Sunday, 1 August 2010

Harriet Harman auditions for a stand up comedy routine

Well you have to hand it to Harriet Harman: she’s always good for a laugh on a wet Sunday. She’s made a speech saying her party should change its rules to ensure that half the shadow cabinet are women.

Harman, somewhat erroneously, told the Unite conference that Labour is the only party in parliament which speaks up for women. And the presumably now ‘losing’ candidate for leader, Ed Miliband said that he was very sympathetic to the idea and would be supporting it. David and Balls-up are doubtless rubbing their hands together with glee.

Harman said the party had more women MPs than all other parties added together but still had twice as many male MPs. She added: "We have some excellent experienced women and some brilliant new women MPs. The Labour men are great - but they are not twice as good as the women." Erm what? If there was some logic in that I’m sure someone will point it out to me in due course.

Diane Abbott, another Labour leadership candidate told the BBC that she thought the idea was worth discussing because the people at the top of the Labour party all look the same. (Harry can’t be too pleased about that, but in fairness, as two of them are brothers, Di may have a point.) She said: "We have a boys' club at Westminster. Yep, but the deal is Diane, there is nothing at all stopping women standing, being elected and becoming prime minister. In a democracy we can’t really do much about who puts themselves forward and who gets elected, unless of course we discriminate (only of course if our husbands aren’t standing and our kids aren’t the age to go to the crap local school, girls. Huh? You pair of hypocrites.

Harman babbled some nonsense about the contest for a new leader being a "crucial opportunity for the Labour Party to reflect, renew itself and re-engage with the people of Britain". What utter tosh! They had 13 bloody years to do that when they were in government. It was their bloody job! And if leadership changes are a chance to re-engage, what about the fact that they had one only 3 years ago! I mean how often do they have to “re-engage”?

Apparently she thinks that the contest will be open engaging and energising, a chance to invite supporters to join the party to have a vote, and she trotted out Labour’s favourite phrase about support from “hard-working families” who, worried about housing and jobs, felt insecure and were concerned about immigration.

For pity’s sake! Where has this woman been for the last 13 years when Labour, you know the party of which she was deputy leader, let every Tom, Dick and Harry into the country? And, while we’re on the nonsense this fool dribbles out (a fine example of a competent woman at the top of labour) there are a large number of Labour supports who are not in families and are anything but hard working (as there are of all the other parties including the SNP).

Harman added that Labour's opponents would try to denigrate the party's record in government, but she said that the party would not let them". Erm, isn’t it people’s right to denigrate the record of the government. So what is she going to do to stop them?

Harman once said that there should always be a male and female at the top of the Labour party, and on that basis I hope that Diane Abbot wins the leadership and this half wit woman has to stand down.

But then we’d miss the laugh she gives us with her wimmin speeches.


  1. The trouble is of course she is a hypocrite and wouldn’t stand down if Abbott won to make way for a man. Just as she failed to advocate all female candidates in the constituency where her husband (Jack Dromey) was parachuted in. Despite this having been a key plank of her women’s agenda for years.

  2. She's a one trick pony Munguin.

    Added to that the woman is a menace on the roads and should be banned from driving before she causes deaths. She keeps on getting away with things because she's "Harriet Harmand and you know where to find me"......

    They had to find Jack a safe seat. He's a charisma and intellect free zone. He'd have never made it without Harry.

  3. Yes exactly. This clip of good old jack in action just after the election (you may remember it) just goes to show the standard in the Dromey-Harman household:

  4. Spot on Munguin.

  5. Interesting article.

    The state of affairs utterly depresses one. Consider for a moment, where are the great female parliamentarians gone?

    Love them or hate them, they were highly visible, though few in number - and they all made more impact that the majority of women from the last parliament:

    Barbara Castle,
    Shirley Williams,
    Betty boothroyd,
    Anne Widdicome,
    Margaret Thatcher,

    Where are the new greats? And why is it that for more than 20 years no woman has come close to matching Thatcher in reaching the highest office in politics? Indeed Labour since the 1980s onwards have been particularly short of great female states[persons?]

    But Harpersons proposals for 'positive' discrimination? No, that will only result in more 'Blair Babes' who so singularly failed to impact on parliament and politics over the last 13 years. Merit alone, this must be our key.

  6. Yes. I agree with that Dean.