Saturday, 12 March 2016


Welfare, already under investigation by the UN, and the Council of Europe  because it is manifestly inadequate is to be cut by a further billion, says the Telegraph*, so that middle classes can have a tax rebate. 

Well, it's only fair, isn't it?


The Duchess of Middleton has a new designer.  No seriously, isn't that soooo exciting? 

OK. Calm down dears. Pull yourselves together. There's another 18 or so lines to read...

So much for her buying her kit from Marks & Spencer like some ordinary human being. Clearly got fed up with that caper. Personal designers must go with the lazy lifestyle that she and Willy Saxe-Coberg have adopted of late.

In other news, it looks like if/when the UK leaves the EU, Donald Trump's USA will be happy to trade with them. Of course the EU referendum is in June, and Trump hasn't even won the Republican nomination yet, never mind the presidency, the election of which isn't till November. So don't count your chickens here might be considered sound advice.

* Warning: This is the Daily Telegraph, the paper of the dotty old Sark twins. Veracity is not its strong point. And, it's not unknown for George to get his pet poodles in the press to announce something in advance of his Budget speech so that the slightly less draconian steps he takes on the actual day will look relatively warm and cuddly. (Warm and cuddly Gideot? There's a thought to leave you with. I'm off to be sick.)


  1. tris and the snpBADDERS

    I am not much ( uou lot don't even believe in a God just s raggedy Saltire )
    Of a biblical scholar and am unable to find in the bible the scripture
    Saying take away the ability for that lame to be mobile
    Nor any were

    1. Try again. Must be there, Niko. After all Mr Cameron said we were a Christian country, and our national anthem, which we must all sing whilst wearing a tie and a £5,000 suit, is in the Church of England hymnary.

  2. tris.

    A must read

    Keep Sunday special said the / some torys wery caring

    1. Interesting Niko.

      A lot of us have been saying for a long time that if Labour makes itself indistinguishable from the Tories, by and large, people will vote Tory.

      I mean, if folk favour the kind of policies of Thatcher, Major and Cameron, the only time that Labour will win is when they are in disarray...which is bound to ahppen every so often. The theory being why vote for the sorcerer's apprentice when the sorcerer is available.

      Sure Blair/Brown had a long run. But possibly that was becasue after 18 years of government the Tories were exhausted. Their best people had died, got old, or been disgraced. Blair espoused Tory policies... and the alternative was Hague, IDS and Something of the Night, in short order.

      Well, even Blair looked better than them.

      Now when they have the chance to reinvent themselves as a real alternative to teh Tories, you have a bunch of Blairites pulling them apart.

      The only thing that saves them at the moment is that the Tories are too busy spitting fire at each other over the EU to take full advantage of that.

  3. You ran a piece a few weeks back with newspaper headlines on poverty or welfare cuts perhaps. I recall there being pictures of Royals or "celebs" beside nearly every story - because I commented on them not being affected.

    I wonder if this is the norm. Some sort of strategy to deflect from the unpalatable news. Rage - they are going to remove this benefit - deflect - but doesn't wee Prince George look cute. Ah, good old Britania.....

    Saor Alba

    1. I think the royals have been used over and over again to distract from the harsh realities of life for ordinary people.

      Since they have allowed themselves to be made into minor celebrities, and vie for attention with the Kardashians, Jordan, Peter André and their likes that you see splashed over the front of magazines at the check out in Morrisons, it serves them right.

      Yes, wee prince George, or princess Susan or whatever she's called, Kate, William, Harry are like opiates for the people.

      For those like that kind of thing, that is the sort of thing they like, as Miss Jean Brodie famously said. Personally I find it nauseating.

  4. The juxtaposition, of welfare cuts and a true benefit cheat, is quite sickening.

    1. Damn. I had the exact same sentence in my head!

    2. Yes guys, but also quite purposeful, I suspect, as Saor Alba said, above.

      You see, even we, who are against cuts, are talking more about the royals than the fact that Gidiot is going to take yet another billion away from people who, in so many cases, already live a miserable existence of isolation, pain, loneliness.

