Saturday, 15 February 2014


Well, Dennis knows all about it. He hid the figures
Where are the likes of Jimmy Reid when you need them?
Of course he feels your pain.
He's suffering every bit as much as you are, isn't he?
Och, you and your slips of the tongue, Dave
Oh, don't let us stop you Gideon, throat next?
Anyone can share the pound, even enemies.
I say, money is no object.
I'll have another large cognac, and one for all my friends
Well, it doesn't altogether agree with the treasury's analysis,
but then the treasury is full of half arsed political lick
spittles with their eyes on the K
But we ARE all in it together
Well, WE are all in it together
That's the sort of thing we are in... lying!
Vince matey... made a bit of a fool of yourself there, huh?
Not very good access, pretty slow by comparison to London,
but access nonetheless. Bugger, huh?
Do come up for the weekend Dave,
and bring all your lovely cabinet.
NO really, honestly, we ARE all in this together
Run ye wee fat get... if he catches you, he'll make haggis out of you
I want to tell you: We are all in this together.
Damn good spread, what, Lord Mayor.
 My buttons seem to have popped.
Damned glad that I wasn't paying.
Fine figure of a .... well, whatever.
Just don't harpoon him.
So now for a laugh...
Sorry to bother you, but the bird feeder is empty...
You wanna play with me...?
Ha ha, there's always one stupid bat who can't resist opening
her silly gob without thinking. And it's usually Sarah.
And, just in case you were having a good time, enjoying your Sunday, remember there is, or in one case here was, great evil in the world.

So, the caption competition is to write a funny caption for the last two photographs... Answers on a postcard enclosing the usual £10 entry fee addressed to Munguin, at Munguin Towers.

Oh and just one more little treat. I'm sure you'll all be delighted to know that Dave Cameron's barber was awarded an MBE for cutting David Cameron's hair in that amazingly creative style which we have all come to know and love. If the British honours system ever had anything to commend it, it surely sank without trace this week.


  1. The internet caption was funny but true. We did not have the internet in the 70's. We do now and we will use it to provide an antidote to the BT spin.

    1. It must have been hard to communicate the truth before we had own own publications.

      If there were no internet now, we'd have no chance.

  2. I'd send Munguin a tenner except we aren't allowed to use sterling you know, it's not ours ;-(

    1. Munguin says that Swiss francs are acceptable :)

  3. "Where are the likes of Jimmy Reid when you need them?" The truest words I've heard so far in the debate. Luckily, although we no longer have Jimmy, his spirit lives on. You only have to read this blog, wings, grumpy, Bella. He influenced our nation in a way that lives on.


    1. I wish he were here to see this. I think he'd be proud.

      I know that he believed the only way to a decent, fair, equitable Scotland was an independent Scotland.

      No wonder he quite Labour. What he would make of Lamont and Sarwar, Darling and Murphy, heaven only knows.

  4. tris

    No £ no eu bad week at the office for the snp
    still reel out the bullyboy chip on the shoulder
    strategy AGAIN .
    John swinney in wishful thiking mode telling
    how barrosa had said something different
    from what had come out of barrossa mouth.
    touch of eric pickles there.

    Backlash ha ! ha ! few violent extremist
    nats attacking everything in sight in the vain hope of
    imtimidatiing the Scottish people.

    shame the referendum wil be a secret ballot

    1. As far as I can see it's 'Barroso' Niko so sharpen up for fuck sake. He said this before Christmas so why act as if it's in some way 'new'?

      Acting like all the rest of the Unionist twats is par for the course for you, although we do titter at your stupidities on an increasing basis.

      You do try your best with some right crappy old material, so I'll give you 5 out of ten for effort.

    2. Well that seems to be Mr Barroso thinks. Possibly because Mr Barroso is coming up for retirement from his current job and will be looking to the prime minister of Spain to give him a job.

      If, of course, the Uk or Spain blocks us being in the EU, we shall probably apply to EFTA, which will give us most of the privileges, quite a lot of the expenses, and none of the Spanish fishing boats, so look forward to there being a great reduction in the price of fish.

  5. Yeah the nat thugs can beat ther chests shake
    there nuckle duster covered fists at the Scots.
    they can go down the pub and club and attempt to
    intimdate as many as possible.

    but when the free the good free people
    make that final choice without the snp thugs
    looking over thier shoulder.

    they will consider how they pay there bills
    with what currrency. who will Scotland trade
    with and how.
    who will be the bank of last resort
    who will pay there pensions. who will respect
    the rule of law and not rule at the whim of one
    meglomanic snp leader.

    that will be when they will decide and it wont
    be the snp one party state that will win.

    the only backlash I see is off exteremist nats

    1. Niko. You sound just like George Osborne.

      You don';t seem to understand currency issues much.

