Friday, 6 May 2011


Pic: Munguin, celebrating the SNP victory.

People at elections often say that a win here or a win there is historic, even if it's not. But this time it really is. From borderlands to the north coast and islands, from mountain villages to central industrial city constituencies, from east to west and on to Gaelic speaking islands, last night there was a seismic shift to the SNP.

I was enjoying watching the STV coverage on-line with emails back and forward with Danny in the USA. Then my internet went down and I couldn’t get it back, so I watched the coverage on tv from bed, intending to go to sleep after the first few seats and had been declared. But as the crashing victories came one after the other, I just couldn’t switch off. It seemed like I was experiencing something ground breaking in my country and I felt that, although I was alone, I wanted to be a part of it. So, there I lay, eyes drooping from time to time, all night, until STV stopped its coverage at 6 am, always thinking that surely it wouldn’t, couldn’t, go on like this.

But as we all know, it did.

I should have had more faith. As Nicola pointed out: They said we wouldn’t get a parliament in Scotland, and we did. They said the SNP would never be the government and we were. They said that no party would ever form a majority government in Scotland, and we are going to. So, we prove over and over that the unimaginable can happen.

I was happy tonight to hear her say that there would be no change in the governmental style. We may have a majority of the seats, but it doesn’t mean that we have a monopoly on wisdom.

So let those who will work with us and contribute constructively come forward. In fairness both the Liberals and the Tories have done this grandly over the last four years; Labour rarely.

But Joanne Lamont has said that that is what they will seek to do.

Let’s hope that that is true. Some of the attitude last night from Labour commentators was shameful. The bitterness of the Hon Paul Martin and bitchiness of Hon Margaret Curren was sickening. But we’ll rise above it. I hope they will too.

There’s a lot to be done and a smaller amount of money to do it with. But we must make it work for the sake of Scotland.

It’s been great hearing all the happy posts from internet friends today. From David in Japan to Danny in Missouri and Lord Snooty who seems to be in his French residence at the moment and of course from mates all over Scotland. I just wish John Brownlie had been in the country to share this, and that Sophia Pangloss would come out of retirement and give us a twirl.

The next 5 years is going to be hard, but it’s going to be great fun.

As old Wendy would say “Bring it on”.


  1. Whatever they want whatever they say...we are the people now...everywhere, and they may not stop us! They had their chance... they blew it. Now we will shape our own destiny!

  2. I asked Tris if the term "landslide" was used for an overwhelming election victory in Scotland as it is in the USA. Such a landside occurred in 1936 when FDR was reelected to his second term as President, by carrying 46 of 48 states. The joke was that if his hapless opponent had made just one more speech, Roosevelt would likely have carried Canada too. Your election outcome would seem to have been just such an historic victory.

    It occurs to me that the four, and now five, year term of the Scottish Parliament gives time for a long, serious legislative agenda. Unlike the USA, where Congressional elections occur at two year intervals. About 12 months to do something serious, then everyone is running for reelection again.

    I like little furry Munguin wearing his rosette. Once again, Congratulations!

  3. Danny: Munguin is over the moon and wont take his rosette off!

  4. An "historic landslide"? Absolutely, and with it all to play for now by dint, as you say - Tris, hard work and dedication. But even on this guy dreich, miserable day in Tokyo where it's chucking it down, new and more positive perspectives are the new reality not only for Scotland, but globally, where the ordinary peoples are pushing back at outmoded, crony systems of governance barely connected to their aspirations. I hope Scotland will be in the vanguard of this movement.

    Best wishes and thanks to one and all: Magnificent!!!!

  5. Well yes Munguin. Scots everywhere have shown that they want an SNP government.

    Independence is not first in the minds of most of them, but bit by bit with more powers that may come.

    One of the things that is certain is that when you have a party that doesn't send the cream of their crop to London, but concentrates it in Edinburgh; when you have a team which puts Scotland first, without any rancour towards the rest of the UK, but quite simply because that party has no responsibility for, or voters in, any other part of the UK; when you have a party which works with other parties (OK, there was a necessity for this being a minority government, but note what Nicola said) instead of petty fighting them all the time....then you get a party that appeals to the people.

    These are the reasons that we won. These are the reasons that the Lib-dem vote and some of the Labour vote came over to us. Competent, sound government based on co-operation and putting Scotland first is what Scots want.

