Saturday, 19 March 2016


1: Hi there. I've been waiting ages for you!
You should get up earlier on a Sunday!
2: From Frank.
3: Moooo
4: Devil's Punchbowl, New Zealand.
5: Bennachie.
6: I've perched in more comfortable places.
7: We're supposed to be twins.
8: Iceland.
9: Castle Stalker, Oban.
10: Hello, I'm a stoat(er)!!
11: We'll get a drink here!
12: Mind you manners: we're watching over you. (From Panda Paws).
13: Gerry's nephew's, strawberry tarts.
He gets artier by the week!
14: What a smell!
15: From Panda Paws again!
16: Chateau Mothe Chandeniers.
17: Panda, a close friend of Munguin. (Gerry). 
18: Wallace Monument.
19: Tiger tiger burning bright.
20: Baaaaaah.
21: OK you lot, if you've seen enough, I'm off to climb this tree!


  1. That is some stunning photograph at 9. The rest are just excellent!

    1. The castle is awesome, Douglas and the photograph extraordinary.

  2. 10 reminds me of the time that I, about umpteen times its size and armed with a shotgun, was faced down by a wee futrat. Impressed by it's courage, I backed off...
    Of course, if I had been a Tory politician, I'd have blown the wee fucker away.

    1. Well thank heavens you're not a Tory Politician!

  3. 2: From Frank.
    An amazing pic. It's looks like a dragon, materializing, from the clouds, magical.

    1. That's what I thought when Frank sent it.

      It's an art catching clouds at the right moment.

  4. The sun is out, the photos are once again stunning, and panda's well chuffed that his photo is on the interwebthingy again.

    What's not to like about this soppy Sunday!

    Have a great day.

    Well done Tris.

    1. Yeah, beautiful day, sun shine and threats of temperatures at summer level so we off out to see Lindores.

      We were happy to see Panda looking clean again.

      Thanks Gerry.

  5. There are such stoating (ahem) photos there. Hard to pick a favourite. Isn't nature grand.

    1. Ahem indeed!

      Thanks for sending the cat pictures.

      I would have thought your favourite would have been number 1.

  6. Just so many great pictures today, had to look twice at 2, spooky.

    1. Aye, it's a great pic. We had a bit of trouble getting it from Frank to Munguin, without it reducing in size so much that it was near impossible to see. But it was so good we persevered.

      Thanks Frank, and indeed to the other the contributors... Panda Paws, Gerry and Panda!

  7. @2 I googled the Christ Of St John Of The Cross after looking at that photograph. There's something Dali-esque about it. Well done Frank.

    And is the Orang at 1 old enough to even be at school?

    Saor Alba

  8. Aye, it's pretty awesome ad there is a hint of Dali about it.

    I wish I had the skill and the equipment to take the kind of picture.

    The orang is at nursery... but he's definitely bored.

    1. Maybe the wee soul's been watching Kezia's speech.

    2. LOL, nah, he'd have dropped off completely...

  9. That panda looks lonely, Tris. He needs a mate.


    1. LOL Yes Anon.

      Munguin might go visit him sometime!

  10. tris and the soppy soppy ones

    On a day the English Torys are at each others throats literally
    ripping each other apart with hate and vemom openly admitting
    Austerity is just a political weapon and has no economic value
    what so ever.

    The nats are all looking at pwetty pictures ah so lubbly and sweet and nicey nice...
    No wonder you cant achieve Independence or not even near it.
    Still the siver lining for Labour is a shed load of votes which
    could of gone to the Scottish torys..but not now though all
    this third place is now dead in the water

    1. Soopy Sunday is unfathomably better, than Slab conference viewing; man that was just painful.

    2. Sorry Niko. I suppose I could have written about Kezia, and the fact her boss didn;t turn up to her conference, or the fact that she wants Nicola's chair, or the fact that she accused Nicola of being conceited when she (Kez) had already admitted defeat...

      I suppose I could have even written a bit more about daft works in London and the fact the Tories are ripping strips off each other, and that Osborne is so toast...

      But, to be honest, I think wild animals and bonny scenery is infinitely more agreeable.

    3. Painful is a wee bit of an understatement there, Jim.

  11. French castles often look like frilly overwrought wedding cakes. For that matter, they always seem to be painted white, even if they have trees growing out of them. (If I'm interpreting No. 16 correctly.) Scottish castles on the other hand are massive, solid, non-nonsense structures. I bet that there was ever any paint wasted on the old stones. (No. 9 is an amazing picture.) Wonder if Scottish architecture was a shock to Mary when she arrived from France?