  5. Aye, this is the 'better together Britain' that Niko and the other servile forelock-tuggers voted to maintain for the foreseeable future. Highly significant that Niko concentrates on being critical of the SNP rather than on their Tory opponents. Still, it is probably not surprising with Tory and their Labour allies having very much the same policies and a similar disdain for Scottish voters who will never vote in significant numbers for either of these two parties...

    1. You have stated exactly what I was thinking before I reached your comment.This is what the naysayers voted for so the kicks should give them some pleasure No point in them complaining now

    2. Yes, John, if this is Better, I dread what worse looks like.

      Of course the people who advocated Better Together ...folk like Cameron, Darling, Brown, McDougall, Curran, Baillie, et al, aren't probably in much danger of any of these cuts affecting them.

      It would be good if Labour could forget the utter hatred that it has of the SNP and concentrated its ire on the Tory party, which is doing this kind of thing to people who might once have voted for them.

      I'm not sure why they can't see that their core vote has deserted them, and every time they attack the SNP for policies that THEY should have come up with, whilst abstaining, and even voting WITH the Tories on some of the inhuman policies of osborne and IDS, they lose some more.

      Hello Labour. Attacking the SNP isn't working. You need to take your heads out of the bucketful of detestation you feel for Nicola Sturgeon, and start thinking about which party is hurting your traditional vote.

      BTW, did you see that ffoulkes, that noblest of barons, has his big purple nose put out of joint by the performances of Labour stalwarts Jeremy hardy and Mark Steel.

      Mark, in particular, upset him on the JC4PM show, when he praised the SNP.

    3. Second time that's happened on this post Fairfor...

      I think most of us feel the same way about it.

    4. brownlie
      Yeah I tug me forelock whist you tug
      Your whatever ( in deference to the republics T and Cs )

  6. sorry. You might be getting some unwelcome visitors.

    I just linked this post onto the Telegraph. Sorry again.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha.

      I image they will take one look at the blasphemy of Munguin's republic and head off for a stiff whisky, even if the sun isn't over the yardarm.

      If not, I'm pretty certain that our team can deal with a few Torygraph readers.

      Stand by to repel boarders...


    2. Fancy a wade in a sewer?

    3. That's us with a tinyurl!

    4. Got mixed up with my links.

    5. Hell's teeth. Do none of them understand GERS?

      I could recommend them a short course over at Wings.

      Isn't old Cockers Alistair Darling's mate, or his wife, Maggie's mate, and didn't he admit in his hastily produced book, that she had persuaded him to lie for Alistair in his reporting?

      Didn't he also get a big bonus from the weird twins of Sark for doing his bit to ensure that Scotland stayed in a union that they don't even live in, what with Sark being a self ruling, part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey?

      Comments are good, though. It reminds me of the Daily Mail or the Express.


    6. I did say sewer...even if I linked to you...woops.

    7. PS: Chris's cartoon over at Wings sums it all up perfectly, but i doubt anyone on the Telegraph would catch on.

      20 years ago the telegraph was a decent paper. You could buy it in Dundee, and take the train to Paris, and always have something reasonably informative to read. Yes, it was Tory, but by and large it covered the news reasonably. It's editorials were pretty naff, but they could be ignored. Most of all its crossword was good. Hard but not too hard.

      Now it's the Daily Express in broadsheet form.

      I'd be finished reading it by the time I got to Edinburgh.

    8. LOL don't worry about the sewer comment.

      We've been called worse!

    9. I feel the same way about the Scotsman, although I have to confess my brother-in-law and nephew both worked there. Then came Andrew Neil.

    10. Are they the only two people there now... except for the office cat, obviously? I mean, I drove past the offices the other day. How the once mighty keep on falling.

      The next move has to be to a derelict telephone box!

    11. The main complaint is the lack of nearby pubs, according to my mole.

    12. Maybe they could get a two-man (and cat) tent and pitch it closer to a pub?

  7. Let them eat Kake?

  8. In all seriousness, if Trump becomes president, how will Salmond deal with that, given his previous conflict with the nutter? You know that the media are going to ask the obvious question - "Mr Salmond, do you stand by your comments that you wish to see President Trump banned from the UK?". That's going to be an interesting scenario.

