Wednesday, 18 May 2011

SOME MORE OF MY .............

It appears that Monsieur Strauss-Kahn’s alleged victim lives in an apartment block where property is rented to people who are HIV+ or have AIDS. If he did have sexual relations with her, his term in a New York jail may be the least of his worries. How the mighty CAN fall within a very short period in the USA. One minute this man holds a very senior position in a worldwide organisation, and is likely to contest the next election for President of France; the next he is in the pokey with the possibility of AIDS hanging over him. Just shows you, doesn’t it.

Talking of perverts (this time not sexual), old Chris Huhne is helping Kent police with their inquiries into an alleged attempt to pervert the course of justice, over the matter of who was driving a car when it was clocked speeding. Whose coat’s on a shoogly peg?

Pegs don’t get too much more shoogly than the one that David Laws’ coat is currently on. Labour’s Tom Docherty has complained to the Metropolitan Police that if one of his constituents wrongly claimed £56,000 in housing allowance, he would be expecting more than a 7 day suspension from his work and a request to pay it back. No matter what the reason for the fraud. Right with you there Mr Docherty. I'm very happy to see that someone had the guts to make a complaint. The government or Commons authorities weren't about to.

I’m also very happy that two men have been charged with the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Filthy scum that can murder a young man only because of the colour of his skin, a man worth 100 of them, should rot in hell, never mind go to prison. If they are guilty I hope they find themselves n a cell block almost entirely populated by BIG black men. That would be such a comfort to me. The murder and the incompetence of the Met ruined the lives of the Lawrences and, despite their difficulties they have acted with decency and decorum. Let’s hope that this trial will bring some sort of peace to them. It's the very best of news.

So of course is the fact that Big Eck is officially First Minister Elect and only awaiting the Queen’s nod, which, unless she has a soft spot for Iain Gray (as if) she is bound to give. Tomorrow the Cabinet will be announced. I wondering what he can change, or should change and frankly I’m not seeing anything. They have all performed exceptionally well. They will, I suppose, need a Constitutional Affairs minister, given the changes they are hoping to achieve, and maybe that should be at Cabinet level to give it gravitas. He has consistently promised that he will govern with as much consensus as possible and today’s speech suggested the same. However, a government with a majority can and sometimes will have to vote its business through. That’s what the people wanted.

Talking of which, Willie Rennie seems to have understood very little of what the people said to the Liberals at the election. He is right in there behind Clegg, his ex-boss, and Michael Moore, another old boss. The drubbing that you got, Willie, was about the fact that you are in bed with David Cameron. Sticking with the coalition now is really rather like finding something that makes you vomit, and ordering another helping. Plain daft.


  1. I've heard Rennie a few times and he comes over as an arrogant snake oil salesman which makes Tavish smell of roses. Thank goodness his party is now on the backbenches nearer to the exit doors as they have nothing to add to Scotland.

  2. They seem to be hitching their trailer to the English Liberal Democrats, which is what put them in the place of being a minority party, with no front bench seats.

    I think that if they intend to endorse the kind of illiberal policies being practised in their name in England, you are right. They have nothing to offer Scotland.

    I wonder if they will have any seats in the future at all.

    Rennie seems to be be incredibly pleased with himself having come from nowhere to be the leader of this tiny group.

    He seems not to realise that the choice was very small. There are five of them, including the one who just stood down. That left him and three others, none of whom were interested.

    What a triumph, Willie.

  3. PS: James Kelly has an insightful piece on Rennie on his blog Scot Goes Pop.

  4. vis a vis The Met and incompetence?

    I suspect a much deeper motivation; hark listen to rustling of paper.

  5. tris, so does Subrosa, re Rennie and his expenses at Wastemidden

  6. Spill the beans about the Met, your nobleness.

    Could this be about MPs' expenses and their incompetence, or about Rupert Murdoch and the fact that there are rather a lot of them on his pay books? Has Cressida Dickhead actually found the right room, or have you yet another piece of information gained whilst appearing to snooze on the red benches of the House of Senility?

    PS: Did you know that the Lords is the second largest legislative chamber in the world; the first being the congress of the People’s Republic of China with its one and a half billion people?

  7. Tris

    There are rumours that investigating officers i the murder case didn't try very hard because they may, or may not, have had "contact" with some family of the accused who may, or may not, be tooled up London gangsters who may or ,may not be paying pension fund money.

    This was investigated, by the Police, who concluded that there was no evidence yada yada yada etc.

    As for Cressida Dickhead, what can I say but she has a good head, allegedly or not, maybe and perhaps.

    She has helped me home several times when I have needed assistance. She has one of these extending asp type truncheons. Haven't found how to insert the batteries, yet, allegedly.

    I need a snifter so need to toddle down to one our subsidised bars or sniff out a free reception from some despotic dictorship looking for consultancy assistance.


  8. Salmond has given the game away, he suggests that Scotland is subordinated to the English.

    Only a perpetually girning Nat would possibly make such a stupid claim...

    call the referendum now, or is Sallie Salmond too scared of the inevitable unionist victory?

