Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Iain Duncan Smith says he could live on £53 a week.

I doubt if he could.

However, I think the man should be given the opportunity to try.

So I've signed the petition which demands that he do that.


  1. it would be a start if he could live on his salary with no expenses. If he wants a second home he can pay for it. £39 breakfasts ditto. And no access to taxpayer subsidised food and drink at HOC. I doubt he could do that never mind £53 pw.

  2. I've signed the petition as well.

    With regards to the WAZZACK actually taking up the challenge I have no doubts in my mind at all that being the COWARD he is we will NEVER see him take up the challenge.

    I think PP has it right. It would be GREAT to see this two faced moron stop ALL £39 breakfasts and cease immediately ALL expense claims including any food and drink claims.

    Has he ever considered trying to live off of his £129,000 Secretary of State salary and NOT make any expense claims, I doubt it he is like ALL Tory MP's nose stuck firmly in the Westminster money trough!

  3. As a single man, i could easily live off 53 pounds a week.
    Obviously, after food, i wouldn't be able to pay any bills.
    Ask him to do it for 3 months, with only the clothes he was wearing at the start.

    I help someone close to me that is in severe difficulties, and statements like this from IDS simply take me back to the 'Class War' days of my youth.

  4. Yes, it would be a start PP, but I'd still like to see him starve and freeze.

    I didn't know anything about the breakfast at £39.

    That's more than OAPs have to buy food for a week!

    I suppose we paid for it!

  5. Good one Arbroath.

    Yes it seems that not only could he not manage on £53 a week, he can't manage on £2,480 a week!

  6. Yes Juteman. Change of underwear, 2 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of socks, 1 pair of shoes and 1 pair of trainers. All from Primark.

    And ready to be cut off if he doesn't payy his gas bill or his water rates on time...

    Oh yes, that would be so much fun.

    And I'd like him to have to last for a year on it. Not just for 2 weeks...anyone can do that.

    It is such an insult to people who are desperately poor.

    I hear that this attack on benefits is to make work pay, and then I hear that they froze the minimum wage from under 22s, and may freeze or even reduce the minimum wage for over 22s.

    Will they then have to reduce benefits again to make work pay.

    Why don't they just have everyone work full time for their friends in business and give us all a little pocket money to keep body and soul together.

    There was a letter in the Metro today from someone saying that he had never been that interested in Scottish independence until now, but the way this London government is treating people, he reckons that Alex should play on it and Yes will be a given!

  7. IDS would come under a lot of descriptions, the really sad thing is a lot of people, in particular, down south actually agree with him. Saying that they might not once they actually understand their tax credits of £1000 plus have been replaced by a tax code change of £300 plus. They might not if their rent goes up, mines has went up over 15% in 3 years while my wages have went up 0% in the last 3 years.

    IDS is a scumbag, he just doesn't care. This government propped up by the liberals and Labour(due to their incompetence)don't care. They are more interested in their pals, the royals, weapons of mass destruction and the list goes on. My only hope is that people, once they really start feeling the pinch, will understand that it is now time to break free from this type of tyranny, this type of conservative rule which is moving so fast to the right that the second Victorian age awaits.

    People in America I know can't even believe the shift to the right and say that there would be riots if this was going on in the USA, that says it all really. I really hate the UK but I love Scotland, I really hate greed but crave social justice, I really hate the 3 tory parties and crave democracy. IDS I would not piss on if he was on fire, he is the lowest of the low, followed by his collegues, the media and the Royal family. Thats another bug bear, the bloody Windsors, fuck this can't comment on politics. If they actually gave a shit they would be up in arms and saying it publicly, they are are just a part of the problem that needs sorted once we are independent. Get them away to f*** with the corrupt politicians, bankers etc. It has to be time for ethical politics and ethical business and an ethical life.

    Me has ranted, IDS is a prick no buts about it :)


    1. Yes Bruce. I've seen a lot of comments from people from the south that think he's bang on and Osborne is doing a good job. That is a fundamental difference between this country and the UK.

    2. CH...

      Even in Liverpool that bastion of left wing Labour ideas Labour don't really have anything to say about it.

      I can't see Labour reversing this.

      And Davidson having been caught out lying through his teeth, has been blaming the person who asked the question at the rally about his voting...

      He misunderstood the question. He thought they were talking about something else:

      All someone else's fault that he's a liar.

  8. O/T but linked, if that is possible. :lol:

    For anyone who isn't already aware that very VERY nice man Mr David Cameron is coming to Scotland tomorrow to tell us all why we are all better together.

    NOW. When you take the Bed room tax fiasco, Work Fair fiasco, WMD's, her nibs and her £5 Million pay RISE, Tax Cuts for the rich and (in)famous then I reckon the numbers who have indicated that they will be voting YES in 2014 will increase. The only question I have is by how much. Will the current figures increase by:
    a) 1,000
    b) 10,000
    c) 100,000
    d) 1,000,000

    I'd love the answer to be d) :-)

    In advance of the next YES vote figures being announced can I just say a MASSIVE thank you to David Cameron, IDS and all the other members of the LabLibCon party in Westminster.

    1. True. Apparently Alex Salmond used to pray for Mrs Thatcher to come to Scotland during campaigns. It always swayed the views in our direction.

      Cameron will come and tell us all about being able to blow Moscow to pieces, take part in every war going, how when he goes abroad there is always a British Embassy for him to stay in and a damned good cellar for him to enjoy, not to mention a splendid table.

      And wouldn't we miss being shown videos of him talking to the United nations, and pulling above his weight in Europe? What was that I heard earlier in the week about the Germans and French snubbing him?

