Monday, 13 June 2011


I was shaking with anger this morning as I heard the chairman of Southern Cross, Christopher Fisher, try to excuse the catastrophic mess that they are in. Directors sold off the properties to make themselves shed loads of money; properties on which they now cannot afford to pay the rents, resulting in old and vulnerable people being left in a state of despair over their futures. It appears that directors made millions by selling their shares just before these same shares took a nosedive. The care of elderly people is far too important to be left in the hands of money grubbing spivs like this lot. The governments should take the homes into public ownership. The worth of the company is nil, so there should be no compensation to the shareholders. That we treat our elderly so badly is an horrific reflection upon our society.

The Telegraph reveals that the Duchess of York is on the verge of bankruptcy, again. What on earth does that woman do with money? This time, instead of selling her husband, she has sold herself for the ridiculously low sum of £200,000 to Oprah Winfrey’s tv channel for a documentary about, yes, you guessed it, how dreadful she feels; how embarrassed she is that she let everyone down; the shame she has brought on the royal family, etc. She lives rent free in a house that we provide for her husband because he is the son of the head of state. Otherwise, she says, she would be homeless. Has she heard of council housing? On the other hand it could be said that she was married to an extremely rich man form an extremely rich family. Maybe they could bale her out with the own private money?

Another day, another announcement from David Cameron that he is stepping up Britain’s foreign aid contribution. This time it is the very worthy cause of immunisation of children against diarrhoea and pneumonia. This makes the UK the largest donor in the world (even bigger than the USA) to this cause. However, needless to say Cameron announced this at a London conference on the subject, which gave him the opportunity to do a bit of grandstanding. I’d be the first to say that these vaccinations are important. I watch reports from Africa with kids dying of preventable disease with tears streaming down my face, so I am more than sympathetic to the cause. But when will this man start thinking about spending some money in the UK. There are sick kids here too.

Shock, horror. Kate Middleton wore a dress she had worn three years ago, and a coat she had worn four years ago. Perhaps she is just like all of us? Nope. Today I wore a coat I had worn yesterday and jeans that I had worn last week and (I don’t know if any of you do this sort of thing), that I had washed and ironed myself!!!.

Looks like this will be a ‘super u-turn week’ in Westminster, with not one but four of the pesky little blighters. Benefit caps; reduction in foreign students; weekly bin emptying in England (Eric Pickles, pictured), and yes, the English NHS nutjob plans of Andrew Nutjob Lansley. If Mrs Thatcher is still able to take any of this in she must be spinning well, whatever she is in. Aye David, being prime minister isn’t all about garden parties, shaking hands with the senior partner, and making gifts that we have to borrow the money to give, and appearing with Michael Caine. A lot of people know that, but clearly you didn’t.


  1. You change your jeans every day?

    Obviously not an ex-biker then...


  2. I didn't say that Conan... but I do change them sometimes, which I suppose means I can't be an ex-biker.

    How you feeling now? I see you still can't post under your own name. Have you tried clearing out your cookies (not biscuits) or maybe washing your jeans?

    Munguin says try signing out of Blogger, untick teh box that says "keep me signed in" and sign back in.

  3. Munguin

    re your post on Labour Hame, I think you hit the nail on the head, they only want to talk to themselves. I posted the following to Tom Harris today, but was sent to the naughty step again.

    Tom Harris June 12, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    “You do realise, I assume, that while there are probably a few Labour voters who want independence, they will be outweighed many times by the number of SNP voters who don’t? You did realise that? Well, okay, just checking”

    Probably a few Tom, are you sure?

    Lets remember some of the things that Labour were sure about,
    Devolution will kill nationalism stone dead.
    There will never be a SNP government.
    There will never be a majority SNP government.

    We will see though come the referendum. I look forward during the referendum to Ed sharing a platform with the torys and saying how much he agrees with Dave, George and Nick. Just think Tom we can then claim with justification that Labour would rather have tory rule at Westminster than Scots running their own affairs. Remember what siding with the torys did to the Lib Dems on 5th May.

    P.S. I think there have been more answers to “Er” than there have been to “why should Scotland stay in this union”

    I do not think this post was abusive so why was it not allowed.

    They remind me of football supporters who would have won the league or the cup if it was not for bad luck, biased ref or whatever else they can think off.

    I will keep visiting for a good laugh, and watch them continue to kid themselves on.

  4. Cynical

    It must be the SNPs fault. We never had storms like this before they can to power.


    When your jeans can stand up themselves its time to change them, any time before is just cissy.

  5. Dubs

    i find the same kind of treatment on Numptynet Scotland oh! and the Torydiary as well its called censorship they all do it.........

    Right across the Political spectrum

    Tom was right the snp only got in on the back of the Lib dems who voted for them on a one off basis and as they are to man/woman supporters of the 'union' Tom was fair comment

  6. “You do realise, I assume, that while there are probably a few Labour voters who want independence, they will be outweighed many times by the number of SNP voters who don’t? You did realise that? Well, okay, just checking”

    He's a patronising bastard isn't he?

    There's only one thing wrong with your post Dubs. It is perfectly correct and it doesn't fit with Tom's la-la-la-la-I-refuse-to-listen- to-anything-I-don't-want-to-hear-la-la-la-la-la-has-it-gone-away-can-I-take-my-head-out-of-the-sand-world. Anyway...Munguin's Republic loves naughty step posts.

  7. Well Cynical: After 3 days of rain and dismal dark skies and cold with the heating back on, it's brightened up a little, but there's killer wind back ruining the new annuals in the garden and bringing trees down in the park...

    So I guess we can say it was indeed the Sun wot done it.

