Sunday, 6 March 2016


1: Hello again, welcome to Soppy Sunday.
3: Arizona.
5: First cheering sight of the year
6: From Frank.
7: Family of swans around mother.
 Happy Mother's Day. From Frank.
8: Tibet.
10: Huangshan, China
13: Oil Seed, Chinese style
14: From Gerry's "Forest Years"!
16: Solitary Hungarian Poppy. From Dani.
17 Suilven, Sutherland.
18: Romania.
19: We all need a help out sometimes.
20: OK, I'm off to sleep sucking on this leaf and thinkin' 'bout stuff.
Have a nice day.


  1. Two adorable orangutans, Panda Paws will be pleased.

    The Chinese oil seed fields, look spectacular.

    The horse is a beauty.

    What happens, when you pull the tortoise back and let go? Vroom, vroom.

    1. yes indeed I'm pleased with our orange relations - cute aren't they. But a great selection of photos. Doesn't MR have some talented photographers amongst the readership.

      No 11 seems to be confused though. A horse that wants to be a Dalmatian!!!

      Long may Soppy Sunday continue.

    2. I thought the horse was an apprentice unicorn.

    3. We always aim to please PP. She can get a bit snippy if there isn't an oragutan, y'know, and even Munguin, yes, Munguin, is slightly afraid of her.

      I think it's just awesome that someone loves their tortoise enough to get him fitted with a wheel(chair) when he/she has problems with his/her legs.. But I do hope they live in a relatively flat area. Otherwise, going downhill might be a bit on the dodgy side!

    4. Glad you're pleased there PP.

      Yes, we are lucky to have photographers on the team here at MR. I just hope they don't start worrying about that cheque that's in the post! :)

      I was a bit worried about that horse, and had to do a double take...

  2. Lovely Swan and signets Frank. Is that a common spotted Orchid at no.6? Perfect shot of those snowdrops Tris. I came across a patch during the week with a single crocus among them. Too "busy" a shot to get a good photo though. All the others? Just great. Thanks.

    1. I've have to leave answering that to Frank, Gerry.

      I think snowdrops are one of the most cheering sites you'll ever see. The crocuses are nearly out and my daffodils are read to pop any day.

      Spring seems to have sprung, or at leas be in the process of springing.

  3. I lost count of the number of people I have told this. I think the most spectacular scenery I ever saw was on the road from Lochinver to Achiltibuie. Suilven, Stac Pollidh and the other mountains are a match for the Swiss Alps any day.

    Thats a lovely set of photos you have assembled here. Go Soppy!

    Saor Alba

    1. Absolutely. It's a real wilderness of loveliness up there.

      I 'd love to do an wee tour of that part of Scotland. Maybe this summer for a few days, if I can get the boss to give me time off. Maybe if I take my camera, he'll let me do a Soppy Sunday from up there.

      It is beautiful. I've seen the Swiss and French 'Alpes' and it is just as spectacular.

      OK. I'm off to take my mum for a run in our beautiful countryside.

  4. Like the hippos.

    Bad tempered, rather large animals with a tendency to charge anyone that is annoying them - and that could be as simple as breathing. They also (I think) kill more people in Africa each year than poisonous snakes.

    For some reason they remind me of a cross between Gordon Brown and IDS.


    1. Bad tempered, large, tendency to charge for nothing...and kill lots of people. Yes. That certainly sounds like IDS. I'm not so sure about Dr Brown being responsible for deaths though.

      IDS on the other hand has many many deaths on his conscience.. or would have if he had one.

      He's a strange example of a devout Christian, isn't he?

      Unlike these politicians, the hippos are a joy to see, at least from a good distance. :)

  5. Well I cannot say that you are wrong Zog about the Hippo's but I think saying they remind you of GB and IDS is a bit cruel. They are just being Hippos thI may be wrong,, often am but I know your DAlmation Pony is an Appaloosa, Danny can confirm, and American breed, stunning or what. As for Suilven, and Stac Pollihd, never seen them without their heads in the clouds which is really sad but yes the scenery is stunning. Managed to go by a few times on our treks with the last lot of Pugs, now the new one, well he doesn't like travelling out of his comfort zone.
    Loved all the other photo's too, we used to live bedside patches of both orchids, the deep purple one and the spotted, which until you look at the foliage you cannot understand why spotted. Helena

  6. Well, yes, Helena. The hippos are far nicer than either of the two politicians.

    As i say, I've love to make it up to Sutherland this year, if only for a few days. I keep on promising myself a wee visit to John's wee island too. That'd scare him!

  7. God I miss the Highlands, I miss Scotland. I cannot wait for 2017. Unfortunately I do not think I will be able to visit Munguin Tower this time. Will be in Northumbria, Borders and D&G. If lucky Wales too.

    I beg for Munguin's forgiveness in advance

    1. Hmmmm. Munguin is heartbroken.

      He was going to do 'old train things' with you.

      If you find you have time for a detour, we would love to see you. But I know there's a lot to see, and Wales and North England have some lovely sights...

      Keep in touch though. We miss you.