Saturday, 14 January 2012


The extradition request from Turkey for Sarah Ferguson (right) has been turned down. 

Well, I never! I suppose that the judge will be  looking for a seat on the red benches.

The reason given was that what she did is not an offence in the UK. (I suppose they mean England, but they probably don't know,or care that there is a separate legal code in Scotland.)

So, in England you can go around filming orphans in orphanages without telling anyone you are doing it, can you? You can film children without their guardians' approval? That's OK? Funny, I thought it was banned to stop paedophiles storing up jolly memories. 

(And before I get lambasted, I know that the conditions in the orphanage were appalling, just as I know that some of the ones run by nuns in Scotland were appalling, and it makes me weep to think of kids suffering like that, wherever it happens, and that Sarah should be commended for bringing this to out attention. But surely the reason given for excusing her extradition is nothing more than a fiction.)

Embarrassing though Ferguson may be to the Widsors, it would be unthinkable that someone who was once married to the Dipso Duke (above, making a fool of himself), friend of Gaddafi and other strange exotic dictators, and is the mother of two royal highnesses, Princesses Goofy and Podgy, no less, would be thrown into a Turkish prison.

(I'd add here that I quite like Fergie, even if she did produce these ghastly free-loaders. I particularly admire her for sticking it to the Windsors and managing to spend a lifetime getting money out of them...something which is extremely hard to do, given that they are as tight as drums with our money and ever tighter with their own.)

In other news Richard O'Dwyer (right, with his mum) will be extradited to America on charges of hosting a web directory, or search engine, for pirated films. Probably a bit like Google or Ask Jeeves. I'm not entirely sure that pointing out where pirated stuff can be purchased, as opposed to actually providing it, is, or should be, a crime in England, but it doesn't much matter. Despite both Cameron and Clegg promising to sort out the unbalanced extradition arrangement made with American by arch creep Tony Blair, they have, as we might have expected, done sod all.

Bad luck on Mr O'Dwyer, who probably should have had the foresight to marry Fatty York to ensure safe criminal activity almost anywhere in the world. Still some things are even worse than 10 years in an American prison, and close contact with Fatboy is probably one of them.


  1. Back in the day; if I had a choice,Fergie versus Diana, it woould have been Fergie.

    She sucks toes in a professional manner.

  2. Tut tut....Tris is that a dig at the princesses because of their looks? Is that not as bad as say accusing Ruth Davidson of shaving (even if I did mean her arm pits) because she is a lesbian?

  3. It's not a crime in the UK /EU to host a web page with links to other pages according to the extradition court case. It's just that the extradition treaty with the US means it doesn't matter. The US doesn't even have to provide any evidence.

  4. Duplicity exposed again
    Extradition request for Fergie turned down She didn't commit an offence in this country yet granted for the young lad in court yesterday who,as far as I can ascertain did not commit an offence in this country either

  5. I think what the Duchess did was ethically and morally right.

    She helped a television crew from a respectable channel expose extreme abuse and maltreatment.

    I back her actions, and the refusal to extradite her.

  6. Morning Conan.

    I'd admire Fergie. First of all, as Dean says later, what she did was a good piece of work, but in any case she's a plucky sort who's managed to sponge off the Windsors and that odious fat husband of hers for 30 years. That's pretty good going. She seems uninitiated by them.

    And she seems to be a lot more fun than any of the rest of them.

    Diana was, like Fergie, a mixture of good, and bad. And, of course I know what you mean... Diana was prettier, but Fergie was sexier.

  7. Munguin:

    You got me bang to rights there guv, and no mistake...

    The reason I pulled you up on it was that I've proposed that we try to conduct the independence debate on politics, not on sexuality.

    It doesn't much matter whether she's a lesbian or not, it's her arguments we should be belittling, not who she sleeps with.

    The York princesses, unlike Ruth who is doing her job, are functionless. The have no real job. They exist for a number of silly reasons it seems to me:

    to take money from the public purse and spend it on unflattering clothes and stupid hats.

    to look pretty and make national functions more agreeable to the eye, a task for which they tend to be ill-suited.

    And, I'm not being sexist. The same goes for Charlie's lads. Anne's too, and who knows about wee Eddy's we've never seen them.

    But none-the-less, my points about them being fat and ugly were petty and I withdraw them, although I can't be bothered to change the post now. I'll try not to do it again.

    The fact that you were talking about Ruth shaving her armpits is not really relevant. I mean, her ablutions are nothing to do with you, any more that are those of the first minister.

