Thursday, 28 April 2011

ASDAGATE (or Iain Does a Bunk, Part 2)

Labour’s First Ministerial hopeful and chief of their Holyrood clique, Iain GrayLink appeared to have 'run away' from Alex Salmond in an Ardrossan's Asda store on Tuesday evening.

Alex arrived for a prearranged photoshoot and to meet staff as part of his election campaign, while Iain, being early for his meeting with invited guests at the Ardrossan Civic Centre, decided to pop in and use the loo.

Cunninghame North SNP candidate Kennneth Gibson later said that when Gray saw Salmond "he scurried off", adding, "It's quite a contrast; the First Minister meets the public in a relaxed, open fashion and Mr Gray holds a closed meeting by invitation only, whereby attendees have to confirm their attendance in advance. Iain Gray turned tail just like he ran away from the Glasgow grannies at Central Station.”

Labour’s spin machine went into overdrive, even as Alex was still spending his 40 minutes in the Asda, so determined where they to make sure Iain did not look like the total pillock he did when he ran out of Central Station.

They instantly claimed that Mr Gray’s campaign team had stopped at an Asda branch in Ardrossan when they realized the First Minister was holding a photo shoot in the
store and not so that Iain could spend a penny. However this was contradicted by Labour candidate Allan Wilson who said: "When Iain Gray and his aides walked in to the supermarket, a terrified SNP press offer ran up to ask them what they were doing and followed them to the toilet.”

Allan, if you stopped to debate with Alex in the few minutes before your Civic Centre meeting why did the SNP aide follow Iain to the toilet? Was that so that Iain could put on his make up? Or was it so Iain could use the facilities?

Mr Gray later said: "If I’d have known Alex Salmond was there, I’d have gone up and asked him why he is hiding his date for an independence referendum. Sadly he was kept well hidden until I’d left." Video footage released (see first paragraph) shows Mr Gray leaving the store as an onlooker asks him: "Are you not going to hang about?"

SNP Campaign manager Angus Robertson said: “This footage makes an absolute mockery of the claims in a Labour press release issued this morning and raises serious questions about the negativity, dirty tricks and misinformation at the heart of Labour’s 're-launched' campaign.”

Pics: Once again thanks to Holyrood Horrors for the pic (which I took without permission); and Eck popping down to get some curries for the campaign ASDA price!! and clearly hiding from Iain Gray behind a shopping trolly.


  1. tris

    Yawny!yawn! yawn1 to that old codswallop

    but this is far more interesting and on the button

    Time for the SNP to drop its commitment to Scottish independence?

    It is a truth seldom acknowledged that, politically, independence – even for the SNP – is a non-starter. The party has always liked to see itself as a quasi-spiritual "national movement", a broad church, in which case it's time for more liberal sections of the congregation to speak up. At its inception, the SNP believed in "imperial federation" – dominion status within the British empire. Perhaps the national movement is about to come full circle.

  2. You wouldn't see Jackie the Hutt running away. More a fast shuffle.
    Jackie for Labour Leader !
    Ditch subway sannies Elmer and go for pies and cakes jackie !

  3. HaHa Niko the unionists are really getting desperate with that guff speaking of which your leader has come north with Cleggy, Scotland seems awfy important just now to these posh southerners.

    I hear that the Labour party will sue anyone who doesn't believe there take of that vid. Labour are lying through their backteeth on the evidence shown by that video.

  4. ch

    Nats dont have eyes to see or mouth to speak unless cleared by the snp Nat control(everybody know this)

  5. Mr Mxyzptlk

    Oh no they don't!


    when not dressed as mild mannered Lord Snooty

  6. I DON'T BELIEVE LABOUR!!! Sue me!

  7. If (god forbid) he were ever in power in any way, would he take flight at the first sign of anything untoward coming his direction?

    What a tosser.

  8. They can't do that can they CH?

  9. Talking about satirical.Just seen slapper Sally and squeaker Bercow walking into the church. Her tits are hanging out and her dress is slit up the side. He looks like the wee smirking ponce that he is.
    What must Gordon and Tony be thinking watching all this ?
    Tony will be choking on his dust with a raisin ( muesli). Gordon will be struggling to dip his soldiers into his egg while his glass eye steams up.
    Oh no here comes the two queers. Elton and Furnish. No sign of the designer baby.
    I'm sure I saw Barry Robson of Utd, Celtic and Birmingham earlier.

  10. tris said...

