Friday, 31 May 2013


It is hard to imagine the kind of media storm that would erupt had this been a tweet from an independence supporter.

It's equally hard to imagine that this is from an educated man, a lawyer, if for no other reason, because the plural of 'party' is 'parties'. Surely an educated man would know that simple grammatical fact in his native tongue, as would a man who is politically aware know that there are a number of parties which support independence.

I've never once considered the idea that unionists might commit suicide over a failure to achieve their goal of continued subservience to England, but it says something that Smart considers that life will be so dreadful in the union after 2014 that people will kill themselves rather than go on living under David Cameron.

After all, whilst 100 years of Tory rule would be unlikely to be as kind to most of us as it would to the elite likes of Smart, it surely wouldn't be THAT bad, would it?

On reflection  I'm glad that this guy in on their side. Even if you assume that he was drunk when he tweeted that offensive nonsense, it's pretty vile stuff.


  1. tris

    I've never once considered the idea that unionists might commit suicide

    Oh i dont know if yes fails and Cameron gets back in some Scottish unionist may well feel suicidal .

    what about IDS then ???

  2. LOL, Niko...I think we can rest assured that, although the Tories might well get back in, David Cameron is unlikely to be the prime minister.

    Nigel doesn't like him and won't work with him, and I have a feeling that Nigel will be calling shots. I suppose, in fairness, it depends on Rupert Murdoch.

    Who knows. He was prepared to back Alex Salmond although he's utterly against independence, but Alex was was Cameron's bete noire of the time and so Rupert's shiny boy.

    I haven't heard anything about the quiet man, although at £38 for a breakfast on expenses I've worked out why he is called the quiet man... his mouth is so full of food that we've paid for all day long.. that he can't get a word out).

    Anyway, it's nothing trivial I trust?

  3. tris you should read yer own blog sometimes blinking eck

    tris the unobservant

    IDS what a wank'r

    For over the years, the farm business operating off the country estate part-owned by Duncan Smith's son – with the minister's wife as a trustee – has received well over a million pounds in taxpayer subsidies. Swanbourne Home Farms, run in partnership between the minister's in-laws, Baron and Baroness Cottesloe, brother-in-law Thomas, and cousin Richard Brooks, has been given €1,517,535 over a 10-year period in funding from the EU. It has also been the recipient of grants understood to be worth tens of thousands of pounds from Natural England. Described by the EU as "income support" for farmers, these common agricultural policy payments were established by the 1957 treaty of Rome to ensure "fair standard of living for the agricultural community". None of it goes to the Duncan Smiths. "Neither Iain Duncan Smith or his wife receive any income whatsoever from the Swanbourne Estate," his spokesman says. And few would quibble with the payments themselves. Still, it shows that the best of us need a hand from time to time.

    1. Crivens Niko... I'd never read my own blog... Load of rubbish :)

      Well, the Duncan Smiths do very nicely thank you. It seems that he's managed to get a tidy little subsidy for his son and in laws.

      Of course he employed his wife as his diary secretary but never actually expected her to get off her fat lazy aristocratic arse to do any of the tedious diary secretary work... That's work for plebs.

      If he's to be believed he was penniless when he came out of the army (a bit strange when you consider that he was an officer and a gentleman and therefore probably got a pay off...unless of course he left under a cloud). But he managed to get his hands on her money and now lives like a king. When he's not being kept by his wife, he's ponsing off the public...£38 for breakfast on expenses. What did he eat? Roast pheasant flown in from Beijing?

      Add to that that he simply makes up statistics in his head and then uses them to prove that there are hardly any unemployed people and almost everyone who has been chucked off Incapacity Benefit is now working... including the ones who died within a week or so of that happening. Lying pig.

      He's utterly detestable and clearly one of the ones that thinks that what's good for others is not good for him.

      Let's hope there's something waiting to swallow him up....

  4. He is just taking the piss and pushing the envelope to see how far it goes before the MSM feel they have to pick it up.

    He is like an alcoholic, always pushing his limit to see how far he can go.

    One nasty bit of keich he is.

    1. Possibly Snotty... but I wonder if a YES person had tweeted that, would not the Hootsman and the herald not to mention the comics, have had a field day on how utterly repugnant the tweeter was and how tasteless it was to talk about suicides?

    2. Tris that is my point, perhaps badly put.

      He knows he is fireproof because the MSM will ignore it but once, just once it will break out and then all the shit will bubble to the surface.

      On the same thread, anyone seen the BBC page on the News site saying how an SNP councillor was caught trawling for prostitutes in Glasgow?

      Now, correct me if you can, can anyone tell me whether a LABOUR, TORY or LIBERAL councillor, MP or activist has ever been headlined as being convicted of anything bad. They are just councillors, MPs or whatever, if reported at all.

      The BBC needs their arse kicked and we have the opportunity in 2014.

      A defenestration will surely follow.

  5. Just when you think this guy cannot get more toss-potty he proves you wrong. Even I do not descend to such macabre nonsense after a few wine-gums.

