Friday, 30 October 2009


As time goes on it becomes more and more likely that the Czech president will sign into law the Lisbon Treaty, albeit against his better judgement, but in line with Czech law, and his duty. And as time goes on, it seems equally more and more likely that we shall have as the first President of the European Council one Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, millionaire and ex-Prime Minister of the UK.

There have been many reasons offered as to why Blair should President:

*That he is known all over the world;
*that he has clout;
*that he is a consummate negotiator.

Equally many reasons have been offered as to why he should not be President:

* that his home country is one of the least EU-friendly counties;

* that when he was Prime Minister he was not particularly EU positive;

* that his home country does not use the single currency, that is to say that there may be a conflict of interest;

* that his home country is not a member of the Schengen group;

* that his potential status as a war criminal is enough to preclude him. There's an investigation going on which could potentially call him out on that. Of course we know it won't and he will be found to be whiter than white and it will be everyone and anyone's fault but his. But the truth is that, whatever the result of the whitewash, we know that he went to war on the flimsiest of pretexts, when experts advised against it, and because George Bush told him to. We know too that Shock and Awe killed, injured and maimed tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians for no gain whatsoever. It’s not like Sadam was going to still be in Baghdad when all that was going on....just like Blair and the Queen would not have been in central London if the boot had been on the other foot;

*that his fascination with America and his propensity to do what the President of America instructs could provide yet another conflict of interest.

Whilst researching this piece I came across this information in an article in the Telegraph

“Yet gender-benders are largely exempt from new EU regulations controlling hazardous chemicals. Britain, then under Tony Blair's premiership, was largely responsible for this – restricting their inclusion in the first draft of the legislation, and then causing even what was included to be watered down. Confidential documents show that it did so after pressure from George W Bush's administration, which protested that US exports "could be impacted".”

I hope that Mr Blair does not become the President of the European Council. I’m not particularly pro-Europe these days, but it is where I live, and I would have to live with the consequences of this man’s appointment. I believe he will bring dishonour to the role and the Union if he is “elected”to it.

James of “Scot goes Pop” and I have already had some chat on his blog about this and he makes interesting points. I’d be interested to hear what others think.

Update: I hear on the news that Mr Blair's chances in the race to become President have become unstuck or derailed or scuppered. I attribute this in part to the wise words of this article, doubtless read by all the leaders, but far more to the fact that yesterday evening Gordon Brown (the loser) spoke up for him.... Revenge is a dish best eaten cold Gordon, isn't it?


  1. tris,

    Don't be so modest, of course it was your posting wot dun it.

    Thoroughly convinced by your article - so much so that I had a word with my noble friend George who knobbled Peter who knobbled Gordon who knobbled Tony.

    PS: I hope I spelt "knobbled" correctly.

  2. tris,

    Seriously, really excellent article. Sorry I previously did not realise you had a blog or I'd have visited long ago.

  3. Well, if you didn't, you spelt it wrong an awful lot of times!

    I did a wee spell check on it, and the alternative offered was "knob bled" (which sounds horrible to me) and "knobble". So it seems that you probably did, and that my spell check hasn't got round to past tenses yet.

    Thanks for having a word with His Knobleness, er I mean Nobleness. It's good to have connections!

  4. Brownlie:

    Thank you very much. I enjoy your blog and your dry sense of humour. You are more than welcome here anytime. :)