    They can't do that can they CH?

    The BBC is the most undemocratic public service broadcaster in the world fawning to this rich family wedding by ramming it down our ears.

  11. Actually Niko, It's Munguin, not Tris, but....he keeps on running away from things Niko, so I'm not surprised you're bored.

  12. Hugh:

    The larger lady does rather waddle rather than run.

    Actually she's got a lot more guts (no pun intended) than Gray. She'd probably have taken Alex on... and lost.

  13. I think I'm in line to be sued by Labour anyway CH. I've probably got more money than they have....

  14. Anon: You've probably got more money than they have too.

    I see teh Tories have been borrowing heavily to finance the NO campaign!

  15. So much for the change that the tiny popinjay was going to bring. As soon as the little prat got the job he was having corridors cleared so that HE and his quasi-royal entourage could pass without let or hindrance. Silly little man.
    He reminds me of the king of Siam!

    I've not seen any of it; nor do I want to. I was obliged to turn off the Today Programme this morning, something I rarely do, because all the news was this farrago.

    Much though I hate Brown and Blair, I think the royals have shown their true colours and will no longer be seen as politically neutral. The palace was instrumental in having Cameron adopted as a candidate, useless though he was, and now they have grossly insulted Labour by refusing a prime minister who served for 10 years, where they have invited the ambassador from Zimbabwe.

    Tut tut Windsors, your mask is slipping.

  16. Yes the BBC's day has come. I expect they are trying deserately to hang on to their incredible jobs and fabulous salaries... and will bow to whatever the powers want.

  17. Oh! tris

    you are a one we Unionists are in seven heaven one more Boot (or should that be a golden slipper) to lick

    another one of our betters to fawn,bow and scrape to cant wait!

  18. I'm glad you are happy Niko...

    It won't last.

  19. Tris.

    I was reading on Newsnet Scotland that Labour might had set this up to get one back on Alex after the grannygate in Glasgow central. Either Way Labour came out worse and Gray ran away from SNP activists who were standing at one of the entrances to Asda.

    There is no way that repulsive idiot Gray would had gone up to Salmond and challenged him. his was a stunt by Labour and it went oh so horribly wrong for them.

  20. Mr jumbled up letters.

    Independence or not, Gray and Labour are going to be out of power for the next 5 years.

    That's 1,823 days or

    43,752 hours or

    60 months or

    260 weeks......ouch...

    Hope yer good at knitting.

  21. cynical..

    Niko can't spell. Don't ask him to count.

  22. ALLAN

    Reads Numptynet Scotland and actually believes the twaddle the write why am i not surprised.

    Independence or not,

    should be


    ha ah ha ha ha ha ha

  23. Crivvens Allan... if that was a result of careful thought, it scares the life out of me that they might (just might) form the next government.

    Imagine the scene in the Labour planning office....

    "Let's get back at Alex Salmond, Iain. I know, we'll invade the supermarket he is in meeting his public, and then you can pretend you are going to go and debate with him, man to man, on the issues of the day. Then, when he has the fear of god in him, that you are about to pounce like a wild tiger.... run out the door."

    "Oh yeah, that’s a good idea."

  24. CH... I'm disgusted by this.

    I left a comment.

    "I noticed that the right to peaceful protest had been withdrawn, rather like Syria. Although they have yet to used cannon against us.

    Who actually said that peaceful protest at the waste of money was not allowed? Some functionary in the police? Clarence House? Charles? The Queen? Flashman Botox-Cameron?

    This time it was a wedding. Next time will it be G20? Then will it be when for their greater glory they send troops into yet another country to make them respect British values?

    No. I don't think too much is being made of it.

    Hopefully this will not happen in Scotland, where we are obliged to host a rather less lucrative wedding in the near future."

    I'm wondering who it was that gave some female the right to tell us that we were to celebrate.

  25. Hugh...he counting the days to his defeat.

  26. Mr carbuncle.

    I think I could live without independence better than Iain Gray can live being out of power for 5 years.

    As for Newsnet Scotland, they were only reporting what was said on the news, ie numptybbc.

    5 years.....ouch.

  27. Can I just say, Lord Snooty.... that the blue tights are most fetching.

  28. Tris.

    LOL, well that's Labour for you. Stupid, dumb and ill thought out.

  29. True, Allan, true.

  30. No matter how many times you re-launch the Titanic it still wont reach New York!

  31. Well, it won't Munguin, if it keeps on running away towards South Africa!.