    Good to see my friend Niko has come out of hibernation and as spritely and lovable as ever. See these Tories......!

    1. You are well known for not descending to that level of toss-pottiness (lovely word, wish I'd thought of it), John.

      Yes, I was a bit worried about Niko. I thought maybe Johann had sent out one of her henchmen to kidnap him and bring him to her bunker for retraining, but they I thought, nah, if Johann ordered it, they'd end up going to the zoo and bringing back a hippo.

      Anyway, always good to know he's still with us.

  6. Replies
    1. Good video CH.

      Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes.

      If he wasn't a highly intelligent educated man, there would be an excuse, but given his background, it can only be wickedness that drives him.

      With Pin Stripe McConnell, the skirt wearer, on the other hand...

  7. Good grief, I've just paid my annual visit to Niko's bar and found an astonishing statement. Who is going to take the credit for converting him - ach, I was probably Taz posting again. I remember the last sensible comment from Niko about four years ago and it turned out to be Taz as well. Talking about Taz did I ever tell you I was once so thin I got offered the role of the lead in "Lassie"?

    1. It's not Niko's bar any more, John. As you suspected, Taz has taken over.

      I like the new management style...not so keen on half eaten bones being on the menu.

  8. BBC bias?

    1. Overkill, I'd say. Big story for a relatively little matter Snotty.

      I mean, it's possible that what he's saying is true; it's possible that he's lying, but if it had been a labour councillor it would have either been missed or a paragraph.

      This looks as if it has removed Patrick £2000 a month Mercer from the lead.

  9. Perhaps he'd be kind enough to organise monthly visits by Milliband, Cameron, Osborne and Farage since he's so keen on being the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Oh wouldn't that be absolutely wonderful.

      I've heard that Farage is coming back to campaign in the by-election.

      Probably Glasgow this time. He isn't aware that there is transport, or that there are roads, anywhere farther north than that.

      Cameron in particular is more than welcome and if he did a double act with his wee mate Osborne it could well swing the balance.

      I don't expect anyone would much notice if Cleggy came up here.

  10. I noticed that yesterday the Scotsman(?) had Farage's proposed visit to Stornoway for the Aberdeenshire bye-election was filed under Scottish Independence. They don't miss an opportunity do they? Amazing how they took out the comment regarding Braveheart in relations to the Twitter remarks when it became blindingly obvious that it had come from a nationalist but left the other two comment in the article.

    Only kidding about Stornoway.
    BTW: Good name Roddy Macdonald!!

    1. They say, John, that you get the press you deserve.

      I can't imagine what we did to deserve this load of manipulative liars, but I suspect that it may have something to do with us continuing to elect a shower of low life, interested only in themselves. to Westminster.

      Roddy. I'm sure John will explain his comment on your name, given time...

  11. Hmmm. I always doubted that people would see what the press are up to. But then, a week ago, I found an elderly lady I know has been a long-time Labour activist almost in tears saying, we'll never get a Yes vote with these terrible lies these so-called left-wing papers are printing.

    She was genuinely upset, and I tried to reassure her that a Yes vote was much likelier than she seemed to think. Oh, did I mention she comes from Yorkshire originally?

    So you never know, not about anyone. I was absolutely gobsmacked, I had her as a No for sure.

    1. It's true Rolfe. Some of the most unexpected people are starting to ask questions.

      A guy at my gym, a lifelong Labour supporter, is utterly disgusted with Lamont and embarrassed about the very obviousness of the lies the No campaign is telling.

      When you say... do you believe x ? (x being whatever the latest daft scare story is)... he says, well not really. So you ask him if he's believed any of the scare stories and he says... well not really.

      As people like Darling never tire of telling us... you can be a real Scot and want to stay a part of the union, but what you can't do, is accept that all the things that they say we won't be able to do.

      I mean the bank of England (despite its name), belongs in part to us. What they are saying is that it belongs to them, and we get to use it and we won't after independence. The monarchy is as much the Scottish monarchy as it is the English monarchy. The army and all its equipment belongs partly to us, etc, etc. Actually around 10% of the weapons of mass destruction are ours too.

      They are starting to irritate Scots unionists by indicating that we only get to share their stuff, rather than that it is ours too, and it we go we have to leave it behind. In some of their dafter moments they have indicated that we would be entitled to none of our share of anything that belonged to the union, except the debt.

      I agree that a yes vote is much more likely than the polls show at the moment, and the more disastrous this idiot government of English Tories is, the more likely it becomes.

  12. Vote ‘YES’ to make Scottish history,
    Vote ‘NO’ to make Scotland history.

    Courtesy of Ronnie

  13. Good one Ronnie.

    This is a proud boast quoted from the article:

    “More than 30 million people “suffering some degree of financial insecurity”; close to 12 million “too poor to engage in common social activities”; around four million children and adults who are not properly fed; around 2.5 million children in damp homes; around 1.5 million children “in households that cannot afford to heat their home”.”

    What an entirely lovely country we live in. NOT

    I wish I had had the good fortune to be borne in Norway.

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