Tuesday, 6 October 2009

"Don't You Know There's A Bloody War On?"

When “The Sun” came out for the Tories after years of supporting Labour’s failing government there was disappointment within the Labour ranks and some among them couldn’t help but show it.

Whilst protesting that they didn’t need “The Sun”, it was alleged that the de facto Prime Minister, one Lord Mandleson, phoned their chief executive and gave her a tongue lashing, including the four letter word ''chump'' (well, it’s New Labour, they didn’t go to Eton; 4-letter, 5-letter, what the hell?)

The Deputy Leader and all-important female half of the leadership, one Harry Harperson made disparaging comments about the “Page 3 News in Briefs” feature as if she’d only noticed for the first time in the 13 years of Murdoch’s support that “The Sun” had a propensity to feature scantily clad females of the opposite sex on its inside pages.

Then some union blokey, whose name escapes me, tore up a copy of “The Sun” in a feeble attempt to mimic that other blokey, whose name always slips my memory (you know the fellow that speaks for Labour in our parliament, the wee gray looking one. What’s his name again?).

Anyway, they all had a jolly time poking fun at “The Sun”..... And how the faithful cheered, all three of them.

But they were playing a dangerous game. Murdoch, it’s said, was incandescent with rage at this treatment and sad though it is that this should matter, it does.

It’s true that “The Sun” doesn’t have the clout that it once had but, it’s not altogether without influence. And it’s one thing to have the paper “not supporting” you. It’s an entirely different kettle of fish to have it “against” you.

Now New Labour have always considered themselves to be “media savvy”, so it should come as no surprise that shortly after that, when Gordon had one of his hissy fits, the cameras were left rolling and the clip of the idiot making a rather large tit of himself as he stared malevolently at his interviewer and stomped off with the sound equipment ripped asunder, was served up to the world.

Now “The Sun” has obtained an “exclusive” interview with General Richard Dannatt, recently retired Army boss, who was also smeared by Brown's government, in which he tells it as it is, and it’s not comfortable reading for the government. You can read a summary of it here:


I'm rather hoping that Subrosa will do an analysis of what Richard Dannatt said because she'll do an awful lot better job of it than I will. But I wonder how many more uncomfortable stories like this Murdoch’s minions will print before their, or rather his, anger is assuaged. I just hope Messers (what an appropriate word) Mandleson and Harman don’t have anything to hide!


  1. I know who my money is on, although I hate to support the Murdoch press.

  2. It's such a bad idea to alienate someone like Murdoch, who has so many people at his disposal; investigative journalists who can dig up all sorts. It's awful that one man can have such power, but we all know that that's the way it works.

  3. Just superb Tris, your writing just flows along and it's a joy to read. You're not so bad yourself either Munguin. :)

    As for Sir Richard's comment, it's kind of old news now but he's able to be far more vocal now he's a civilian.

    My information is that he was a highly respected boss by the troops and he did his utmost to protect his men. Not every GOC (General Officer Commanding) receives such accolades believe me.

    Surely it's not news to any one of us who has something between their ears that government ministers are totally useless and doing more damage that good, but I enjoyed hearing Sir Richard has repeated it.

  4. That's a flattering comment from so skilled a writer as you Subrosa. Thank you.

    No. The criticisms that General Dannatt makes come as no surprise to me. Like you I enjoyed it, particularly that his words effectively back up people like that sergeant who, the other day, gave the Secretary of State for Wigs a red face.

    Photo opportunity gone belly up, huh Aintworth?

    The main point of this post was, of course, to show how inept the muppets at the top of the Labour Party had been in trashing "The Sun" , and to question how many times the Murdoch Empire will strike back before Rupert gets tired of making Brown's government look like the bunch of amateur pratts that it is.