Tuesday, 13 October 2009


The three pictured are from the left Lord Falconer, Lord (Ha Ha) Foulkes and Lord Martin, the Rt Hon. Baron Martin of Springburn to the likes of you and me.

As a matter of traditional right, and ironically on the day that the expenses scandal that finished his career in the Commons burst back on to the front pages, the disgraced ex-Speaker took his place and swore his oath in the House of Lords. He was sponsored by Lord Falconer and the little fat joke Foulkes, having yet another day off (on full pay) from his day job in our parliament.

So, this is the quality of our aristocracy, albeit the wee pretendy ones.

But just look at the decor in the picture. That is the building these people work in and these are their “Sunday best” working clothes. Is it really any wonder these people are so completely out of touch with the country that goes along outside of the Palace of Westminster.

It sickens me beyond measure that we are paying for all of this nonsense to amuse and reward a few well connected boot fillers, while there are people with achingly empty stomachs living in cardboard boxes. It’s a Britain I want no part of.


  1. Now the three stooges are finally together again on their new picture: the Westminster Studios production of “On the Gravy Train”:

    Day 1: Curly and Larry sponsor Moe, plenty of hilarity and ridiculous costumes. Oh that will be £900 please, for turning up plus expenses. A much better deal than the threesome got with MGM, buys plenty whoopee cushions, chattering teeth and handshake buzzers.

  2. Aye, £900 each! These old boys don't come cheap. Probably you have to whet their appetites

  3. What a picture! It looks as if the pigs have taken over the Big House.
    They're standing on two legs.
    They're dressing up in fancy robes.
    Oh! how they laugh.

    I'm pondering upon the guid citizens of Springburn. I wonder how they feels about their new Lord and Baron?
    Mibbe they should build their bonfires a bit bigger this year.

    There is always room at the top.

  4. LOL Sophia,

    That lot would certainly burn well with all that grease.

    We'd feel the heat in Dundee.

    I can't remember now who it was that looked from man to pig and pig to man, and couldn't tell the difference, but I'm a bit cleverer than who ever it was. They are defo all PIGS.

    (with the most profound apologies to pigs)

  5. So Mr Martin is now Lord Springburn ? What an utter joke. They should call him Lord of the expenses.

    I think when the public see the type of surroundings and pomp that comes with being an MP at Westminster, then they will be sickened by it all.

    I watched the news tonight and many Labour MP,s are upset at having to pay back the money that they stole, short memories coz they called in the guy that told them to pay the money back.

    Lord Springburn!! what a load of toff rubbish from one who claimed to be working class. Fat pig.

  6. Spook,

    I'll thank you to show a little respect. Baron Martin of Springburn. And stand up as you type it!

    I can't understand how these MPs can be so stupid. They already made the UK parliament a laughing stock a few months ago... now they've done it again. Thank god I'm Scottish, not British.

  7. Same here Tris. If this is the sort of way (which it is) the British parliament acts then i dont want to be part of it.

    It is so unreal that just after all this expenses saga and the very guy in the middle of it all is now made a lord ? Good lord in Govan springs to mind never mind Lord Springburn.

    I think over 110 MP,s will not be standing at the next election due to the expenses saga, that's about 18%. What other workforce/company would tolerate 18% of its staff being corrupt ?

  8. Heaven knows Spook... There's nothing else like it in these islands, although I'm sure that there are some equally as bad... Ecuador maybe, or Colombia? Who knows.

    Wherever people self regulate there will be cheats. I'm glad, and a bit proud, that the real parliament in Edinburgh is much less corrupt. I just wish that it dealt with all our business.

  9. Well said tris! Sometimes I'm almost proud of Holyrood. Almost...

  10. Sophia:

    I am too. It's ours. It may not be perfect, but it can show that bunch in London a few things!

    (Well apart from idiots doing fisty cuff gestures... but whoever that was, I always forget his name, I'm sure his dad will come and take him home soon before he has too much jelly and is sick)