  8. Yeah Monty, as I said the arch creep Blair probably traded the safety of British citizens for an appearance in the Rose Garden at the White House with his mate "Dummer".

    Smug self satisfied moron, almost as ridiculous a figure as the weapons salesman in chief.

  9. tris . Yes Tony thinks he's escaped punishment but it must be a burden on him knowing that millions hold him accountable for the death and suffering of millions and the destruction of the UK economy.

    I've lost track of the Ruth Davidson thread. Has Munguin got a pic of her with her girlfriend and they both have hairy oxters ? Can we see a pic ?
    Or have I picked things up wrong 'a la Dean' and should re read the posts ?

  10. fairforfochen

    LOL I love the name. Welcome to Munguin's Republic.

    Aye, Munguin's Republic took over where the NotW left off. If there's anything worth exposing, we're your Munguins.

    But seriously we seem to have different laws for "celebrity" in the UK, don't we? As pointed out in Sturdy Blog (on the blog roll) the lad who stole a couple of bottles of water at around £3,00 from an insecure Lidl store, AFTER the London riots of last year, was sent to prison for 6 months, because the prime minister wanted to make examples of "these people".

    Anthony Warrel Thompson was admonished by whatever they call an English Sheriff for systematically stealing on a regular basis from Tesco, what they are pleased to call fine wines and cheeses.

    The lad who took the water is or rather was, a student in full time education. He will find it very difficult to get a professional job now. He is an ex-con. So he will have learned all sorts of useful criminal things in prison. We may very well end up keeping him for the rest of his life. What a waste for one wee mistake.

    Mr WT goes around schools in England telling them of the virtues of Conservative politics, in order to "balance the left wing agenda" of the educational establishments. He has already sold a carefully manufactured tale (I see Max Clifford's, or his ilk's, hand in this) to the papers. Hello will probably follow, and then a book deal. He stands to make several millions from it. Just at a time when the bottom had fallen out of his tv shows.


  11. Dean

    As I said in the post, "that Sarah should be commended for bringing this to our attention".

    My point was not about the orphanages, it was about the inequality of treatment of the mother of a couple of princesses and a lad.

    It is unlikely that filming children without permission from their parents or guardians, inside their homes, in bed, isn't again the law. If that was some dirty old man, they would be lifted, I bet you.

    Besides which, even if that IS the truth and you can do that with impunity in England, are the English so pompous that they think that no matter where you go in the world only English law prevails.

    To hell with Turkish law. We're British.

    I don't want to see Sarah put in a prison for what she did, but it is another example of one law for the rich and powerful and another for the power and un-powerful.

  12. Well Monty, I don't know. Blair killed hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq because Mr Cheney wanted their oil. He lied to parliament, he lied to the British people, he lied to the UN, he lied to his head of state.

    In return he received the favours of a blithering idiot who was barely capable of string a sentence together, and yet was one of the most powerful men in the world.

    There are some people who would been destroyed by having murdered one person. (According to Agatha Christie it gets easier after the first one). Apart from ageing 40 years in only 10 years, he seems to have come out of it unscathed. It must be the feeling of loathing coming from 90% of the UK population, (and 99.9% of the Arabs) that does that.

    He is, though a deeply devoted Christian. I must have picked up the precepts of Christianity all wrong...

    Read posts? Nah, don't do that Monty. That would probably spoil all the fun.

    I think it was in the last article, Munguin made a comment about Ruth shaving.

    I thought it was unnecessary and irrelevant and said so.

    Now I will suffer for that for the rest of my life, I guess.

    Oh well.

  13. tris..I seem to remember Munguin chastising me a few weeks ago because I criticised people who attacked others on the way they looked. Could trawl back if I could be bothered.
    Aye Dean always misses the point of articles. Don't know what they teach kids these days. It's certainly not how to think for yourselve. He thinks ethics and morals are anything to do with Law. Law is law. The US can extradite for something that isn't an offence here. Turkey can't extradite for something that isn't an offence here. End of.

  14. If only the LibDems were in government then these things would never happen if one reads/believed their manifesto!

  15. CH

    Excuse me whilst I pass wind.

    That's better.

  16. Lupus Incomitatus

    With your diet we expect it, phew!

  17. Monty:

    Munguin tells me that it's OK t be a hypocrite as long as you admit it.

    He admits it.

  18. Indeed Cynical... if only one did.... bwa ha ha ha ha ha...

    But you see, it's all in the Coalition agreement. Or at least that seems to be the excuse for both parties ditching the sales brochure that they sent out to us about all the good things they were going to do, compared with all the bad things that they have done.

