Wednesday, 15 June 2011


You'd have thought that someone might have had the wit to check with the senior surgeon if it was alright for Camerclegg to bring his spin team into his ward.

But someone didn't and the result is a little embarrassing for his prime ministerness, and his little friend, as someone DID have the wit to film the whole lot being ordered out by said, and very angry, senior surgeon.

No wonder there is CDiff in the wards if the unclean are wandering about garnering votes.

They all do it; all parties, and I wish like hell they wouldn't. It's miserable enough to be in hospital without being used while you're there.

Thanks to Cynical Highlander for pointing this out.


  1. The highlight of this is Clegg's glaikit face. This isn't the first time this surgeon has had rows about such things. I admire him.

  2. He’s left it to his big brother to deal with the situation. Politics aside, Subrosa, I think he was right too. Their government makes, quite rightly, a big fuss about cleanliness in wards and politicians like him have no compunction about bringing in hoard of cameramen and journalists and image consultants and make up people and all their paraphernalia and using patients in their publicity material. “Nice Mr Cameron and Nice Mr Clegg visit poor man with orthopaedic problems ... awww...”

    I think it’s right that these people go into wards of NHS hospitals and see what is going on, but we don’t need to see them do it. Imagine being sick and having to put up with these two at your bedside. I’d be asking the nurse for cloves of garlic.

  3. Apologies for my long(ish) absence from this here blog. But I've been having problems with my google account sign in process!

    Shame, had so much to say on previous posts ...

    as to this one, even I had a chuckle. Personally, I dislike spin-style politics that everyone (yes, even Alexander IV Salmond) get up to.

  4. I did wonder where you'd been, Dean. I don't like mislaying one of the family!! Even a Tory!! ;¬)

    So welcome back. Conan is having the same problems. If you've dound the solution could you let him know?

    I think Billy has had the same problem, and as brownlie has been missing for months now, I'm assuming that he is having problems signing in, or that his computer has blown up... or that he's in the huff with us all. ;¬)

    I was, you'll note, careful to say that they ALL do it... even himself, his greatness, his firstministerness, at times!!!! ;¬)

  5. I just use the name/website option to comment now, still can't seem to get the account functioning. If we are all having problems, it is clearly a google-inspired issue. No doubt it shall sort itself out.

  6. Oh yeah, I just noticed your avatar has gone.

    I expect you're right (new right even) and that it will come back when it is good and ready.

    And, after all it's free!!

  7. Apropos the duo - who have taken off their ties (long ones rather than the surgeon's bow) - half wits seems to sum them up (and dimly gobsmacked their "enhanced security personnel"). And the pair of them have pretensions to lead a "nation"? Another Broon-"bigoted" wifie type episode: God awful.

  8. It's a daily occurrence now David.

  9. Dean....I never did sort out the sign in problem using my Microsoft "Internet Explorer" browser. So I posted a couple of times using the name/website option as you have.

    Then I Googled a bit and found some suggestions about using the "Google Chrome" Browser to solve the problem. Sure enough, when I use Google Chrome to open this Google "Blogspot" blog, everything works fine....and I have my avatar and sign-in ID back.

    My avatar, you will surely wish to know, is the east front of the Grand Teton Range in of the most beautiful spots on earth, outside of the Scottish Highlands of course. ;-)

  10. PS seems to have something to do with the way that Internet Explorer handles (or mishandles) the Blogspot cookies. But Google Chrome handles the cookies OK, and therefore recognizes your sign-in ID and avatar. At least it's worked that way for me.

  11. Tris....I agree with you totally about all politicians of all political parties doing this. And, like you, I wish they'd stop using patients as photo ops.

    However, when you consider all the diseases that all the visitors to the hospital bring in on a daily basis...not to mention contamination between patients....I doubt that the "uncleanliness" of these politicians and a TV news crew was in any way a health risk for this not-critically-ill patient, or quite likely, the other patients in the ward. This patient, it might be noted, appeared happy as a clam to be speaking with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

    It's hard for me to believe that a news crew and the UK's Head(s) of Government entered the hospital and started filming, without someone in authority at the hospital knowing and approving of it. As for the outrage of the Senior Surgeon, I'm pretty sure that this had more to do with a personal antipathy toward self-serving politicians (or the Tory/Lib-Dem coalition specifically), than with a valid medical concern regarding the antiseptic condition of his ward.

    The guy doing the grandstanding for the cameras here was the Senior Surgeon, NOT the politicians, it seems to me.

  12. Nick Clegg’s face is the proverbial picture! He is not used to lickspittles questioning him clearly.

  13. I have to say that I imagine the SNP’s charmed existence with regard to these kind of gaffes cannot go on forever. The SNP succeeds on not getting egg on its face because unlike Labour and the Tories they have not been in power on and off for most of the last century and so have no skeletons in their closet. And of course the SNP has a tendency to do what it says it will in its manifesto, so any U-turns are usually forced on it. As for the kind of gaffe above I just can’t see Alex and Nicola getting into such a situation.

