Saturday, 2 July 2016


1. What kept you...I can't hang around all day waiting for humans...
Well, on reflection, I suppose i can...

2 Nuuk and surroundings from above
3.Barnafoss, Iceland.
4. Lake Como.
5 Australian sunset... (Thanks to Gerry's sister!)
6. Hmmm... What shall I do with today?
7. Lupins in Iceland
8. Icelandic pony.
9. Thank you waiter. That will do nicely.
10. Who'd have kids, huh?
11. Sunset near Nairn.
12. Like bats out of a cave.
13. Iceland again (in view of the match).
14. In an English country garden.
15. One of our dear readers sent us this a few weeks ago, and we can't remember who it is to thank them.
It's Mars, and just as fantastic as Earth. Thanks for sending.
16. Butlins Greenland style.
16. Not till the Orangs tell you you can go, you're not.
17. Let's play mum.
18. In the forest, in the night
19. Isn't nature amazing? Passion Flower.
20. Yellow Praying Mantis.
21. Well that will be you off for another week, I suppose.
I'm just off to get my wages from Munguin and I'll get off myself.
I'll catch you next time you pop in... 


  1. At first sight, a picture OF a Mars rover which usually TAKES the pictures might be thought of as definitive proof of life on that has cameras. ;-)

    Not as pretty as an earth landscape, but maybe a distance record for Soppy Sunday. Actually the sun lit mountains in the distance and the wind-sculpted sand dune in the foreground is impressive by Martian landscape standards.

    1. Doesn't look that different to some of the mountains on Greenland!

    2. Mountains and sand dunes. Mars has everything. ;-))

    3. Shall we go on holiday? :)

    4. For first para, my thought too!

      Great selection of pictures, as ever tris.

    5. Well, I meant Mars, but Greenland sounds like a plan, D Doc.

      I had planned to go there (Greenland) next year, visit 5 different towns on a cruise, but the price went up by 40% and I decided I'd rather eat!

  2. Tris,

    There is something decidedly non Mars Roverish about that picture. Like the lack of wheels or summat at the bottom? Let me get back to you on that photo?

    1. The wheels are the square black bits. I'm not sure that's actually Mars itself though.

    2. The picture was one of many posted on this NASA website which identified it as a "selfie" of the "Curiosity" Mars rover, which has been investigating an area of sand dunes. The picture is a composite of 57 images, with the finished composite image not showing the long arm that holds the camera. Obviously made with a wide angle lens which exaggerates the size of the (black) wheel in front, while the rear wheel on this side appears very small in comparison. The two wheels on the far side can be seen, but they are not very prominent either.

      This is a more interesting picture than the average Mars image, since it shows a ridge of sunlit mountains in the background and the wind sculpted sand dune in front.

      The website has lots of pictures:

    3. He he... Thanks, Danny. (I should have known you'd investigate)

  3. Replies
    1. Aye, but it's not. It's Nairn. There's a collection of ian Cameron's photographs here:

      They are pretty awesome.

  4. Oh loved those. Nice to see a gorilla too and such a cute one. Wouldn't it be funny if the Euro 2016 final was between Wales and Iceland. But won't happen, I could see Wales beating Portugal but Iceland needs to beat France AND Germany.

    And no21 - how do you manage to get wages from Munguin? I'm owed so much back pay and if leave the EU then workers rights will be even worse in the Northern Province of little England.

    Agree with Conan Nairn did look a bit African. Anf that passion flower was beautiful - do they grow in Scottish gardens?

    1. Oh yes, I dream of a final between Wales and Iceland. It would be fantastic if Wales beat Portugal. After Ronaldo's put down of Iceland it would be the perfect slap in the face for him. (Nothing against Portugal, which is a lovely place.)

      Ah... I sneak in in the middle of the night and turn his piggy bank upside down! You should try it. I think he's secretly looking forward to be hauled out of the EU so that he can get away with me paying him!

      Passion flowers can grow here. (They sell them in Morrisons for a couple of quid), and they really are beautiful. However, I reckon that they need a very sheltered and sunny position to do well. I've lost a few to the wind, and the one that I still have has never flowered!

      I imagine that Gardener's world is filmed in the South East of England.

  5. Tris, the photo of Nuuk looks very similar to an aerial photo of my little island. Where is it? Is it pronounced New UK? Photo of the bat looks like a flock of swallows?

    1. Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, John. Before autonomy from Denmark it was call Godthaab.

      The pronunciation is here:

      What's the name of your little island again? Could you take some photographs of it for Soppy Sunday?

      Yeah, the bats could be swallows. They seem to fly in the same formations.

    2. Tris, the island is called Scalpay - I don't have a new-fangled phone but will borrow the Boss's phone when she come back after a visit to her homeland - that is, if they let her back into the UK!

    3. It's scary whats happening, John, and we want no part in it. I'd love to and I'm pretty sure the readers would love to too, see Scalpay through your eyes, but, I'll go look for pics online anyway.

      All the best to the family... Tell them I'll do some more giraffes (and what was that bird again? ) soon!

    4. I've just looked at the pics on Google. Wow!

  6. No.14 could be England right enough but the house architecture seems east-coast Scotland to me.

    1. Could be. The site I took it from said it was English. But that means nothing because of the conflation of England and Britain.

    2. I'd go with Culross, or some other East Neuk. It looks really like Culross - marled walls, pantiled roof and the windows sandstone. And the garden looks more Scottish too.


    3. OK, it's nice so we'll settle for a Scottish Cottage Garden :)

  7. Loved them all as usual, not yet seen the one of the Mars rover reserved that for later. The flock of bats leaving the roost is echoed here right in front of my living room window every night but the culprits are crows.

    1. Thanks. I guess crows would be just as spectacular.