  6. LOL Danny, Canada too. Good one. By the same token, if Iain Gray had run away from one more think we'd have taken Cumbria on the English side of the border.

    Seriously, another reason for us doing so well was that Iain Gray just wasn’t/isn't up to the job.

    They say he’s a nice bloke. I don't know about that. But he is not a leader. He lacks the personality necessary and perhaps the sharpness of mind. But he’s been up against Alex Salmond, and he’s not an easy man to beat.

    He’s going to stand down in the autumn (ooops, fall), but one of the problems with the parliament is that much of the experience of the Labour party has gone, voted out.

    Indeed, if you remember the list system; previously Labour had such a strong showing that they had few people from the list in parliament. As a result they concentrated on their FPTP constituency seats. There are people on their list who never expected to be elected and who perhaps don’t even WANT to be elected. Finding people to shadow the government may be hard. Finding a leader....almost impossible.

    Munguin is like a kid with a new toy. His rosette is firmly attached to his furry little person!

  7. Hey David. I’m so glad we managed to brighten things up for you in a grey Tokyo.

    No grey, or Gray, Scotland here. Even if the weather is not all it might be the feeling’s very much brighter.

    I wish you could have been here. It was so exciting.

    Did you manage to get the STV live feed over there? As I said, I know that it was showing in the USA, and it certainly boasted world-wide coverage.

    You’re bang on there. And although the SNP workers trudging round the streets leafleting and door knocking in the rain don’t begin to compare with the bravery of the protesters in the Middle East and North Africa who face torture, rape or even death for their political aspirations, we are in a way a part of that new dawn of politics.

    Life got better for Scots over the last four years despite Brown’s immediate cutting of the grant, before the mess his economic policies had brought us. Life will get even better now, despite the crushing reductions wished on us by the Condems.

    We can do so much; if they were to give us more in the way of tools we could do more.

    I found a t shirt that I had forgotten I had. It has the words “Proud to be Scottish” in huge white letters against a blue background. I’m wearing it with pride today, looking forward to five years of things getting better, despite what the UK wishes upon us.

    Hurry back ....

  8. This is excellent news Tris, I am sooo pleased for all of you there that Liebore have finally been seen for what they are, spoilers and despoilers of the very nest in which they lay..great news! Have fun building a new future for you and yours I may be selling up here and 'coming hame'!

  9. Sobered up old chap and don't like it one bit.

    Think I'll stay permanently squiffed until independence and I don't think I'll need too big a cellar. The stock is quite varied and drikable.

    Can always send out the downstairs staff if I run out of any particular vintage.


  10. This was not a vote for independence, this was a large tactical vote against the Labour Party on the night.

    I agree with Lord Forsyth and Murdo Frazer - let us have this independence referendum NOW. Unless the SNP are scared and want to delay their big vote for 8 years ... lol. Referendum NOW, and watch us Unionists kick all your arses all over this fair and bonnie land of Scotland, United Kingdom, Europe!

  11. Tris

    Still knackered after a great but tiring two days, so for now this is my only comment.

  12. I'll not offer any specific American advice regarding your approach to independence. Of course the American way, never all that understated and nuanced, involved a lot more commotion than a referendum.

    But I watched with interest David Cameron's unsmiling comment on the election victory of the SNP. He congratulated Alex Salmond on his "emphatic win" and said that he will continue to work with the First Minister of Scotland as always. But he went on to promise that he would campaign against the independence referendum with "every fibre" that he has. He didn't seem to be a happy man.

  13. Onionists are panicking as we now have the ball and the goal is not far away.

  14. Tavish Scott resigns as LD leader.

  15. Tris.

    Whats all the excitement about? Did I miss something LOL ;)

    Just a few days ago we were predicting seat numbers and I think the highest we went was 55 or 56. I'm still pinching myself at this result.
    An over all majority was the last thing I was expecting but that's what it is.

    I was over at my brothers watching the results come in. His seat, Paisley, fell to the SNP and he jumped up so high he smashed the light bulb in the ligh lol.

    There are so many high lights of the night but some that stood out for me was, Andy Kerr being booted out. Lovely. Then David Mcletchie saying he was confident that he had won his seat, He was comparing his ballots to that of Labours but forgot about the SNP's.

