Tuesday, 3 April 2012


However, it didn’t take them long to get fingers back into the till and their snouts back into the trough.

The funds have been quietly reintroduced on what is described as an “interim” basis. MPs who are rejected by the public will be able to claim the allowances in the event of a snap election before 2015. A permanent policy on resettlement payments will be introduced next year.

The system entitles politicians to up to six months’ salary to help them “adjust to life” (it’s a foreign land outside the Commons), because poor souls, they, unlike ordinary people, have to be feather bedded when they lose their well-paid jobs.
After the 2010 general election some MPs were entitled to up to 100% of their salary when they were rejected by the voters.

Nick Clegg was a strong critic of the payments at that time. He said that there was “no reason” why an MP who was sacked or decided to stand down should be “rewarded with a big, tax-free, lump sum payment” however, it appears that being in government has altered his view.

Under the system brought in by Osborne, and agreed by Cameron, Clegg and Alexander, MPs will be able to claim a month’s wages for every year they have been in parliament with the maximum being 6 months (about £33,000).

The interim scheme will apply only if there is an election before 2015. The MPs will still be entitled to claim for accommodation costs for up to 2 months, as well as any security and disability assistance they were claiming before they left. They will also be entitled to an increased allowance for winding up offices: £56,250 for MPs in the London area and £53,150 for those elsewhere. (An unfair situation in these days where other areas of the UK have exceptionally high costs.)

They don’t half think a lot of themselves, do they?

When will they get it into their thick heads that they are NOT RULERS, just functionaries working for us, because there isn’t room for us all in the London assembly... and in any case we have better things to do with our time?


  1. Erm, probably because you're over the age of 12...QM. Under that it would be reasonable for you to have a less realistic view of the world. (You are over 12, right?) ;¬)

  2. Like so many other Libdem policies of their pre mondeo days One being that the Scottish Office was not required and the post would be abolished, that was until they got the keys to the door. Now we are honoured to have the best they could offer, an unknown boak inducing toady who seems to go out of his way to impose the Torys' will on Scotland That's when he can string the words together

  3. Redaction = Transparency in the unionist lexicon just in case one gets confused.

    Todays friendsoftheunion.com/ link.

    Scoop it!

    Sssh I believe the pandas are planning some nookie better keep tabs on Mundell as one is more than we need.

  4. As Dean hides his comment box from me can I give him the poems title here.

    Libdem Manifesto Lament by The Ermine & Red Leather Lovers.

  5. How right you are there, Fairfochen.

    Moore was one of the few Liberals that wasn't even given a bag carrying job in the original handing out of sinecures, then because Laws blotted his copybook within a few days of being in power and had to resign, Moore was elevated from nowhere to Cabinet... but it's OK people. It's only Scotland; it doesn't matter that we didn't think he was good enough to be a PPS before. Bloody insult.

    Respect my.....

  6. Ha ha... good stuff CH.

  7. cynical said .." As Dean hides his comment box from me"
    You've gone up in my estimation cynical lol

  8. Hello Monty. We've been missing you!.

  9. You will find that Dean's latest post, is, in fact, by me! And comment boxes ARE available.

    I'm not quite sure what you've done to Dean CH!!!!

  10. It's good to be back tris !
    What have you done with Dean ? His 'blog' seems to have gone. Has he had to go back to Stirlingrad for re programming by the beardie weirdies from the EUSSR ?
    A fresh cauliflower to be inserted between his lugs and filled with nonsense that he will then spout in a weird mish mash of unusual grammar and spelling ?
    Oh and where's that human rights bloke from Glasgow Uni gone ?
    Did he finally blow a fuse ?lol

  11. Ah... our Dean has a new blog called Scottish Commune, on which, I might add, I am a guest contributor.

    As for Glasgow Human Right... uh, I was pruning the list (which had become intolerably long)and he was a victim. I can put him back if it is of interest to readers....

  12. Whoring yourself to the EUmongers tris ? tsk tsk ;)

    Readers vote...

    Mr Laird the angry SNPer.....%

    Caron's boring musings on the tories little helpers..............%

  13. Not really, Monty, but some people like a broad range of reading... so it's not a mark of agreement that someone is on the list...(that would be boring) just a point of interest.

  14. Good lord CH...

    and she's no been kerted awa'?

    I wonder what party she was standing for...

  15. tris..ok point taken ;)
    Sad to see Dean still backing 'EU fiscal union' though while Greece is insolvent and Spain, Portugal, Italy etc are on the way there. Does he want to see more people set fire to themselves for his EUtopia ?

  16. There's certainly some I'd like to see set fire to themselves... maybe while they are stockpiling petrol in their stable blocks....