Sunday, 22 April 2012


Some cartoons I've found amusing over the last few weeks.... (click on images to enlarge)


  1. Enjoyed the cartoons

    Here's another funny Cameroonbar quoted as saying the FM will threaten any businessman who puts their head above the parapet It sounds like something out of the wild west

  2. Glad you enjoyed the cartoons fairfor.

    Thanks for the link. I read the headlines of that story in Asda on the front of the daft Mail on Sunday.

    I never heard anything so stupid. The FM has got better things to do than threaten business with that sort of nonsense.

    In any case, he can't tell companies that they can't set up in a town. What garbage Cameron talks. He probably thinks that HE has the power to do that, which, of course he doesn't.

    As the FM's spokesman said: "...desperate stuff from a struggling Prime Minister who seems to be lurching from blunder to blunder, whether it's the pasty tax, the granny tax or internal warfare within the Conservative Party."

    Except I'd not say he "seemed to be" lurching from blunder to blunder.

    He's a walking disaster. Bloody pompous idiot who wanted to be prime minister because "I think I'll be good at it!"


  3. There have been some good free comics , sorry election leaflets, coming through the letter box this week.
    Labour's was the best. They will reduce my energy bills by 20% and fire up Scotland's steel mills to make steel for the new Forth Bridge.
    Creating thousands of jobs at the same time.

  4. Of course they will...

    You're joking aren't you?

    They are going to start a steel industry? Who's going to run it? Johann? Or Bomber Twit the Administrator? Or maybe the Hon. Paul Martin?

    Oh, and where are they going to get the skilled men; the refractories; the coal? China?

    They really do think that our heads zip up the back.

  5. tris..According to Labour's election the leaflet they don't have to start a steel industry. It's already up and running and ready to roll if it wasn't for the nasty SNP buying Chinese steel instead.
    Unionists closing Ravenscraig 20 years ago was obviously faked.

    From the leaflet..

    " Opened in 1964, the Forth Road Bridge was built using 90% Scottish steel.
    Now in 2012, as we build the new Forth Crossing,the SNP wants to ship in steel from China and Eastern Europe,while our steel yards are crying out for work blah blah etc..."

    Things were bad under Elmer but it's looking even worse under the Krankies.

  6. Why wasn't it built in 1964 with 100% Scottish steel, might I ask?

    Oh well... I guess that Ravenscraig closure is something the SNP made up. Why, if you just drive past it now, there it will be in all its glory, employing thousands of men, and making millions of tonnes of steel every year...

    Scottish Labour has certainly dipped since poor old Subway Elmer left the top. Just seems to have started off indifferently and got worse... Dewar the Helmsman, Henry the Property Agent, Jack the Lord, Bendy Wendy, Elmer Fudd, Jimmy (?) Krankie. What's next?

  7. Good bye, sentimental chum :)

  8. erm.... goodbye Anon...