Wednesday, 20 April 2011


This just in from the friendly folks at Sky News.

It's official: the Prime Minister WILL be wearing a morning suit for The Wedding!

There is some confusion over a previous steer, that he would wear a lounge suit. That had provoked some derision along the lines of "Call Me Dave" trying to be just like one of us, man-of-the-people, not-posh-at-all, etc, etc. .

Apparently, the earlier briefing was wrong and he’d "always" intended to wear tails - and why not? If you can't get dressed up for a Royal wedding, then when can you? (The alternative to that is that a message came down for the palace telling him to smarten up and toe the line otherwise they would stop supporting him, no matter how much he doubles the Queen’s income. But silly me, that would involve a U-turn...tsk tsk. As if!)

However, Mr. Cameron is not quite going for the Full Monty (phew, that's a relief!): he'll be wearing tails, but, I am told, no top hat. (Hopefully there's a shirt in there somewhere.)

Wow, wow and treble wow. Now isn't that just the singularly most exciting thing you ever heard?

Elsewhere, Mrs McGinty's cat got stuck up a tree in Auchinmacshoogle and Jeemy McTumshie had tae get his dad's ladder and get it doon.

More really interesting stuff that will keep you awake tomorrow from Sky via Munguin's Republic.

You read it here first.


  1. Alex on Newsnight last night:

    "call me's" lounge suits usually cost more than a family car!

  2. Thanks for the link, Munguin.

    Yes, it's true what you say. I remember the big fuss there was over Mrs Call Me's dress on one occasion. The publicity machine proudly boasted that it was an M&S job. What they left out was that M&S had made it especially for her.

    I wonder if Cameron’s plan to cheer up the masses with a wedding to which they won’t be invited and even if they were, at which they would look comical and pathetic, dressed, as they would be, in their cheap “ordinary people’s” clothes, won’t backfire as the ostentatious show of wealth unfolds. Dresses costing more than the average annual salary; shoes more than a pensioner’s yearly income, handbags the price of a holiday for four from Sheffield (to the disgust of Olly Letwin) are a reminder that even after all this time there is an “us” and a “them”.

  3. You people would have ripped on Cameron in your very own pathetic reverse snobbery way no matter what he had done.

    Shame on you.

  4. I agree with Dean, shame on you Munguins Republic for lambasting a fine working class man like Cameron. No pomp, no silver spoon, just a fine working man.

    More importantly though.. Did Mrs McGinty get her cat back?

  5. Oh for heaven's sake Dean, get a sense of humour. This was all done in a light hearted manner because the Sky "News" (he he he) people seemed to thing that what Botox Boy wore to some poxy wedding mattered a toss to anyone except him.

    Folk are starving in this country and Sky news is devoting a whole story to whether Cameron was going to snub the royals by wearing some old lounge suit that only cost £3,000 instead of the ridiculously pompous and outdated "tailed coat" that cost £5,000.

    Lord knows I couldn't care less what any of them wear. They can all go bloody nekid for all I care. I won't see any of it.

    I'm not criticising him, I laughing at the silly Murdoch press for caring.

  6. OK Allan...if two of you are having a go about it, I must be in the wrong. So I'm sorry. It's a very important piece of news and I should have treated it with a tad more sensitivity.

    I wonder what colour it will be, and what design. Do you think he'll get if off the peg in Primark or if he'll go to someplace a bit posher.

    If it's really nice I’ll want one the same. It's what every cool dude will be wearing this summer...

    As for Mrs McGinty's cat... well you'll never guess... it turns out that the reason the cat was up the tree in the first place was that Iain Gray went past trying to find someone to give his message about New McLabour and how they have all these wonderful fully costed policies. (They know that they are fully costed because they stole them from the SNP and the SNP always cost their policies.)

    Sooooo... suddenly from out of nowhere there came a horde of Cambodian death eaters followed by some of Pinochet’s dementors, then some Interahamwe, and would you believe it, the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique came along bringing up the rear. Mr Grey ducked into the nearest Subway, and the cat fled up the tree...both of them howling like banshees.