  14. Munguin...Very good point. When you're in power, there is a big bulls-eye painted on your back for all to shoot at. At some point, Alex Salmond and the SNP will screw something up royally, and receive wall-to-wall notoriety about it as never before.

    I just can't believe that the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of the UK are in the business of waltzing into hospitals and producing television events without checking with someone in authority at the hospital first. So I think that the sudden, fortuitous appearance of the aggrieved Senior Surgeon before the VERY angry and concerned with the patients in his ward.....was simply a setup. In any event, the behavior of Cameron and Clegg before the camera was certainly more courteous and restrained than that of the Doctor.

    Years ago, we in America had a President you may recall named George W. Bush. He was an idiot who screwed up everything he touched. And he was an evil Republican. But we also had a posturing, self-promoting left-liberal film maker named Michael Moore. He was fond of lifting things out of context that President Bush had said and presenting them in a way that made Bush seem even more stupid and venal. Bush was certainly bad enough. There was no need to make him appear worse than he really was.

    So I'm with Cameron and Clegg on this one. (I hated that Senior Surgeon on sight.) Or using my American reference, I dislike Michael Moore as much as I dislike George W. Bush. Even Republican Presidents.....and Tory Prime Ministers......are deserving of a modicum of courtesy and respect as they carry out their duties. And of the duties of a politician of any political party is to promote and publicize themselves and their policies.

  15. Danny:

    You make very good points there.

    I blame the prime minister's organisers and/or the hospital authorities for the lapse.

    In Scotland (and I suppose England too) the head surgeon of a particular department is God's boss. Everyone, and I mean everyone, scuttles before him almost bowing, from junior surgeons, doctors, sister (head nurse), nurses, cleaners and even the patients.

    It seems to me that the hospital managers have arranged this, perhaps his scheduled day off, or holiday and had neglected to inform him then he arrived unexpectedly (as they sometimes do on days off), or they did inform him but forgot to insist that the camera crew comply with the hygiene regulations.

    It’s important too, to know that English hospitals are, because of the lack of cleaning, the overuse of antibiotics, the shortage of staff (rushing from bed to bed without hand washing) and the fact that there is often a bed occupancy of over 100%, riddled with “superbugs”. In an effort to reduce this everyone has to take great care with hygiene, visitors included.

    Surgeons, who remember, are masters of all they survey, do not take kindly to being told by hospital managers what they can wear by managers, upon whom they usually look down with disgust as stop watch jockeys, (including no ties, or bow ties and short sleeved shirts). So to find lesser beings like cameramen, photographers and journalists escaping the rigours they, head surgeons, have to go through, was probably too much for him.

    On the other hand there is the fact that Camerclegg are pretty much hated most places, but in hospitals in England, with their half thought out schemes for making the NHS into a series of businesses, they may find themselves DETESTED. Maybe the guy just loathed them. But grandstanding because there were cameras, I doubt it.

    As for some respect, as far as I am concerned they might get that if they would remember that, just like that surgeon, they are ordinary people. Very very rich and very lucky to come from such immensely privileged backgrounds (and in Cameron’s case with links to the Palace, which opens almost every door for you in England) but just flesh and blood for all that. The way that these incompetent people with their idiotic half thought out ideas, half of which have to be reversed, are ruining my country, although we didn’t vote for them, is sickening.

    I’m delighted on every occasion that I find someone with the nerve (and authority in this case) to humiliate them. It’s just the kind of thing their pompous, disconnected, over privileged government is doing to ‘ordinary’ people whose hard lives are getting harder by the day because of them.

  16. LOL Munguin. I keep waiting for there to be an horrific error that will leave the government here with egg all over their collective face.

    It surely can't be avoided at some stage. We'll just have to brace ourselves for it.

  17. And yes, Munguin. Clegg looks like something completely inexplicable has happened to him. He's maybe never been shouted at since school.

  18. Danny:

    Did you know that “tétons” is French for “nipples”?

  19. LOL@Tris....Actually, I did happen to know that. It's one of the provocative facts you learn when you visit the Teton country of northwestern Wyoming.

    Although the actual origin of the naming of the mountains is somewhat obscure, one story is that the Grand Teton peak was named by a Scottish born fur trader and explorer named Donald Mackenzie. He had emigrated to Canada, and knew the French language from his association with the French-Canadian fur trappers. Perhaps the name occurred to him after he had been in the Wyoming wilderness...well, erm.... WAAY too long.....LOL.

  20. Yeah Danny... LOL. That sounds like a Scot.!

    Mind you, the idea that any of them would learn a foreign language besides English, is somewhat staggering.

    I guess that, being forced to speak English instead of guid braide Scots, or Gaelic, is quite enough foreign language learning for most of us.

  21. Ha ha... yes, another pair of hills named after women's parts CH.

    I was just reading an Alexander McCall Smith Sunday Philosphy Club novel where the action (or at least some of the action)takes place on Jura. I'd love to go there.