    As to the media, most of them are more interested in "celeb" bollocks rather than serious news. A lot of the news stories are lifted from other sources, and the laziest of all is when a well-known figure dies. All the condolences are lifted straight from Twitter, rather than contacting the individual directly (those giving tributes obviously, not the deceased!).


    1. It's good to see the people of Chicago carrying on the tradition of protest.

    2. I could see why they would call for a racist, stirrer of his proportions to be banned. They do it to Muslims, why not to whatever Trump is. Just like the hate preachers, he's no more a Christian than they are Muslims.

      To be honest, however, I thought it was a bit silly, when Tasmina raised it in their parliament. It was never going to happen. it just gave Osborne a chance to sound superior (not often he has that opportunity). I thought Boris had a better answer.

      Now then, I bet you never thought you'd read me saying something like that!

      I frankly doubt he will be president.

      I heard him on the radio talking about the cancelled rally in Chicago. The guy can barely make sense in a sentence. He jumbled a pile of words together that meant nothing. There was probably a verb in there somewhere.

      When the serious debates start for the presidency, I think he will be blasted.

    3. I think we can say that we live interesting times, Conan.

      People are sick of politics as they have been... The trouble is that they are going to extremes to rid themselves of the "New Labour" "Hug a Hoodie Tory" types.

      Cruz and Trump, hated by the Republican establishment, but popular with different segments of their voters. The only establishment figure a complete plank. So probably either Cruz or Trump will win the nomination.

      On the other side, a man who isn't even a Democrat (he sits in the Senate as an Independent, and describes himself as a social democrat) attracting a lot on support from young people in particular. But unlike the Republicans, almost undoubtedly not enough to score over the establishment figure.

      In my opinion it will be Hillary v Trump or Cruz and Hillary will win.

    4. Hilary dropped a major clanger over her comments about AIDS and Nancy Reagan.

      I think Trump will be the official nominee as voters in the US, like here, are sick and fed up with the shiny, buffed up drones that we've had for about 20 years.

      As to Trump's lack of fluency, that sometimes comes across better, as it attracts more attention (if possible with Trump).

      I don't want him as President, but if you notice that a sizeable chunk of the US political establishment keeps attacking him again and again, yet he is still standing. Similar to the attacks on the SNP and yet they still rampaged in the last GE.

      Should have put a bet on him months ago. After all, if Leicester are a possibility foe winning the Premier League anything is possible!


    5. The Telegraph deleted the link Tris. It deleted a link to its own front page...


    6. I think Hillary will still be the democratic candidate. I know she's not too popular with some, but I doubt Bernie can beat her.

      I totally agree with you about the public being sick of the politicains.

      Who knows. maybe they will take a chance and go with Trump... and who knows, maybe he'll be good!

      I wonder, though, who would serve in his Cabinet and how he'd get his legislation through Congress.

      As for being commander in chief.... Worrying, but then Cruz is no less worrying. Even Rubio worries me.

    7. Oh just brilliant Conan.

      Complete planks!

  9. The madness of King George,or should that be Gideon?
    His policies have suffered more defeats than a Scottish football team and his chances of being King or PM even look less likely by the day.
    Not sure if it is insanity or just plain ignorance/nastiness that drives his so called policies,a bit like The Trump.

    1. I'm not sure either. He wasn't very good at towel folding by all accounts, and he's not very good at accounts either.

      I think it is ignorance. I think he simply has no more conception of what life is like for ordinary people than I have of what life is like for the King of Saudi Arabia.

  10. Holy God this week's GERS cringe was/is unbelievable. The only thing I watch religiously is FMQ. Kezia is Kezia and Ruth Davidson's alter ego is a tankette driver, but god help if I don't give Willie Rennie a tight bitchslap. Thank god I did not watch Question Time. How the tut do these people sleep at night? I want to rant more but I am on medication.

    1. Oh that was quite a good rant AH...

      Willie's just dim. You should feel sorry for him. Poor wee soul got the job, because there was no one else. He's surely not up to it.

      Don't rant any more. Take your medication and get better.