Wednesday 7 July 2010


Not a stunning start for Michael Gove, the English Education Secretary, who has apologised over errors in information released by him in the Commons about scrapping England's school building programme.

Schools that had thought their building plans saved have now been told they are being axed. The Department has apologised for the confusion and Mr Gove responded to calls for MPs on both sides of the House, and a hint from John Bercow, and went to the Commons to apologise.

He said: "I'm grateful to you (The Speaker) and to the whole House for granting me the opportunity to make this statement, and once again to unreservedly apologise."

Mistakes had been discovered in the government's list of decisions “Building Schools for the Future”, which contained details of schools where building projects would continue, be reviewed or be cancelled.

Ironically, and, as it turns out rather unfortunately, Mr Gove had accused Labour’s school renewal scheme of being inefficiently administered. His department's list of decisions, informing schools of the fate of their building plans, had 25 errors. Inefficient eh?

To his credit he came along and took the blame, accepting full responsibility for the mistakes, but somewhat spoiled the effect by saying that he had been given the wrong list by officials.

Well Michael, wee lesson for you there, and seeing as you’re Education Secretary that won’t be too hard to swallow: When the Civil Servants give you something, check it’s the right thing before you read it out to the whole country.


  1. He off the smarmy voice(even for an Middle class English conservative) will have to stand up and say what a tosser he has been and only after a few days.................

    This is one Tory policy which is going down the pan fast......

    Tearful mum holds poor tiny Tim's hand and looks into the camera and ask 'why are you destroying my Timmy's school' Mr Gove

    Camera pans down to an even more tearful Timmy as he sobs 'I luve my skhool berry much'

    Back in downing street watching Michael Gove on TV cameron mouths 'what a wanker' and shakes his head.

  2. Awwww NIko... you nearly had me in tears there.

    Anyway, ordinary children don't really need schools with roofs that fit and stuff... it would only make them discontent with the damp hovels they live in.

    Lol Niko... you are a one!!!

  3. What a first class idiot. And it has not taken them long to prove how totally stupid they all are.

  4. It's much to his credit that he apologied personally, but it is certainly pretty awful that the English Education dept is so inept. For goodness sake Ministers statements to the House should be prepared by someone a little bit farther up the scale than the tea woman.

    I'm thinking liquid lunches may have something to do with this.

    I hope the Ministry of War is slightly more efficient, although with Brère Bigot Fox in charge, I have my doubts.

  5. What else could he have done. Hide in a cupboard like his illustrious previous leader?

  6. They thought that he would send a written apology, but I suspect that Camerclegg got on to him sharpish rather like Niko suggests above.

  7. Wasn't Gove the Tory toff who also made 'mistakes' in his expenses ? He can't blame that on the civil service. I seem to remember we coughed up for elephant lamps ( to match his big lugs or just essential to allow him to carry out his parliamentary duties) at £150 a pop. Plus £13,000 to cover his house flipping antics.
    Typical Tories.


  8. Yes. "Mistakes" seems to be his middle name. I'm glad he's not influencing the education of people in this country.

    The furniture claims included a £331 Chinon armchair, a Manchu cabinet for £493 and a pair of elephant lamps worth £134.50 bought at Oka, an upmarket interior design firm set up by Lady (Annabel) Astor, David Cameron's mother-in-law.

    He was of course forced to pay the £7,000 furniture claim by Dave.

    Gove also claimed more than £13,000 towards the cost of the move, including search fees and stamp duty.

    He doesn't stint himself does he? It's a little lavish for a little pied à terre à Londres for work, and elephant lamps?

    How can that be a mistake? He thought he would get away with enriching himself at our expence and then the Daily Telegraph (of all intruments) let the cat out of the bag.

    Oh well, at least they have been kinder to him today. There is no mention that I can see in its online pages.