Thursday, 8 July 2010


Lords Bagri, McAlpine, Laidlaw of Rothiemay, Foster and Baroness Dunn have informed the authorities of the House of Lords that they are leaving the House in order to spend more time with their money.

This is as a result of a new requirement in this year’s Constitutional Reform and Governance Act for peers to pay tax on their worldwide earnings.

The Noble Lord and Ladyships, who are not domicile, nor pay tax in the country in which they are members of the parliament, have decided that the £300+ a day that they are entitled to as members if they attend, is simply not worth the millions they
would lose by having to pay taxes to HM Government.

Actually it probably wasn’t a huge deal for them to decide. After all, they don’t lose much. No going back to Mr Foster, or Mr McAlpine, etc, for them. Oh no. They are entitled to continue to be Lords, noble Lords indeed, and they are entitled to their coats of arms created by the Garter College of Arms when they are elevated to the House. So they can continue to jump queues and get the best table in a restaurant, but without the bothersome business of actually paying any tax. Oh well, no loss to the governance of the UK, I suspect.

Ye gads, what a bloody country.

Pictures: Norman Foster; Alistair McAlpine with Minn Hogg


  1. John, Baron Prescott of Kingston-upon-HullJuly 08, 2010 1:48 pm

    I see two jags and shags has been elevated to the 'other place'. Now able to indulge his fantasy of pies and wimmin on £300 a day. Oh and of course decide the laws of the land. I thought he hated 'the vermin in ermine ' ?

  2. Lord of the PiesJuly 08, 2010 1:49 pm

    nice photo of fatboy here..

  3. Thanks for that link Lord. I never saw anything less edifying than that. The arch socialist in his ermine robes. What a complete buffon he has made of himslef and all he used to stand for before he joined forces with the warmongering Blair.


    (Apparently it is to appease his wife after the highly unlikely business of him having an affair. Poor old Pauline, sorry Lady Pauline. You really would think that if you tie yourslef to a fat ugly old soul like John Prescott, the one thing you won't have to face is the humiliation of being dumped for another woman...on the basis that no other woman would give him a second look. Ah well, life without political correctness is cruel, Your Noble Ladyness.

  4. The house of doddering old farts is to continue it seems. Just as well these few are leaving it will make room for the hundreds more the coalition needs to get their side of the discussions over. All in this together?

  5. I'm waiting for my invitation Munguin. I'm sure the Queen or Camerclegg will be in touch in the next few days....

    But no need for formalities old thing... 'Your Lordship' will do nicely!

  6. Oh well. Thank you your grace!