise, they have taken the lives of totally unconnected people with no power to intervene in whatever their problem is.

    Doesn't matter where they are Palestinians wanting water, Al Qa'ida wanting the West out of Afghanistan, the Right Wing Christians angry at gay marriage in Massachusetts, Real IRA wanting England out of Ireland or the other lot wanting Catholics out of Ulster... what the hell can an 8 year old kid about it?

  6. Well Arbroath... I think they just tried that one on to see if us Jocks were red white and blue enough to be sorry for Carmergoon not being allowed to the party with President Obama, and would ditch our silly dream of running our country OUR way, instead of the Eton way ...ie a mess! (he he).

    Having found that that didn't quite work, they have had to think of a contingency plan. They will dump them somewhere where they consider that the people don't matter much... ie Wales or the North. Labour won't mind. They know that voters Up North always vote Labour. It's in their blood. Nukes or not.

    You're right. The blokey that looks like Basil Brush without makeup is Hammond.

    I'm pretty certain that Despatches found out that his fortune is tied up the the British Virgin Islands.

    1. Always nice to know that once they have screwed up the country beyond saving these MUPPETS have their own personal little nest eggs sitting in an off shore account gathering masses of interest!

    2. It also conveniently avoids the tiresome process of paying tax on the profits.

  7. Interesting logic, because Scottish voters can't rid the USA, France and England of nuclear weapons, we shouldn't even try to have them removed from our own country?

    In the face of actuality, of current reality and what is demonstrably the case on this plain of existence, Scotland cannot not have nuclear weapons and be a part of NATO when the majority of other countries in NATO currently enjoy this very thing.

    V. odd.

    As for the bombing in Boston, it goes without saying, any loss of life in this fashion, any where on the planet is reprehensible. I don't understand the mindset at all, its disgusting.

    1. Yes Pa, but there is a great deal that is illogical about all of it.

      28 members, only 3 of which are nuclear powers. Why can't Scotland be like the other little countries, which is what it is.

      I think the bloke whose name I have forgotten again, despite Arbroath being kind enough to supply it, was just trying it on.

      (He looks the type... like a mongoose or a weazel... cunning. Funny how I can remember how he looks but not what he's called.)