Sunday, 5 June 2016


1. Ah, we're sorry we're late, but Munguin had a special announcement to make.
2. Apple blossom time, from Gerry. (Now Munguin's wallpaper.)
3. How's that, Danny?
4. California Sunset.
5. Friendship between a dog and a fawn.
6. Mum, will we ever be as big as you?
7. Kyle of Lochalsh.
8. Nine Dragon Falls, China.
9. Nakrafjall, Iceland.
10. We're orphans because of our cousins' greed.  Please somebody do something to stop the palm oil farmers. 
11. I wonder if these yellow things taste good!
12. It was nice of them to make this road for little elephants that can't see over the long grass.
13. Hare and Leverets. Luncheon is served.
14. Edinburgh.
15. Lower Slaughter, Gloucester, England.
16. Upper Slaughter, guess where!
17. Toucan nest in this tree. Well they can't really. There's only room for me. But I've got it looking nice, haven't I?
18. Mum and Foal
19. Lizard resting in a rose.
20. Yosemite Valley.
21. I'm not being rude. Just contemplating stuff about Palm Oil farmers. That's it for this week. Like my friend said up at the top, sorry for being late. See you next time!

Bruce's spider... as requested by Saor Alba!
(although we can't guarantee that it's the exact same one.)


  1. FINALLY!!! I mean independence is one thing but Soppy Sunday is quite another! LOVED the elephants, couldn't agree more with the caption for No.10 and No.21 is me to Novak Djokovic.

    Still Andy remember the spider in the cave story.

    1. Hmmmmm....


      Glad you liked the elephants.

      And there was an extra orang for you too.

      Spider Andy, spider!

  2. Beautiful Bison and sunset! Munguin has outdone himself.

    Also the California pictures. Hard to beat a sunset combined with palm trees, beach and ocean. I've never been to Yosemite, often called the most beautiful and magnificent of the National Parks. Also the object of endless conflict between naturalists (who want it kept pristine and wild) and tourism interests (who want it easily accessible to as many people as possible.) A conflict that is all the more intense because it's the crazy Californians who are doing the fighting over it, and since it's so close to the major population and commercial centers of San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Northern California. I think I read the other day that the latest data show that if California (the largest state in population) were a separate country, it would be number seven in the world by GDP. (Has worked its way up from number nine a few years ago I think.) And the center of computer tech, media, show business, etc, is also the biggest agricultural state. The people of California can be crazy, but they're also mostly Democrats and you can't have everything. It looks like there may actually be two Democrats running in the general for the Senate from California this year, since the nearest Republican was polling third in the primary the last time I looked. (My kinda state.)

    Lots of nice pictures! The rainbow in the Kyle of Lochalsh is very pretty.

    1. Yes, I read a while ago that California was the 8th largest economy in the world. As you say, if you put Silicon Valley and Hollywood together without anything else it would be pretty high up. I mean some of these Hollywood stars have a bigger economy than a small country. A bit like footballers in England.

      Glad you liked the bison :)

  3. PS: I'm not crazy about spiders, but in fairness MR has featured American rattlesnakes at my urging. That looks something like a Brown Recluse......a particularly nasty critter that lives here in the Midwest.

    1. We at Munguin like all animals, even the ones that no one else likes. So a Brown Recluse, even if it's a nasty critter it's a friend of Munguin... although we wouldn't want to be sharing a bed!

      ~I trust you've not come into contact with one. We have a nasty critter called Brown here too... Gordon. He's pretty poisonous. I'm happy to say I've never met him.

    2. Fortunately, I've never been bit by a Brown Recluse, although I've seen one or two of them. A bite can sometimes cause disability, and is always painful. Fortunately they are....well......reclusive, avoiding human company. Since they prefer the dark corners and cluttered spaces of garages and storerooms, simply avoiding the physical labor of cleaning out storage areas will usually keep you safe from a Brown Recluse.

      Not on a level with those Australian spiders of course, although why sweat the spiders in Australia when you have the most venomous serpents on earth to worry about? And then if you survive the Australian spiders and snakes, you may be eaten by a Salt Water Croc. ;-))

    3. Ewwww.

      You people who live in places with decent climates do have to put up with some pretty scary beasts.

      I tend to give my spiders names, and take them out of the bath bad put them somewhere safe. But then our spiders aren't likely to heve your leg off!

      Yes, Australia's a scary place. I've a friend who loves it and says she might retire to Australia... I think she's mad. I'm sure it's a lovely place, but ...

