Thursday, 26 August 2010


I note from the pages of The Telegraph that Asil Nadir has decided to return to Britain to face the charges of fraud that he avoided by fleeing to Northern Cypress 17 years ago.

Because Northern Cypress is not recognised by the UK, there was, is, and can be, no extradition treaty, but Mr Nadir says that he is coming back of his own free will.

Apparently he was very much a part of the enterprise boom of the 1980s, building up a company called Polly Peck, which at its height was worth £1.7 billion, but which crashed with massive debts. It was alleged that Mr Nadir had transferred millions out of the company to himself.... leaving the business with debts of £1.3 billion.

His support for Mrs Thatcher’s government, vocal and financial, became an embarrassment to her as the alleged thefts became apparent.

In an interview with BBC’s Today programme Mr Nadir said the he believed the legal ''environment'' was right for him to return. He said that he was hoping to get a fair trial. He had not, he said, felt that he would get a fair trial back in the early 1990s.

He spent 3 years battling with 'immense injustice and tremendous abuse of power in Britain', he said. It was because of this and the consequent deterioration in his health that he fled, in a private jet, to Northern Cypress to recuperate. He has recuperated for 17 years during which time he has
built a business empire in the Mediterranean country which is only recognized by Turkey. There he controls the Kibris newspaper and television group and exercises notable political influence.

In the interview he said that he hoped the new Government would be "wise enough and will think highly enough of Great Britain" to clear the matter, whatever that means. He did not rule out supporting the Government financially, arguing that there was nothing wrong with donating to a political party. He said that it was only fair if you approved of the policies of a Government, if you wanted to extend their power, that you should support them with financial donations.

I wonder what he thinks has changed about English law that it will take a different view of the intelligence and evidence that was built against him by the Fraud Squad, and I wonder why he thinks that the government, which he has promised to support financially (unless he’s banged up) would have any influence over the outcome of any trial.

Of course, it may all have been a fit up. The police in the early 90s were not always to be trusted. Maybe Mr Nadir got on someone's nerves; and of course he was "foreign", always a good reason for a bit of nastiness from Plod.

Whichever, I suspect that it wasn’t a very good idea to give that interview, now we know what he’s up to... and if the government does, in fact have any say what goes on in the courts, he may just have blown his chance of getting off.


  1. This man's history with the Conservative Party has absolutely nothing to do with his being put on trial; and any subsequent court decision.

    In the real world governments in this country do not go around behaving like something out of Judge John Deed.

  2. He probably thinks that now the Tories are back in harness in Number Ten that larceny and fraud will be back in vogue. And that his, as he sees it, petty peccadilloes will all be forgotten now that the Tories are desperate to get cash into the coffers of Great Britain plc. Who knows he may very well be right!

    Dean I have no idea what that means. Governments don’t go around acting like Judge John Deed? Do you mean that (Tory) governments are not judgemental? What was it David Cameron said about the release of Megrahi? That not judgemental and a little like acting like John Deed perhaps if they acted more like Christopher Foyle we wouldn’t all be in the mess.

  3. Whats was it that Churchill's Government did to Dr Mosadegh the democratically elected leader of Iran when he threatened to nationalis Anglo Irainain oil in 1953?

    And Anthony Eden??? And your own dear Harold MacMillan who lied to everybody about Windscale, it wasn't a power station it actually produced weapons grade material and nothing else and nearly blew the Lake District off England in 1958.

  4. I very much hope so Dean. He seems to think it does though. I would imagine that he will be a great embarrassment to Mr Cameron.

    I wondering if perhaps he is ill and needs treatment that he can buy in English private hospitals which are excellent!

    It's been done before!

  5. I note that this man who is a prisoner, was met by a police escort and.... a chauffeur driven Jaguar.

    I wonder if they would have done that for a poor person who had evaded capture for 17 years!.

  6. Its amazing how people still believe that the UK is such a pillar of democracy with all its underground/overseas activities and sleazy deals.

  7. So Cynical, it seems that if I want to talk to the British Prime Minister direct, without the bother of going through my MP, all I need to do is give £50,000 to the Tories?

    Well, fine then. I hope that buys more than just a few minutes of his time though, because I ahve a lis as long as your arm that I'm well angry about.

    I have rarely used the services of an MP or MSP. Twice in fact. Once was of John McAllion, who was our MP before the current one. He was a fairly good MP and I wrote a latter on the matter. He replied that he had sent my letter with a note (which he enclosed) to the relevant minister, who turned out to be a Lord. I received, sometime later, a copy of the letter that the Lord had sent back to Mr McAllion. I could have written it myself, full, as it was, of platitudes about regret, unable to do anything directly, but that the government had an excellent record on... and anything further that... blah, blah. (How great it is to be an unelected politician and have no one to report back to.)

    Perhaps, had I been able to directly access the Prime Minister and cut out all these fiddling faddling junior ranks... and of course with my £50,000 in my tightly clutched mitt, the outcome of that particular debacle would have been more satisfactory....

    I know all parties have done it, including the SNP. It should be banned.

    I have no objection to people paying to be at a party, in the same room as such luminaries as Mr Cameron, or indeed Mr Salmond, but to get one to one meetings..... No. It should not be allowed. It makes a mockery of democracy.

  8. Sleazy Tories back in powerAugust 27, 2010 10:51 pm

    This is like the good old days of 1980's Tory sleaze !
    Crispin Blunt the Tory Justice Minister 'comes out' after being married for 20 years. 'No one else is involved'. He woke up one day and thought 'I'm as bent as nine bob note' . Nothing to do with an imminent expose in a Sunday tabloid. His wife didn't know which way to turn. Ooh err missus.
    The Foreign Secretary William Hague hires a young buck as his 'assiastant' on £30K a year. William has taken to wearing leather trousers and shades but isn't gay.
    Now all the sleaze balls come out of the shadows. Polly Peck's Asil Nadir. Finally able to visit London. The Tories are back in and anything goes.

  9. 70 million TurksAugust 27, 2010 11:37 pm

    Must be some link between cast irons plan to get Turkey into the EU and Turk Asil Nadil feeling safe to return to the UK after 17 years.
    cast Irons vision of 70 million Turks coming into the EU and therefore Britain is just too much for him to resist.

  10. Hello Sleazy

    Oh dear, it's a bit rude that...

    Well, a mate of muine said this afternoon, it didn't take them terribly long to start with the sleaze.

    Back in Mr Major's day they at least waited a few years before the wheels came off!

    Actually Subrosa was just saying that there seems to be no need for all the fuss about gays and lesbians any more. Equality is theirs.

    But it does seem that they have to do a power of hiding for people who are playing on a level playing field. It seems the levelness is...erm a bit tilted.

    One isn't hearing terribly much of Willie these days. I bet his nose is out of joint having to report to Nick Clegg!

  11. Yes Turkey

    I wonder what the connexion is there!!