Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I’ve always been more than a little dubious at Blair’s insistence that toppling Saddam Hussein made Britain, or London, a safer place.

I can only imagine that the illegal (in that it didn’t have the backing of the UN) invasion of a sovereign state; the killing of tens of thousands of its totally innocent citizens, including children, in night after night of utter terror in the ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign conducted jointly by the US and its poodle, would have made the likelihood of a revenge attack on these countries more likely...

Especially as the reason given for this horrific invasion was to rid the country of WMDs, which were there for absolute certain, but in fact haven’t been found in the 7 years since.

The fact that the invading powers were pathetic enough to go in without the semblance of a plan for what would happen after Saddam was toppled, and that the resultant mess makes people’s lives intolerable even now, may have an added effect of disgruntlement in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

But hey, what do I know?

Well, nothing of course. For me it was a simple application of common sense. Bush and Blair together with two other nut job right wingers in the form of Silvio Berlusconi and José María Aznar López acting, as Lord Bingham described it, like ‘world vigilantes’, seemed to me to be an open invitation for revenge. As indeed it has been.

However, I feel somewhat vindicated because yesterday came (for Blair) the damning evidence of Eliza Manningham-Buller at the Chilcot Inquiry. She told the inquiry that, contrary to what Blair had said, the surge of warnings about home-grown terrorist threats after the Iraq invasion led to a 100% in MI5's budget. A fact presumably hidden from FoI requests on the grounds of national security.

Mrs Manningham-Buller said that the UK’s involvement in Iraq had radicalized a whole generation of young people who saw it, and our involvement in Afghanistan, as being an attack on Islam. She added that arguably it had given Osama bin Laden his
Iraqi jihad so that he was able to move into Iraq in a way that he was not before.

I wonder why Mr Blair neglected to mention this information when he was giving his evidence to Chilcot. Did he not know, was he not briefed, did he just forget with all his money making activities to worry about....or did he just plain, old fashioned lie?

To be honest there is little satisfaction in the knowledge that I was right all the time. Tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed, millions more rendered homeless or injured, some horribly and irrevocably. Freedoms, including women’s rights which were widespread and liberal in Saddam’s Iraq have been rolled back and there is still no effective government.

Unlikeable though he was, Saddam was the kind of man who could keep this concoction of a country together and the blockheads got rid of him.

When will the “stupid white men” learn to keep their stupid ignorant paws off other people’s countries? Eliza Manningham-Buller for Defence Secretary!!


  1. I hold the intervention to be both desirable and legal.

    But what do I know, I'm just a 'stupid white man'...

  2. You think Blair was right and Mrs Manningham-Buller was wrong?

  3. Dean: The Daily Telegraph article seems to suggest that Britian and America are in line for some more of the same:

  4. Tris

    Thank god Mrs Manningham-Buller knowing what she knew then immediately warned 'Tony Blair' of the consequences of the Iraq war within the UK..

    and when he ignored her advice resigned and warned the British people of the impending dangers.........

    well of course she did know such thing and never once mentioned her concerns to the prime minister nor resigned or did anything at all.

    another selfserving pension chasing seeker of the cicvil service medal or to put another way

    a total two faced slag who couldn't give a toss for the British public untill she got her payout and her blood money pension...........

    a filthy dirty slag who knew innocent people were going to die but did nothing about it
    old dog

  5. Well Niko....

    I don't know what she did or didn't do at the time, but it is true that she didn't resign.

    There's an awful lot of that. There were senior forces that warned the PM of the inadvisability of the invasion, but when he walked roughshod over them, because with his degree from Oxford clearly he knew more about warfare than they did. Added to George's degree from Harvard (giggle giggle giggle) they were almost invincible. But these senior military figures didn’t resign either.

    There were others surely in the MoD who must have warned against it.

    But most of all there were people in the Labour Party who could have but didn’t resign over things that were going wrong... We have heard the testimony of Brown, Straw et al. “Wisnea me Mr” sums it up.

    Out of the whole lousy mess I can think of two cabinet members who came out well... Mr Cooke and Ms Short, and there is one woman from the MoD who was an international lawyer; she resigned because she knew what they were doing was illegal.

    Now of course we are getting the whole story of how really deep down inside Ed and David and Ed and Andy and Diane the token woman Abbot disagreed with everything Tony and Gordo ever did.

    So Mrs Manningham-Bullar can join a long list of pension grabbers.

    BTW... If, by some miracle, Abbot wins the race and becomes leader, will Mrs marman resign on teh basis that she believes that there should always now be a woman and a man at the top of teh labour party?

    Yeah right she will.

  6. she's not crazeeeJuly 22, 2010 11:37 am

    Mrs Manningham-Buller knew not to resign as she knew what happened to people who resigned or spoke out publicly.

  7. LOL...

    That's true. It was probably her staff that "arranged" things.

    It certainly didn't pay to get in the way of smiling Tony and his evil friend Darth Vader.

    It's strange. Tony Blair wanted to go down in history, and he could have. For all the right reasons. Health, welfare, human rights, minimum wage, NI, decency after Thatcher/Major.

    Instead mention his name and people think war, terror, torture, Bush and greed.

    He'll be remembered for all that. What a waste for someone who started out with essentially good intentions to be remembered for evil.