    4. Adelaide is probably the nicest area of Australia I have found. climate is great with flocks of wild budgies. Not too many snake and bad spiders but, Great Whites offshore.

    5. I'm certainly attracted to the climate, and I'd like to visit, but I'm not sure I fancy a walk after dinner passing a curled up deadly snake on the way (as a mate of mine did). He (Australian) took it in his stride, but it would probably give me a heart attack!

  4. Sent you a photie, Tris.

    What is/was the important announcement you had to make?

    Carry on.

    1. Got it. Thanks Panda. Most interesting.

      All will be revealed in the near future readers. Panda sent me a picture for inclusion in a future post.

      Announcement? What announcement!?!

  5. BLP - I think it was the Yes Registry.

    I have removed a spider from the shower for the second time this weekend. I'm not sure if its the same spider. Its about the same size. So this time I am taking the arachnid to my work - about 6 miles away - where it will be released. I kill flies - midges particularly - with abandon, but spiders are up there with my beloved bees. Protected.

    I am very fond of oatcakes. I suspect they are my main contribution to palm oil consumption. Until I took an interest in your orangs I did not give it much thought. I would urge others to read up on the palm oil issue and see if there's some consumer action you can assist with to try to help our cousins.

    Danny - google "Bruce's spider" and you will understand the attraction.

    Saor Alba

    1. I can't kill anything. I rescued a tiny fruit fly from a glass of water and blew on him gently till he dried out a few weeks ago.

      The elation when he started moving his wings (or she) was incredible. I know how a doctor must feel when (s)he saves a life.

    2. I used to be a shooter and fisher, but only for thr pot or a bit extra cash.
      I started feeling guilty for taking thr animals lives, and stopped many years ago.
      That seemed to coincide with an interest in Buddhism.

    3. Yeah, I imagine that the two things would go together, Jutie.

  6. Thanks Danny.

    I never kill spiders, flies yes.

    Mice I take to somebody else's garden

    Oh, and you have two showers a week?

    1. That's extravagant.

      Munguin manages to get by getting his face washed on occasions when he's about to meet a VIP!

      I'll take yer mice, Panda.

      I've found that they are very partial to Sainsbury's seeded loafs and Lidl's jam doughnuts.

      Corn on the Cob goes town well too!

  7. Ah yes, I understand the reference now. I do wish they'd stay around caves and out of bathtubs and showers though. ;-))


    1. LOL.

      They probably wish we'd stay away from these places and give them peace!

  8. "Leverets, I've had a few, but then again too few to mention..." I'll get the hang of this English language yet...

    1. You stick to the Gaelic mate.

      That'll fox Niko!

  9. Lovely lizard in the rose. Thanks for the wee elephants and a big hug back for Munguin.

    1. :)

      Munguin says thank you!

      The lizard is unbelievably cute.

  10. Number 21. That would be El Capitain in Yosemite, a 5,000 ft vertical rock climb. I was acquainted with someone who climbed it along with Joe Brown. If I caught the conversation properly, Roll-up grass was a feature of the escapade. Better them than me!

    1. It looks just like a concrete block, doesn't it? Impossible!

      Mind you, I can't climb a step ladder without getting dizzy (with or without grass!), so I guess I'm not much of a judge.

      I'd like that to be my back garden though...

    2. It featured in the best Star Trek film too.

  11. Munguins wallpaper, well, I am chuffed to bits.

    Haven't been around much but popped in now and then to keep up.

    Wife's been away all week and I've been lying under my favourite car.

    1. LOL.

      There's so little going on at the moment apart from the lies that both sides are peddling about the Tory leadership referendum, that very little has been happening here.

      Honestly, I listened a little to the radio this morning and we have Mr Heseltine lying about the steel situation and some bloke from the Leave campaign who didn't know the answers to any of the questions he was asked. Anyway, the choice is dreadful in this referendum... On the one hand you have Gidiot, the Chancellor who reduced debt by doubling it, despite cutting everything (except the Lords', MPs', Queen's and top people's dosh, and Boris, the Buffoon who thinks that money spent in Croydon is worth ten times what it is if spent in Glasgow.

      Lying under your favourite car sounds like a good idea to me!

      Your picture is just so beautiful Munguin couldn't resist it. He ordered me to use it for all the Munguin's Republic computers.

      Seriously, it's brilliant, and I know in winter it will cheer me up reminding me that the blossom is yet to come.