    Then Iain Gray, ah yes. While Salmond was home and dry with a thumping 15,000 majority, Gray was on the floor looking for votes and sneaked in by 150 votes.

    But despite all the good news Tris, I'm sending out a SoS. All of Edinburgh went SNP but poor old Leith stayed red. I'm stuck in this wee red blob..Help lol.

    Honestly, looking at the political map of Scotland now is just un real. The SNP have the same amount of seats in Edinburgh alone as the Libs have right across Scotland and that's including their lists! People in Inverness would have to travel over 120 miles to find a splodge of red.

    As you say, now the hard work begins. 5 years to reverse some of the disastrous policies decisions that were forced upon the SNP by others. Bring on the independence bill when the time is right etc.

    And finally on a personal note. I think you and Munguin can take great credit form the SNP's historic win. I know you have gone out and helped campaign for the SNP and its the grass roots who have ultimately won this election. Not the Sun, not the Scotsman and certainly not the BBC, but the activists on the ground. And Munguins Republic can claim some credit as well by keeping its readers interested in politics and highlighting the discrepancy's in the other party's.

    Congratulations all round! :-)

  16. cynicalHighlander said...
    Tavish Scott resigns as LD leader

    That's 20% of the Lib's MSP lol.

    Sorry had to get a dig in. Poor guy, stuck away up in the northern isles.

  17. Annabel Goldie is now the only other major party leader (except Alex Salmond) left standing. Will she keep her job?

    The SNP is certainly doing nothing about unemployment.....among Party Leaders. ;-)

  18. Hi, It's a great day and I'd just like to say that the referendum should be the longest day on 2014, exactly 700 years to the day that Bruce and the Scots won their freedom.

    Or if Alec wants it on 2015 then 'I agree with' Alec.

    The Brit nats can go and boil their heads in excrement. Alec speaks for Scotland and he decides for scotland, not a bunch of panicky Brit nats.

  19. Natha is

    Scottish republic

    Can't seem to get the name changed but it doesn't really matter.

    I'll pop back.

  20. Yea Dean all these people voting for the SNP was a gigantic tactical vote and nothing to do with independence! Please try not to quote that idiot Quisling Forsyth on here, what does he know about anything?

    Well guess what “independence” is the topic of the minute and it’s not going away. The SNP will set the agenda this time. The Unionists had their chance to sink independence in the last parliament. But they chose to oppose and referendum bill without reading it and that includes the Tories. So don’t expect to be consulted on the timetable this time round because the SNP don’t need you.

  21. Nominedeus

    Lovely message my friend. Thank you.

    Yes, it will be hard work, but above all it will be fun.

    Get selling and come back home. Scotland’s future just got a pile brighter.

  22. Toodlepip your Nobleness:

    If you see the Noble baron ffoulkes when you’re at the bar, tell him his nose is becoming a bit of an embarrassment. You can see it for 5 miles away!

  23. Dean: Just be happy for us, and for your country. The election got rid of Labour and it did so partly because people are sick of their negativity, but hugely because the consensual governance of Scotland by the SNP, working with the Tories and to a lesser extent the Liberals... and almost not at all with Labour, has pleased them.

    Nicola has made it clear that that is the way they wish to continue.

    The Liberals got a kicking for giving up on their principles in England and lying through their teeth. You guys were saved from pain because Annabel has been seen as a good leader, a constructive leader of the opposition.

    Labour was beaten because people were terrified of the useless team that they presented; the fact that their campaign was negative and that their attitude over 4 years has been negative.

    No, a load of the people who voted for us don’t want independence, at the moment.

    We’ll show them how good it can be under a Scottish government who cares primarily about Scotland. Labour said we broke promises. Not many, but yeah, a minority government can’t do everything in its manifesto, but we did do 82 out of 92.

    Now we have to show them what a majority government can do.

    But we still want to work with Annabel and whoever is in charge of the other parties.

    As Nicola said; we don’t have the monopoly on wisdom.

    Be positive Dean. Let’s see what we can achieve. Forsythe is one of the reasons that the Tories are still minority party in Scotland. He belongs in Thatcher’s handbag.

  24. Dubs...... You can have a rest now......



  25. Yeah, well Danny, I very much hope it won’t come to the American Independence model LOL... but if it does, I here and I’m ready.