    But when the marauders passed on...I think they said they were off to some wedding or other... the cat came down the tree, and his men pried Gray out of the Subway and all lived happily ever after...except for gray who lost the election, was booted out by the party became the High Commissioner to Malawi (touch luck McConnell).

  7. Very interesting.

    Recommended reading for Danny...

    I say they should just get rid of the bloody lot of them. Scotland has passed very satisfactory legislation under both Labour/Liberal governments and the SNP government. We needed no second chamber.

    One of the things that appears to be still rife, although Blair was supposed to have got rid of it, is the PM's patronage. Again Scottish First Ministers of various colours have managed fine without that.

    What angers me the most is the appointment of people who have lost their seat in the been thrown out of parliament by the people, just to be thrown back in by the PM in a sort of "Democracy, what's that then?" way.

    They should all be removed.

  8. Tris.

    LOL,I'm with the 75% of the people who could not care less about the Hillbillies wedding and as for Cameron and his Matalan suit and Poundland cufflinks, well that's up to him if he wants to dress up as a cornflake! I know cornflake was a bit random.

    Great Mrs McGinty got her cat back! I thought Mr Gray might had gone up the tree to bring it back down, he is a man of great endeavours you know and kens no fear, unless 4 grannies and grandpas turn up and chase him into a sandwich bar.

  9. LOL Alan... Cornflake was defo random....

    Dress up like a cornflake, yeah... nice.

    Yes, if Supergray hadn't had his gob full of sub of the day (special offer), while he was hiding under the table, I'm sure he'd have shimmied up the tree and got the poor cat down. After all he wasn't that far up. It was a Bonsai out of Lidl's after all!!

  10. First I had to study Wikipedia in order to comment. I had to determine what the actual difference is between a morning suit and formal evening attire (white tie). Totally different, but the long tailed coats are similar. The morning suit being formal attire during the day, and white tie being formal evening dress after 6:00 PM.....or before 6:00 provided it's dark before 6:00.

    OK, armed with this knowledge, I can comment on Dean's comment. "Reverse snobbery?" Well Dean, of course it is! And you should cut us some slack here. If it were not for snobbery of the reverse kind, we poor people could not be snobbish about anything or toward anyone. And then what would make life worth living?

    As for attire at posh events, standards have fallen terribly. I'm glad that the monarchy of Britain is holding the line. In the entire eight years of the George W. Bush administration, there was only one.....yes, ONE!....white tie event. The state dinner for Her Majesty the Queen, and the Duke of Edinburgh. Of course it was the least that the President could do after his welcoming speech during which he had commented on Her Majesty's earlier trip to Washington in 1776, and thus implied that her age is well over 250 years.

    Styles of dress certainly have cultural implications. The old Bolshevik tradition which eschews formal attire as a manifestation of decadent bourgeois capitalism, is alive and well in modern Russia. When Russians attend formal White House functions, they only wear suit and tie.

    And I'm still annoyed about our President not being invited to the wedding. Oh YEA....they can invite the King of Swaziland.....but not the President of the United States. >:(

    (After all, the US President subjugates a lot more people around the world than the King of Swaziland could ever hope to.)

  11. If Cameron wanted to act like and impress the commoners he should have told the Royal Family "to stick their wedding up their arse then" if they did not like what he was going to wear.

  12. Danny:

    I’m sorry, I only just got to this post...and it’s hilarious.

    I fell about laughing at the idea that snobbery was the only thing that made life worthwhile!!

    Oh and thanks for sorting out for me when I should wear a white tie and when a black tie. It's just as well there isn't like, a brown tie, or a green tie. Image if there were... you'd be forever having your servant look at a time piece to ensure that you changed just at the right moment, so as not to look silly.

    Did you work out what would ahppen if you arrived before 6 in the light, and left afterwards?

    Ahhhh.... that's gotcha!!

  13. Hmmmm...

    Yes, Billy. That might have got some of us common people on side up here in the barren deserts of North Britian, but I fear it would have done for him in the Southern sunnylands.

    Did you see than Glasgow Coucil has not received one request for a street party?

    I can't imagine there being one in Dundee. no one has the money and in any case there are so many pot holes in the roads that table legs would end up disappearing, never to be seen again.

    Tut tut.