Saturday, 4 June 2011


This is the music video for ''TINDERBOX'', a track from the musical “NICKED” by Richard Marsh and Natalia Scott and starring Jason Langley as Nick Clegg, Sam Hodges as David Cameron and Ross Green as Ed Miliband. If the rest of it is of this standard, it will be worth a watch, I fancy.


  1. Tris

    Totally unrelated and off topic but I thought that you may be amused by this which was attached to one of the comments in the Hootsmon today.

    P.S. Hootsmon crap but the comments are great.

  2. Hey thanks Dubs... I LOVED that. Brilliant!

    Hope Danny sees it!!

  3. Would that be another broken promise CH?

  4. Dubs and Tris.....Always fun to hear the song about how "Old Hickory" (Andrew Jackson) whipped the British at the battle of New Orleans. It made Jackson a great military hero and assured his future political career.

    Never mind that the battle was fought on January 8, 1815, a couple of weeks after the Treaty of Ghent had already ended the War of 1812. It was still fun to send the British running through the briars and the brambles, where a rabbit couldn't go. Or so the song goes....LOL.

  5. tris said...

    Would that be another broken promise CH?

    Just another misprint in their manifesto!

  6. He he Danny... That was damned unsporting, and you know, the English would never have done somethng like that... just not cricket old chap...

    Oh wait, there was always Mrs Thatcher's sinking of the Belgrano as it steamed AWAY from the exclusion zone... just for a bit of fun, doncha know.

    If for nothing else, I will never forgive the murdering old cow for that. Hundreds of lives lost so that she could look like a hero.

  7. Oh CH, they really should get a proof reader for thier manifestos. This one was simply crawling with errors....