Sunday, 31 March 2013


Drunk as a Lord!
In desperation, and in my opinion, for the want of any decent argument that really addresses why we might be better together, there are some silly and sad accusations being made by unionist parties.

But all's fair in love and war... and ... independence debates, and I'm  certain that there are some on the independence side who blether though a hole in their backsides.

It's to be expected, and best largely forgotten.

But some things are so low and despicable that they just cannot be ignored.

It probably no great surprise to anyone that George Foulkes managed to be responsible for at least one of these things. It isn't to me anyway, because I've never heard him say one sensible thing yet.

But this tweet takes the biscuit.

“Horsemeat in school dinners,14 year old raped in City bus & Orkney firm in administration yet all we hear from SNP Govt. is more on Indyref!”

He has reduced the argument to trading on children being raped. Well done Foulkes. If you were on the Yes side of the argument I'd be hoping that you would leave the country for an expended holiday of say 2 years in Antarctica.

It was not only despicable though; it was also very stupid.

No one, not the parents of the girl who was raped, or the girl herself, not her friends or family, not ardent unionists, not anyone, will believe for a second that, had there not been an independence debate going on at the moment, this outrage would not have happened.

The police dealing with the case will be furious to think that Foulkes imagines that they were too busy debating independence to bother paroling the streets fighting crime.

Surely Foulkes isn't suggesting that, when Labour was in power in Edinburgh for 8 years, there were no rapes, no companies in administration and no scandals regarding food, because they had no distractions about independence. 

And when Labour was in power in London on and off in the 60s, and 70s, were there any cases of underage sexual activity... Oh yes, wait, what about the BBC and all the carryings on there we've recently come to know about?

The government continues to concern itself with all the things it is charged with running. Indeed I read somewhere that YouGov had a survey showing after 6 years in power this government has a positive rating of +14 with the public (compared to the seriously negative one of -42 for the coalition unionist government in London. It has not neglected its duties because of the referendum. Mr Foulkes needs to know that there are people who CAN walk and chew gum!

What a silly little man he is. I never thought I'd quote David Cameron, but in this case I'm happy to say that his "too many tweets makes a twat" comment is pretty appropriate. 

My advice to all politicians is, don't tweet when you're drunk. It's very silly. 

If you start off not too bright, being on the outside of a bottle of whisky isn't going to make you sound like Einstein. 

Using kids as political pawns is cheap and nasty and I'd have thought beneath even the likes of George Foulkes. 

I'm so very glad he's not on our side.


  1. As someone who has spent two years in Antarctica, I wouldn't have wanted to dó it with someone like Foulkes. A somewhat more stable personality than his is necessary to be a member of the tiny overwintering communities there.

  2. This convicted drunk now sees himself as the victim. and he is the type of person the naysayers are happy to continue supporting and obviously see as some type of role model
    He is one of those the term benefit scrounger was invented for It is more aptly applied to him and his ilk than the poor body trying to scrape an existence together
    Peace to all this Easter Sunday

  3. Norway... I didn't mean for him to be part of a team. I was going to give him a small hut somewhere and enough supplies.

    I know it's a bit unfair to the local wildlife, so maybe we should lock him in.

    1. Perhaps a wee hut on Rockall might sufice Tris. lol :-)

    2. Tent Arbroath!

    3. On second thoughts sod the hut AND the tent just gie him a sleeping bag! :-)

  4. Fairfor: Thanks for your Easter wishes, which I reciprocate in full.

    I also agree with you about Foulkes. I remember his appearances and performances in the Scottish parliament where is only function seemed to be to wrongfoot the SNP.

    Of course he usually wrong footed himself instead.

    I rememebr him trying to defend Alistair Darling's desire to get rid of Scottish banknotes; and I remember him making some kind of ass of himself over the Scotrail trains being painted with a Scottish flag, which he thought was the idea of the SNP government but had actually been decided under Labour. There were screeds of silly written questions which cost a fortune to ask, including one about what the First Minister got for Christmas.

    He always set out to be amusing, and it always fell well short of anything. I think by that time he had been used to the bletherings of the house of peers, and carried them into a working chamber in Edinburgh.


  5. I thought maybe he was criticising the Scottish government for not speaking publicly about these issues - assuming they haven't, that is.

    Now, suppose Alex Salmond had issued a statement offering his sympathies to the young victim and her family, can you imagine what would have happened?

    "Despicable fat curry-lover trades on rape of a child to get his name in the papers."

    And that accusation would have been reported in the media.

  6. God only knows how Foulkes EVER got his hands on an ermine cloak. Whoever thought giving him an ermine cloak must have been pissed at the time, that is the ONLY reason I can think of as to why Foulkes a well known drunkard would be "elevated" to the House of Lord's.

    The man is an IMBECILE! He thinks he is god's gift to politics, well I've news for him. He is NOTHING like that not by a long LONG shot! The best he could do is stick to crawling around in the gutter where he and his OFFENSIVE comments, of all types, belong!

  7. Yes, you're right Rolfe.

    As far as the press is concerned, and the BBC, nothing the SNP does is right. And yet, as far as the public is concerned they are still popular, and a majority of the population think that decisions on tax, welfare, etc, should be made in Edinburgh rather than London. But somehow the press, with their stories of no longer being able to watch Eastenders, or visit your granny in Carlisle without a visa, and being broke on the second day of independence and having to run to the likes of Osborne for help, keep on appearing.

    We're up against everyone, and yet the numbers are still growing.

  8. He was, I think,some sort of junior minister in the Blair administration... and nearly all of them went to the Lords, where Blair could rely on them to vote the way he told them, I suspect.

    Blair must have rated him because he wanted him in the Scottish parliament to keep an eye on things.

    but then, Blair's ability to judge people was decidedly faulty...given that he was madly in love with DubYa.

  9. The silence from Lamont has been deafening, Darling also. Foulkes is more reason to vote YES.


  10. I'm betting Bruce, they really don't know what to say.

    It would be interesting if some journalist had asked one of them if they agreed with Mr Foulkes or not.. but they wouldn't have answered anyway... so what's the point?

    1. There is a very good reason Lamont and Darling have not said anything yet....the pigeon posts from London carrying their instructions have not yet arrived.

      Unconfirmed rumour control has it that both pigeons carry orders to Lamont and Darling have been shot are have been cooked in pigeon and vegetable pie now being sold out of ASDA stores in Carlisle! :-)

    2. No doubt under the label of British 'harsemeet'

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