  9. I suppose an 'Ignorant Dysfunctional Snob' is the politest acronym that my thought processes can come up with in the few seconds free from utter contempt of Westminster triple Tory parties dictatorship.

  10. tris

    I have signed you just got to aint ya?

    at 410,037 and still climbing a millstone around his grandstanding neck.

    the social security system wasn't broke its our political system which is broken.
    I mean how many actually get 26000 a year on benefits let alone why etc.
    and how does that justify taking from those on far less cash who are the vast majority.

    Work Ill tell you about work it stinks you slog yer guts out for piss poor pay
    your abused downtrodden and exploited.
    Torys are reinstating indentured servitude for working people and using hate speech
    against the poorest and most disadvantaged in society to justify what they are doing.

    They are discriminating against a section of society for WHAT THEY ARE not what they do.
    To the Torys they are the evil feckless poor responsible for there own evil fate its
    their Karma as one England football team manger once said abut the disabled.

  11. Yep. You have to, Niko.

    Pity it wasn't one of these parliamentary things, where if they get 100,000 signatures they have to debate it in parliament!

    I think that the entire cabinet should be forced to live on that money for a year.

    No cars; no dinners; no expenses for anything other than travel absolute necessity. No new televisions, licences, settees, dinner services, moat cleaning, garden attention, etc...

    Just £52 a week.

    I see, by the way, that they are prepared to reduce the minimum wage... having put it up this year by about 10p an hour...£4 a week, less tax and insurance, and having frozen the wage of the under 22s!

  12. Its also interesting Cameron chose to visit while Salmond is away promoting Scotland in the USA, one wonders why?

    IDS is a cold hearted bastard, no doubt about it and there's no chance he'll take up the challenge of living on £53 a week. He's monied, We've all met people like him before, they might complain about 'being skint', but they have no idea what its like to know it'll never change; he's got that unique brand of self-assured smug twatishness that only comes with knowing you'll never want for anything ever.

    Cameron will be up telling us we need nuclear weapons and for what? Because the North Koreans are banging some drums? Having the ability to kill tens of millions while our teeth and hair fall out because of our own recent irradiation I'm sure will be of great comfort to people. What an arsehole. It also begs the question why Scotland would be a target? Seriously, the things he says we need to defend (haha) against nuclear attack are the very thing which will provoke it.

    As before though, I've no doubt this will push more people over to the Yes Campaign, I don't imagine it'll turn anyone one firmly onto unionism, the only positive effect Cameron's visit will have will be occuring within Ruth Davidson's ample knickers.


  13. Well, well Pa... this is only a suggestion mind, but could it be because if he comes when our first minister is out of the country, he won't be obliged to meet him, do a press conference with him and have to reply to a question about why he wont debate with him, without giving the impression that he is just too important to debate with a mere first minister.

    As for North Korea, what on earth has it got to do with Scotland. I listened to an expert on North Korea talking about what the latest Kim (the "Greatest Ever Leader" apparently) is doing. Almost certainly nothing for any of us to worry about, but most assuredly nothing that Scots need to worry about. I doubt that Kim Il Un has even heard of us.

    So the fat posh boy can take his British Empire and shove it. if we did a little more about our problems and a little less about other people's then we might find that London would cease to be a target for nuclear weapons.

    As for Ruth's undergarments, I'd much prefer if you'd not mention them again in my hearing. It has a strange effect of putting me right off my food.

    And I'll take this opportunity to offer the hospitality of my very humble abode to mr Cameron if he wishes to make a habit of visiting our country. It won't be what he's accustomed to, but I'm pretty sure that every minute he's in our country adds another YES to the referendum, so I'm willing to do my bit.

    There is, of course, no spare bedroom, but the lobby press floor is not uncomfortable.

  14. Note from the guy who started the petition!

    400,000 in less than 4 days -- incredible!

    First of all I want to say thank you. When I started the petition calling on Iain Duncan Smith to live on £53 a week I hoped it would have some impact, but I never imagined it would set off such a huge chain reaction. As I write the signature count is 408,593. It is overwhelming and inspiring.

    This week the Government wanted to control the debate and dictate the tone -- you have taken that from them and given it back to the people!

    The petition has been talked about on Facebook and Twitter, and covered hundreds of times in the media. It was on the front page of The Independent, BBC, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and many more.

    Iain Duncan Smith has not yet replied directly to me, but told his local newspaper that he thinks the petition is "a complete stunt which distracts attention from the welfare reforms". In fact it is the total opposite.

    This petition represents over 400,000 people concerned by the welfare cuts.

    Iain Duncan Smith is clearly rattled and wants this to blow over. Let's not give him that privilege.

    In the coming days I will deliver the petition in person but let's have a final effort to remind him once again what this is all about -- men who live comfortable lives in country mansions have no right to tell people what poverty feels like.

    Post a Facebook message or send a tweet today. Some ideas below...

    Please keep supporting the petition -- we have started this conversation, let's keep it going.

    Thank you,

  15. The lesser balding ratbag was recently in Scotland to tell us all that we in Scotland will all benefit from his bedroom tax etc, he got a very warm Scottish welcome I understand (the omni-heckle) and Alex was in Bute House counting the additional yes voters with his tea and tunnocks!

  16. Luckily for BaldermortAlex isn't interested in debating with him.

    I see that Cameron waved that away today, saying that it was detracting from the argument.

    It was, he said, a decision for Scots, not Englishmen like him...

    Which begs the question why was the stupid man in Scotland lecturing us about Trident and staying together, if it should be a decision for Scots.

    No. He is afraid of Alex.

    Scared, scared, scared... intellectual minow posh boy.

    Goodness, you'd think someone with the best qualifications money can buy would laugh at a debate with a state school lad like Eck...