    Cameron is a most unpleasant man. He can’t really cope when things aren’t going his way. He was aware of the mocking that Brown got 4 years ago when he managed to stomp away from reporters asking him what he thought of Salmond’s win. He made an absolute idiot of himself and was laughed at across the land. I expect that he was guarding against opening himself to that level of ridicule.

    He has to watch. Scotland has spoken emphatically. He needs to be aware that in a democracy, when people speak, they must be listened to. If he fails to do it.... who knows.

  26. We’re a step farther on the journey. I don’t know if the goal is QUITE that close though Cynical LOL

    I heard about Tavish... We live in interesting times, don't we.

    Who will replace him?

    I see he is being predicted as the new Presiding Officer, if Labour (whose turn it is) is unable to find someone up to, and willing to do, the job.

  27. Hey Allan...

    Yes, I’ve just looked back at that post. The highest number was 59... and even as I typed it I though nah.... couldn’t really be, could it?

    I’m usually pessimistic about these things on the basis that it’s better to be pessimistic and nicely surprised, than the other way around.

    Yeah, I agree about the highlights. I was watching Gray thinking.... NAH... impossible, but we’d already lost other prominent members. OK, he stayed in the end but it was close.

    Now I’ll be honest, I’m worried about you living in that wee red patch. What we’ll do is organise food parcels. I’m sure if we all pull together we can get you enough to eat while you’re stuck in the communist zone. If the worst comes to the worst we’ll airlift you in Eck’s chopper.

    I put it down to Niko having 5000 postal votes!

    I’m red with embarrassment at the kind things you’re saying about the Republic. And the wee furry one is bouncing up and down with glee with his rosette still on!!

    Thanks mate. It’s appreciated. We did so little compared with some people, but yeah, it was fun doing the little bit of pretty basic work we did. And I’m delighted if we entertained just a wee bit along the way.

  28. Ha ha ha ha ha Danny...

    There goes Eck. He makes a pledge to bring down unemployment, and then we have party leaders falling away one after the other like dominoes.

    I would have thought that Annabel would be safe. They’d be mad to get rid of her. They held on to 15 of their 17 seats. She’s the only thing most people in Scotland like about the Tories (Joke Dean).

    But, after the last few days... who knows what will happen.

  29. Natha...

    Welcome to Munguin’s Republic,

    Especially at this happy time for the country. Your idea seems a seriously good one.... Let’s get the suggestion to Bute House, shall we?

    Do please pop back and keep popping back. Always happy to see make new mates here!


  30. Allan:

    I wonder what Spooks thinks about all this?

    He must be over the moon too. He did his bit for independence too... commenting everywhere, attracting people to his blog and posting on the papers.

    Oh well, would be great if he made a guest appearance ...

  31. The Noble Baron's conker has one great use. We can use him like Santa's Rudolph to find the true way forward. Just go in the opposite direction.

  32. Gee Snooty old thing... no wonder you aristocrats go so far in life. You just found some use for one of the least useful things the planet has yet thrown up.

  33. Tris,

    How can I be happy for my country when I see a Labour statist socialism replaced with a seperatist socialism?

    Let us have this independence referendum now, and let us win it in the name of Unionism, Queen and country!

  34. Tris.

    Thanks for the food parcel offer lol. Yeah I'm still pinching myself at the results. I have uploaded the new political map of Scotland and on Monday I'm going to phone around some printing companies to see if they can blow it up into a picture sized print then have it framed to put up on the wall.

    Wee Munguin looks cute in his wee rosette btw. :)

    Yeah Spook did his part with his blog and if he's still into politics then he will be over the moon. Maybe Niko has him stuffed up in hos loft lol. They two had a love hate relation.

  35. Deano

    I fear (and fear is the word) the game is up for the 'Union' my wish would be for a continuation
    but as the snp now rule it leaves me no option but to immigrate to warmer climes

  36. I never thought of that Allan.

    Niko's stolen the Labour party funds and run away to a tropical island rather that live under President Salmond, and I think he's kidnapped our Spookums...

    We'll have to mount a rescue mission... although who'd want to be rescued from Niko's clutches?

    Don't worry about Leith; it's Mr Chisholm.isn't it, and he's no a bad Labour man.

  37. Niko:

    Send Spooky back immediately...first class post.