Sunday, 11 October 2009


By complete and startling contrast to the story of the money grubbing half billionaire The Noble, Gracious and Rt Honourable Baron Paul, this is a story about an ordinary man, without a single title... not a single one (although if there was anything right about this country he would have one sharpish). Far from owning hotels, like Lord Paul, he works as a restaurant manager and as far as I can tell he doesn’t have £1 million pounds, never mind £500,000,000.

His name is Lloyd Gardner and he was awarded £10,000 for information that lead to the arrest of the perpetrator of a particularly horrible crime where a woman was left unconscious, in a coma, and, three years after the attack, is still in a wheelchair. You can read the whole story here.

OK, you’re saying, he was a good citizen and he came forward after a Crimestoppers’ appeal, like most of us would, and he was dead lucky in that he got £10,000. But the story doesn’t end there. Lloyd gave his £10,000 to the woman who had been injured. He thought she needed it more than he did.

He’s 22 for heaven’s sake. He could have had himself a new car, loads of clothes, or holidays, impressed the girls, put down the deposit on a home... whatever. But no, he gave the £10,000 to a woman he didn’t know, because he thought it would make a difference in her life and she needed it more than he did.

What a hero! And what a contrast to all the disgusting, foul, greedy, lying, benefit cheat MPs and Lords who, despite the generous salaries and expenses they are allowed legally, have stuffed us for every last halfpenny they could get.

So to all of them, and members of the Royal family whose arses apparently don’t fit into even the generous seats provided by First Class air travel, and therefore require for us to pay for private jets for them, I say.... Have a look at this man. He’s worth a hundred of any of you. See if you can’t learn some lessons. Oh yeah, then make sure he’s a knight by this time next year. Chris Hoy got it for winning races. This man is every bit as good an example of what a young Briton should be!

Lloyd, you won’t read this, but in my eyes you’re a hero and an example to us all. I wish I were more like you, I really do.


  1. Couldn't agree more tris. At least this young man can sleep soundly at night. Let's hope Lord Paul has some particularly unsettling dreams, the kind ye cannae shake off come the morning.

    And then let's hope he bumps into the person who was holding the fiery poker in his dream!

  2. Sophia: I couldn't wish the noble lord anything else, although it would be nice if he had them whilst enjoying the hospitality of Her Majesty, and I don't mean at one of her palaces :-) and sharing a cell with a particularly disagreeable large man who doesn't like being woken up by his nobleness's screaming.

  3. An example to all the noble and gracious parasites out there. Someone who cares more for his fellow humans, than for money, title, the Labour Party or whatever.

  4. Munguin:

    Yes. Sounds like the kind of guy you'd want for a neighbour.

    I don't think I'd give away £10,000, even if I knew it was the right thing to do, but I so admire the lad for doing it. That's why I wish I were more like him.

  5. Gongs go only to people who oil politicos' palms in some way. Not to law-abiding, respectable people.

    And as for Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize ... FFS!

    The entire system is corrupt.

  6. Fausty: Welcome to Munguin's Republic and thanks for commenting.

    You're right, of course. Had the guy given his award money to the Labour Party he'd probably be sitting in the Lords by now.

    To be honest it was a throw-away remark. I meant ony to compare the example that Lloyd set to everyone with some of the other things for which people get honours. Truth be told, I imagine that, following his own example, the lad would probably sell the bauble and give the money to charity.

    As for the Nobel Prize. Yeah, completely weird. This kind of thing devalues something that was thought of as pretty special the world over. Of course any old person can get a knighthood or an OBE, but the Nobel Prizes were seen as being worth having.

    I wonder what the thinking behind this was....?

    I'd welcome suggestions......

  7. Tris..

    £10,000 to most people is a huge amount of money but to a 22 year old it can make dreams come true but this lad wasn't temped by anything other than decency.

    He might not be worth 100 Lord Pauls in money times but is worth more than 1000 Lord Pauls in hero terms.

    What a guy..

  8. Sorry Spook, just saw this comment....

    Yes, how nice it would be to live next door to Lloyd; you'd be able to leave a spare key there and never think that anything was going to be stolen.

    With Lord Paul, you'd be expecting the nasty little thief to be going through your bins,or stealing your garden plants. Odious chump.