Monday, 30 April 2012


According to the Daily Mail, Cameron has said that he was "furious" to be dragged to the Commons to answer questions about Hunt, the English Culture Secretary, the man who is ultimately responsible for the London Fiasco Olympics as well as the Murdoch bid for BskyB and who's in the soup at the moment over his relationship with News International.

Cameron had wanted to spend the day electioneering and the audacity of the Speaker demanding that he attend first to his day job, was obviously a bit too much for prime minister, whom we know operates on a fairy short fuse, as indeed do many people promoted beyond their ability. 

I just can't stand to watch of listen to him, or indeed any of the rabble at Westminster, so I haven't seen what happened, but by all accounts Cameron was tetchy all the way through, and made some remark to Dennis Skinner about it being time he retired (a bit rich from a bloke who is putting up retirement age and wants people to go on working for as long as possible, rather than take a pension...possibly because they won't have enough money to pay the pensions after they pay for the Olympics).
Now I happen to think that Bercow is an obnoxious little toad, way too full of himself for anyone's good. (He's been known to order people to clear the corridor for him and his entourage like some Middle eastern potentate.) But the truth of the matter is that, like it or not, the Speaker of the House of Commons is the blokey in charge of what happens in the Commons, and no matter what school Cameron went to or how many friends he has at Buck House, Bercow is his superior
It was, at best, amateur of Cameron to let it be known that he was furious, and it was,again amateur to snap an ageist comment at 80 year old Skinner. (Not that I think that the Beast of Balsover will be bothering much about it; it won't have hurt him.) But it was "un-prime ministerial". It was insulting to parliament and to us that he was angry at having to give up electioneering to do his job.

I wonder if he's worked out a way to get Jeremy off the hook over this, or if, as I suspect, he is going to look a proper Charlie when Hunt eventually "resigns".


  1. It does seem to me as if the tories are unravelling before our eyes, I think the coalition might actually out live the tories, if you see what I mean.

    I can't be arsed watching H of C stuff either, a bunch of hoary old poshers guffawing and baying at each other, its a lot of nonsense, one has to wonder why its even acceptable, are they not supposed to be adults?

    I have the same opinion of MSP's too, most recently that chap who sits behind the vapid Lamont woman, banging the desk with his hand with that rictus grimace on his face.

    Its just unseemly.

  2. I always get a good laugh at your comments Pa... and they are true too!!!!

    "....banging the desk with his hand with that rictus grimace on his face."

    But yes, laughing aside you are absolutely right. The thing is we pay these bloody people loads of money to act like kids. If there were teachers present (sorry, that should be masters) at the Eton debating Society the kids (I'm sorry that you be young fellows) wouldn't be allowed to behave the way they do.

    It's shameful. I don't have an objection to people clapping a good speech or a good point. But roaring and bawling and banging desks is like prisoners rattling their tin plates because their potties are full.

    The way things are for the Tories, it seems to me like the dying days of a government that has been around for 10 - 15 years, not 2!

  3. Pa: I think that is the Hon Paul Martin old "fill your boots" Martin ex-speaker of the English assembly’s son and Labour’s parliamentary business manager. We often see his name in the papers when they need a rent-a-quote so he obviously has his eye on the prize. And let’s face it if you have a voice that makes scratching finger nails on a blackboard sound like Beethoven’s’ fifth as Johann does then it makes sense to use it as little as possible and there is only so far that backstreet Glasgow boozer humour will take you if you have no substance. So they are letting Martin do the talking at the moment seeing as he’s got culture what with being an honourable and having a father in the English senate and all, never mind that he had to resign his last sinecure under a cloud for rank thievery.

    So for the time being Paul is a mindless apartchick for the Lamontable one, and burst into spontaneous applause when she passes wind in the elevator on the way down to FMQs. But she better look out when the night of the long knives comes because he will be the first to plant one right in the middle of her back!

  4. Ah that's who it is Munguin... His Honourableness Lordet Martin of Speaker's Corner.

    Don't tell me he's their next leader... Quelle joie! I suppose they have no one much else, given that The Great Administrator has taken an early bath...again.