    I have no recollection in any broadcast or manifesto commitment I read, FROM EITHER PARTY of taking money from cancer patients, or disallowing youngsters who have been disabled all their lives from having incapacitate benefits, and disability benefits, because they have never worked for the stamps to pay for it benefits.

    Is it me or is that so patently obviously wrong minded, as to be almost fairy tale like in its wickedness?

    And if it wasn't in either manifesto, how come they managed to get it in an amalgam of the manifestos.

    Or once again am I missing something so obvious that a lump of wood would get it?

    As one of the Liberal baronesses said on the radio... I don't know what on earth has happened to Nick Clegg...

    Nor me, Your Nobilityness, but I'll have a good guess at what WILL happen to him

  19. Monty: Dean is getting there. Life is teaching him things that life teaches people. He's a different guy from the undergrad the commented here 2 years ago. And to be fair it is easy to take a post that I write about a member of the royal family as a criticism of same. After all, it usually is.

    I think the deal is that whatever America wants, America gets... And the folk at the top can actually get away with anything they want, and the folk at the bottom can't, because "that kind of person" needs to be taught a lesson.

    In a story it would all come back to bite the bastards on the bum.

    But tragedy though this country seems to be, it is real life, not fiction, and in real life there is rarely a happy ending.

  20. Were you actually expected to take seriously a Turkish demand for extradition of a Duchess for filming children? Why did the British government even bother to make up an excuse for not doing it?

    I'm reminded of the periodic demands of sundry European legal authorities to produce the President of the United States for trial as a war criminal. Legally justified as it may be, the American government doesn't even dignify it with comment, much less some sort of elaborate legal argument.

  21. tris...
    Yes I suppose you're right. But why does Dean keeping talking up the EUSSR despite it being at deaths door with corruption and debt ?
    Surely this is proof of his total brainwashing and inability to think for himself ?

  22. Monty,

    I am committed to a humanity free of borders, inequality and nationalist division.

    Its known as equality, freedom and liberty. Maybe I could send you some interesting EU links?

    They changed my life, maybe yours too?

  23. Tris,

    I appreciate the inconsistency in the law. But it isn't the Duchess fault that there is one. All I care about is that she isn't punished for revealing to the public that which is in their interest to know about - especially since Turkey maybe joining the EU!

  24. Dean, I doubt if Greece or Italy or Ireland feel any of your EU equality freedom or liberty.
    All 3 are dependent on the EU for their sustenance and will die if the EU teat is removed. They must do as they're told.
    Can you tell me who elected the new Italian or Greek PM please ?
    If I don't agree with the ECHR or ECJ can you tell me who I can appeal to please ?

  25. Vote for a europhobic party monty in the EU parliamentary elections. Direct democracy, your vote, your voice.

  26. We have to try to keep in with Turkey Danny. It's the only Euroepan state with a booming economy! We may need to borrow money from them very soon.

    Of course we couldn't creep enough to let a duchess, even one that was disgraced by cavorting topless with a bald headed ugly gimp, because he had loads of money and could pay off her debts, be sent back there!!!!

    I suspect that had she not been the mother of royal highnesses, she would not have received such lenient treatment. (I'm pretty sure the royals would be happy enough for her to disappear though)

  27. Maybe because the UK is at death's door with corruption and debt... as it happens more debt by percentage of GDP than any other country.

    They just have the confidence of Satandard and poor's and the other commercial companies advising investors for cash, because Brits are so supine that Osborne could take every half penny away from them and give them cold gruel to eat, and still they wouldn't rise up against the government.

    And even if they did Tessy Kinky Boots has got water cannon and rubber bullets in her torture armoury... ewww. That's why she wanted that job.

    And ken Clarke will be telling the judges that they can bring back hanging for any more than a bottle of water at the next riots in about 6 months time.

  28. my lips. I don't blame Fergie for doing what she did... I think she did a good job.

    What I blame is the British authorities for treating her one way and Mr ODwyer another way.

    one rule for the rich and influential and one rule for the weak and uncared for.

    Or equally possibly one rule for America, and another rule for emerging countries, even if they are quite rich with booming economies because they weren't stupid enough to get involved in Ponsy banking.

  29. Oh yeah, and as Danny said, Dean, lying through their nasty unpleasant corrupt teeth about it. (Well he was much more pleasant about it, because he's a nicer guy than me, but it comes to much the same thing.)