    1. Danny

      Scottish castles were all white but it was all washed away by
      centuries of Blood,

      How goes it with your President elect ? Trump or Drumpf
      and did u vote in any primaries and if so for whom ??

    2. Is it not just the stone used? Sandstone in Scotland, limestone on the Loire. Stirling is rendered in marling and bright pastel shades of paint - as it apparently once was. Blair Athol and Falkland are whitewashed. I thought the one in the picture looked a lot like Caerlaverock.

      I saw pillars in a Roman museum in Germany one time which were painted in bright colours. It had not occurred to me prior to that, that they would have originally been as gaily painted as a modern Hindu temple.

      I expect the shock to Mary would have been the weather and the relative poverty. In preindustrial Europe, Scotland would never have had as productive agriculture as France.


    3. Hi Niko......I thought that the Republicans couldn't possibly come up with anyone more repulsive than DubYa. But Trump makes the idiot DubYa look like a statesman. The Missouri state primaries were last Tuesday. Missouri has an open primary, so you can vote either party ballot. I took the Democrat ballot and voted Hillary from among the 5 choices including Bernie. I had thought about taking the Republican ballot and voting strategically to screw Trump from among the 9 choices....but I decided to take the high road and play it straight.

      It's an irony of the American presidential system that the almost year long string of primary elections in the states only produces pledged delegates to the party nominating conventions which actually formally pick the candidates who go on to run in the general election.

      With four serious Republican candidates still in the race, there is a possibility that no one will show up at the Republican convention in Cleveland with a clear majority of the votes. So there might be a fight for it among the delegates on the convention floor. Americans haven't seen a contested party convention in 40 years, or a convention vote that went beyond one ballot in about 65 years.

      Trump might win a plurality in the states, and then lose the floor vote after the first ballot of the convention. He says there'll be riots if that happens. But mainstream Republicans may riot if it doesn't. They are in a state of near hysteria at the prospect of a Trump candidacy.

      Just when we thought that there couldn't be a president who would embarrass the nation more than DubYa, the Donald shows up. :-((

    4. @ Anon: Very interesting comments! The differences in building stone had not occurred to me. I do now remember reading that the interiors of some of the medieval stone castles were originally plastered and painted. (And I've read that bits of plaster adhering to the old ruins can sometimes still be seen.) It's interesting to think about the old stone ruins that were once brightly painted....from Rome to Athens to ancient Egypt. I remember seeing a picture that shows a bit of purple paint that's still visible on the face of the sphinx.

    5. I suspect that that's the true reason. Stone is different in different places, even in Scotland... Red sandstone of Angus, Grey granite of Aberdeen, etc.

      Dunno what I'd have thought if I arrived in Scotland back then, after living in Paris. Rather grim, I'd have thought... and Sooooo cold.

    6. @ Tris......Poor Mary. Probably a poor first impression of Scotland......but maybe Holyroodhouse as it was in 1561 wasn't too bad. Wiki says her apartments are still there and open to the public when Elizabeth and Phil aren't in residence.

    7. After Paris, Danny, it must have been cold and damp... Holyrood of course would have been a really wonderful place to live compared with how others lived, but not central heating. EEEEEK

  12. Danny

  13. Danny

    Well i stood just by the sphinx and never noticed any paint
    but it was truly awesome as was the Colosseum in Rome and the
    Acropolis in Athens...the Western wall in Jerusalem ,Church of the Nativity ,Church of the Holy Sepulchre  

    Although the day we visited was a few years ago and was in fact the
    day Ariel Sharon went to the Western Wall ... we was with a group
    and then all of a sudden it all goes tits up ( slang for chaos )
    just a few minutes before I was at the wall with my tiny roll of
    paper to place in the wall...........My day in history

    1. Trust you to be there when it all kicks off. What happened?

    2. Niko.....

      Very impressive! Eyewitness to history!

      The color on the face of the sphinx is probably hard to see from ground level in most lighting conditions. It's not obvious in most photographs.

      The color is visible in more or less vertical smudges between the the right ear and eye....also above and below the eye. Clearly visible in this closeup.

      Visible here in a frontal view seen most clearly above the right eyebrow.

      Artists' renderings of the Parthenon the way it appeared in its painted form are amazing.