  8. Hmmmm Dubs...could't it just be 'new man'?

  9. Oh Lordy Niko. If you guys believe that you really have lost the plot. Why don't you vote Miss Personality Plus your new leader? Joanne can go on exactly the same way as dear old Iain. I wonder how she is on sandwich shops.

    The SNP won partly because:

    * The Liberals died due to Clegg’s love-in with Cameron, and to a man they came to us. (Did you ever ask yourself why they didn't come to you, or indeed go to the Greens or somewhere else? Or even just not vote?) Incidentally, Rennie appears to approve of that love affair, so I wouldn’t expect a revival any time soon!!

    * Labour was led by a total balloon. No idea what he was doing. Fighting the Tories (not a hard job in Scotland), then pinching all the SNP policies so that all they had that was different was a leader with the personality of a dead snail against a charismatic man. Then they made blunder after blunder... (Remember Richard Baker's car crash interview with a friendly interviewer on the friendly BBC, where he mixed £500 million with £2 million...?)

    * The SNP government had been a good government, because they consisted clever people motivated entirely by their desire to do it for Scotland and who took their orders from Edinburgh, not London. Alex Salmond will fight for Scotland and he won't fold his tent, unlike unionist politicians who owe allegiance to English party leaders, and who bow the knee to them.

  10. Nakered Niko

    You and the shortbread tin blog deserve each other.

    I think others have pointed out to you how many Lib Dem voters were in the five Glasgow seats that you lost? Remember that Niko, you lost big time.

    69 seats to the winners 37 LOL to the losers and most of the 37 from the assisted places scheme. How many Labour MSPs call it the assisted places scheme now Niko?

    BTW How do Labour explain the fact that they were so toxic in Scotland no Lib Dems voted for them?

  11. Tris

    It appears that we posted the same point about the Lib Dems at the same time.

    Labour will never question why the Lib Dems voters saw Labour as toxic as their old party, it is a great excuse for their slaughter (Slaughter Niko, I like the sound of that) on 5th May.

    "We wiz great so we wiz but a big Lib Dem boy didni ge us his votes, its aw his fawt ay and that Salmond man cheated he didni tell onybody he wanted independence naw separation so folk voted fur him"

  12. Dubs is that the same lib dems you nats have been venting your spleens over since last year.
    the one's you have hated the guts off for years , attacked slagged off and spat on.
    They haven't give up on a lifetime of voting for a particular belief just to put the separatists in power.

    Nah! there votes flooded in and will flood out just as quick when it suits them get rid of cleggy and it will happen even sooner...
    you lot are building your hopes up on a patch of quicksand and yer going to be disappointed
    and I'll just say

    I teld yah! dinnae eye

  13. Yep Dubs: Great minds, huh?

    There's a huge majority to overturn, but partly that's because Mr Cairns was an excellent constituency MP.

    It's a big ask to beat them though and I'll be happy enough if we knock their majority into a cocked hat. An SNP win would be the icing on the cake though.

  14. Niko

    They may flood out again sure, but the one thing you can bet on is they will never touch Labour with a barge poll.

    Moridura has a breakdown of Mr Eds speach today, read it and weep Niko, NuLabour is back but without the charisma.

  15. Sorry forgot the link to Moridura.

  16. Niko: I see this new approach from Ed is designed to attract the voter from South East England again.

    Crack down on the lower orders. Make them work in Mr Cameron's Big Society for their council houses. What's next? Stick them in homeless shelters if they won't?

    Dubs is right Gordon Brown without the personality ... or the looks.

  17. tris

    yeah hit em with a big stick and kick them up the erse quite right too we are the party of the working Man/women/person..........
    no bone idle dole scrounging malingering pulling a sicky type lay about in our New/Old Labour party.


    Dont whinge to much looks like i been moderated on Labourhame too me post ain't appeared and its been a few hours well! well! well!

    A brief synopsis goes like this
    you get two shop steward
    one Alex and the other a Unionist
    Alex asks UK plc for everything wid bells on (see ask not demands)

    The Unionist asks but UK plc tells him times are hard they are skint and they will see everybody right in a few years time.

    You have a mass meeting Alex says they nicked our money and they should give back a fair whack and not a pittance

    Whilst the Unionist gives the UK plc line abhat
    hard times belt tightening bit more later maybe
    all being well etc etc

    and then you have a vote for or against UK plc
    wonder who will win that one..........

    just pointing out how people will always support someone who ask for more for them especially when they dont have to do anything for it ie-going strike that kind of thing

    basic greedy human nature blimey O'Riley they dont post it (so far)

  18. Awww Niko, you'll always get a hearing here...

    What's wrong with asking for things for Scotland? Better than giving up and letting them keep everything for London. If you don't ask you won't get; and if you ask for 10 the most you will get is 5, so ask for 20 and hope for 8.

    Alex is working for all of us Niko. Iain was working for Ed, who wants to impress the South East of England. Read the biographies...the Dark Lord’s book. He sets it out clearly. They had to win the SE, the rest of the country could be theirs, and Scotland and Wales were theirs anyway.

  19. tris

    nope still not been put up on Labourhame.......and i am a fully paid up Labour member and Unionist from way back when member of Unite member of the British legion a Guardianista.

    Lone unionist scout who goes deep into dangerous Nationalist Territory unaided and fights like billyo for the Labour party and they treats me like shite on the sole of their shoe.

    well its a fine ole stitch up and no mistake

    and Dubs is moaning

  20. Just have another piece of shortbread Niko as they only want to talk within there own select cliche.

  21. Awww c'mere Niko and we'll all give you a big nationalist group hug... standoffishness in an independent Scotland y'see....


  22. Actually Niko, maybe they think you've gone native becasue we all like you and we don't care much for them....

    We'll have to start pretending to be rude to you (we won't mean it of course).