Tuesday, 24 August 2010


The Scotsman (printed in England) reports that a snapshot of Scotland shows an optimistic nation.

In a ringing endorsement of life under an SNP Government the paper, which is usually nothing better than a North British press office for the Labour Party, (printed in England) tells us that Scots are becoming more optimistic about money and happier with their local neighbourhood, public services and healthcare, according to a wide ranging study of attitudes.

The 2009 Scottish Household Survey suggested worries over the financial crisis and fears about anti-social behaviour are receding in the country, with fewer people concerned about their personal finances and the vast majority rating their neighbourhood as a good place to live.

But the survey, which provides a comprehensive view of the way
Scots live their lives, showed the most deprived areas (those that always vote Labour) of Scotland still face significant challenges, with worklessness, poor health and crime more prevalent among the poorest neighbourhoods. So, in other words, overall we are all feeling better but if those of us who live in the Labour heartlands will be feeling worse, although that will be offset by the rosy glow coming from the rest!

The snapshot of Scottish life, which has been taken since 1999, sees questions put to thousands of ordinary people on a range of topics such as health, work, anti-social behaviour and cultural activities. Researchers undertake continuous face-to-face interviews throughout the year that are then used by the General Register Office for Scotland to provide a statistical analysis of the way Scots are living their lives.

There will be no jiggery-pokery then to give the slant desired
as is usually the case with say Yougov or government figure. There is surely no danger of them providing this rosy glow in order to justify their own existence is there?

The 2009 survey reveals that optimism among Scots about their personal financial affairs is on the rise, with the number reporting that they were managing "quite well" or "very well" increasing by 2 percentage points to 49 per cent during the year.

The perception of local public services improved, with the number of Scots reporting overall satisfaction with health services, educa
tion and transport rising by five percentage points to 65 per cent. At the same time, Scots became more positive about anti-social behaviour, with the numbers reporting vandalism, harassment and rowdy behaviour as a problem all falling. In all, 93.6% of Scots said their area was a fairly or very good place to live - a record high for the survey. This rate was found to drop as neighbourhoods got poorer amid a general trend that showed the most deprived areas of the country faced the biggest problems.

Of course that’s only as far as 2009. Wait till they get a load of the Tory Coalition cuts and a big slice of the Tory respect that’s coming their way


  1. Apparently Scots feel 'happier and safer than 10 years ago' especially in rural areas.

    - Times

    But surely given that it is a comparison to 10 years ago, you cannot deny Labour all credit? Last time I checked the SNP weren't in power since 2000!

  2. I wonder how the Scots compare with their neighbours in the deep South?

  3. Dean: are you wanting to give Labour credit? Maybe it should read: "Epiphany Dean says all was peaches and cream under Labour"

  4. Brownlie: badly I have no doubt! I'm sure they must have an equally self serving number crunching organisation down south to tell them that they are all better than everyone else in the world, probably government sponsored in a roundabout way.

  5. Hahaha, maybe I ought to take a cold shower :)

  6. Houiver it comes aboot, ah've nae doobt we're gaunnae see national restoration afore lang. Sae think on, the boost the country wid feel an' get fae that, at this rate we'll be gaun roon wi big cheesy grins oan oor faces aw the time! No that we dinnae awready. Ah dae.

  7. Yea Dean, get with the coalition programme. Its not often this blog is on coalition(ish) message, so please credit where its due!

  8. Oh Sopia I'm picturing you with that big cheesy grin. Independence would be worth it to keep that for a little longer!

    Of course this post is a tounge in cheek dig at the Scotsman (printed in England) our national newspaper which does not seem to bother with trivial things like consistency. Like a veritable Methusala it goes on and on and on with nobody reading it. I don't think even Mr MixedPickle does any more!

  9. True true Munguin...

    A couple more coalitionishness from you and I may even think of buying you a pint ;)

  10. Yea Dean I'll drink to that eh! Bottoms up, as they say!

    Couple of more coalition(ish) posts and I might join the Lib Dem's, oh is that bacon I have wrapped round my ears and I appear to be living in a water melon with Napoleon Bonaparte....................

  11. Yep Munguin. That IS bacon you have wrapped around your ears, and you've been living in that that water melon with someone for a while now. It was Pol Pot yesterday, but it's nice to hear it's Napoleon today. Dis lui un grand bonjour de ma part...

    Dean. He's mad... if you go to the pub with him for heaven's sake take plenty of money!

  12. Dean raises a good point about the SNP not being in power for the last 10 years and surely some credit must go to Labour. However what are the chances that the key indicators in equality etc between 2007-2010 are far greater than the ones between 2000-2007?

    Under Labour Scotland's health and well being has crumpled to the levels that you would expect in war ravished Bosnia.

    Its going to take more than 4 years to sort out 50 years or so of corrupt Labourism in Scotland and only full independence can/will deliver this. More accountable for Scotland.

  13. So the Scotsman is printed in England now? Good for them, now lets hope it stays in England.

  14. I think it is Allan. They send a wee van up with a few dozen copies... a bit like the Postman Pat van, only smaller.

    There's not a lot of call for it up here. Wasn't worth keeping a print hall going I heard.

  15. Allan: I remember hearing Tony Blair say that it was his intention to try to bring healthcare up to the average in the European Union. What an terrible admission for Britain that health care was below the average of the EU.

    I bet he failed. He did with most otehr stuff after he became embroiled in the US's illegal wars!

    Nicola and Shona have tried, and done good stuff, but there is a very very long way to go. And we are held back by the amount that has to be repaid on these stupid hospital contracts.

    And of course the silly amount of pocket money we get.