  9. Ah I see Your Lord's ship.

    Or at least I think I do...

    You people in high places are rather convoluted aren't you?

    As for Cressida. You trust HER to see you home when she can't find a meeting room at 20 paces? I wouldn't wonder you'll end up in Ulan Bator one night.

    I'm sure you'll find some ghastly dictator in the Lords' bars and tell him I said you're worth £5 grand a day. .. Well, if Hoon thought he was worth £2,000 a day (which he wasn't) you have to be worth more than twice that.

    BTW I see Hoon did get himself a job with some big arms company. Just his style, gets a job killing people. Pratt.

  10. It is subordinate to England. We get some money to run our country. If England gets some extra money then we get some extra money; if the English government decides to give us less, we get less.

    Our fisheries and farming at dealt with at EU level by an English fisheries and farming minister. We have no say, and he has no responsibility in Scotland... and no worries if he makes a mess of Scotland’s business.

    We have to sit and listen to English news. Domestic stuff of no interest to anyone but the English. For anything from Scotland to get onto the news it has to be very big. Even the installation of the first minister only appeared as second last item on the news, just before the silly bugger spot. They say that we have our own news but, it’s a local magazine programme.

    So yes, we need to have more say. And if the Liberal Secretary of State, whose party has just been obliterated in Scotland, keeps saying “No, No, No” like he was some bizarre reincarnation of Mrs Thatcher, to any kind of increase in the powers of government in Scotland, then the referendum will end up being a massive YES.

    I just don’t know what he thinks he’s up to.

    I expect that Mr Salmond will call the referendum when he said he would call it. Perhaps Mr Cameron will call a referendum on the EU at about the same time.

  11. Better than that, there was an important European meeting on North Sea Fish Stock Conservation and the regular Junior Minister was indisposed. Rather than send someone from the Scottish Government, who actually knew something about the subject Flush Gordon sent someone who knew something about bees. Absolutely true and that Kirlcaldy unmentionable was proposed as just the man to snap the Labour shirkers in Scotland to toe the London Line.

    Such a load of keech in a Party

  12. Tris did I say Cressida Dick took me home?

  13. tris

    i see Monsieur Strauss-Kahn’s is guilty then must of missed the trial.

    'However, a government with a majority can and sometimes will have to vote its business through. That’s what the people wanted.'

    In the name of the people (Robespierre salmond)the cry of the Nationalist despots throughout the ages.

    We can only hope Scottish law will save us from the nationalist beast or does the Salmondorder
    become the Law as he speaks it???

  14. Niko

    You bin on the jube-jubes?

  15. Lady Snooty used to own a Riyad in Marrakesh and lived there for about ten years.

    DSK also owned a Riyad there yet no one seems to have probed what he was up to there.

    There are very tough privacy laws in France.

    All it needs is for a French journalist to talk to an American one.

    I wonder if it is happening right now?

  16. Niko is right here, Sallie Salmond falls into the same trap as every other nat in history - 'in the name of the people' he cries, in the name of the people the SNP "bravely ran away" from their own separatist referendum!

    reminds on of brave, brave sir robin ...

  17. Indeed Snoots. I remember that. He would not allow an SNP minister to represent the UK: one who is very highly regarded by fishermena and farmers. Instead he sent an office boy for a wee treat away from the flying Nokias.

    Anything, absolutely anything, to humiliate Scotland.

    I think you did say that Dick helped you home on occasions when you were in need of some assistance.

    You really should take less port at lunch.

  18. Niko:

    If, and I repeat IF the Labour party had ever won a majority here it would have been able to pass laws by sheer force of numbers, as it did in London against all opposition from everywhere else (including the Tories, Dean).

    He has just appointed a minister to liaise with other parties. Did labour ever have one of those; either in Scotland or in England? No, I thought not.

    I imagine that for as long as she remains leader Annabel will continue to use the parliament to get the best deal for Tory voters. Alex doesn't HAVE to listen; just like Gordon didn't and Tony didn't, even after promising that he would, but I bet you he does.

    I also anticipate that Gray will continue, until he is replaced, to be as awkward and disruptive as he always has been in the past. What a little man he is.

    I don't think that I indicated in any way that I though le bon monsieur to be guilty.

    I kept on using words like "if" and "alleged". That should be a clue that I am not judging the man.

  19. Yes Snoots France has privacy laws like you wouldn't believe, which of course are totally useless in the days of internet.

    It only needs a Scot (for example) to tweet a story and... Robert est ton oncle et fanny est ta tante... as they say when they are trying to keep your parentage secret!

  20. Och Dean, give it a drink, will you?

    No one has run away from anything, except the Liberals who are saying "no" to all the things that they stand for, that they want, and have always wanted... a federal UK...

    You really couldn't make these prats up.

  21. Lord Snooty re Niko nah aniseed balls as he is making up for his election loss.

  22. CH: Poor Niko has had to flee the country and open a Scotbar at an undisclosed location of sunny aspect, with Iain Gray as his dishwasher and Andy Kerr as his barman.

    Surely that is punishment enough, especially as a certain member of staff keeps dashing off to hide in a nearby sandwich store.