      Why do you keep on insisting that the SNP will run Scotland. I know that Lamont is pathetic (and her health spokesman is a big fat joke.... eh "Im the health spokesman for the opposition. Have you heard the joke about the bloke with cancer... "

      But you would think that, when they don't have to send anyone with a functioning brain cell down to London to serve in the imperial parliament, where they may one day be photographed in the same room as someone important, they would probably be able to find someone who could lead the party.

      Dennis Canavan might be one, Henry McLeish... or a load of people who have been SNP people ashile the fight was on, but who may return to a Labour party that IS a labour Party instead of a right of centre bankers party.

  6. Is someone else posting as Niko? His posts were never that badly spelled, and usually had an air of humour.


    1. If you were as upset as he is with tears rolling down his cheeks onto the keyboard because his beloved union and the Labour party in Scotland are ending any relevance in the world.

  7. eck

    Its the snp trying tp block me posts
    they got a new anti niko software.
    but ill keep trying

    1. Good on yer, Niko. Never give up - us cybernats certainly won't!


    2. Niko's got a denial of service since he became Osborne's man.

  8. Thatcher picture, I was too bloody soft on those Scots I should have nuked them instead of poll taxing them. Blair picture, Those stupid Brits voted me in with a landslide, and now I've gotten away with murder.

    You're correct the internet is the independent movements saving grace, and several indy sites including Wings have suffered a DDos attack, a sure sign the BT camp are crumbling, and are going to lose.

    1. Yes, they are crumbling. Hopelessly lost and bringing out the big guns... no money; no EU, no nato, no oxygen... because England is so powerful it can do all these things.

      I wonder what they have lined up for the week before the referendum.

      A nuclear war?

      Let's be honest they don;t care who or what they hurt. When they wanted to embarrass and then remove Saddam they killed a few hundred thousand people to do it.

      In their eyes Scots might be a little bit farther up the food chain that Iraqis, but probably not much.

      Well done on the caption competition. Munguin says you've won! :)

    2. Persistent trickles end in floods. sorry to those affected by the flooding for the analogy but the sooner the UK government put people before profit, world status and the bankers in the City the better for all not the few.

  9. tris

    On this one Gideon is right this isnt
    gonna be a happy clappy smley end.
    there is gonna be tears and worse before

    The only comparison can recall ( apart from
    the American civil war ) is the miners strike
    which led to family and community's splitting
    down the middle. Leading to bitter hatred and
    enmity which last to this very day.

    whatever the outcome the bitterness between
    Scots will last for years and years there aint gonna
    be a national celebration of becoming Independent
    or remaining in the Union.

    But then thats the Scotland the nats want to

    1. No, Niko. That's unfair. What independence people want is a decent clean fight with total co-operation for the interests of democracy to be served.

      Thqat means that the UK should support Scotland to make up its own mine. It should provide information on what life will be like in the Uk, and what it will do to help its citizens, or sorry, subjects (depending on whether you are Scottish or English), if we decide to go.

      There is a good economic argument, made by eminent economists, and embraced until recently by Alistair Darling, that it would make sense to share a currency.

      Gideon has now said that we can't because internal polling is showing bad news for No.

      He thinks he will frighten people into staying with the UK.

      The trouble is that you are absolutely right. The wounds are there already. There is real emnity on both side. people dread leaving or dread staying, and will fight tooth and nail for thier side.

      It's not a happy situation, and a brighter government would have handled it better.

      They are lucky that we are a relatively docile lot in the UK.

      The Spanish should not try these tactics on the Catalans. They are far less likely to simply be angry and resentful.

      Bang on. Whatever the result there will be division. But, that is life Niko. You can't say, oh, I'll just put up with the Tories murdering my family, and Labour trying to out-Nasty them to win the votes of some particularly horrible right wingers, who like seeing poor people being starved to death. You can't say Oh, well, we will just put up with nuclear weapons which they REFUSE to sit near Portsmouth, only 30 miles away from 2 million Scots...

      ... and all because you don;t want to cause ill feeling.

      Them's the breaks in real life matey.

      But people like Gideon should not threaten Scots. It may not get them out on the cold streets of Edinburgh, as it would do in Paris or Barcelona, but we don;t like being lectured to by stupid little men who are where they are because of the drinking club they were in at university, and because their father has more money than god.


  10. The choice before human beings, is not, as a rule, between good and evil but between two evils. You can let the Nazis rule the world: that is evil; or you can overthrow them by war, which is also evil. There is no other choice before you, and whichever you choose you will not come out with clean hands.

    George Orwell

    you will not come out with clean hands. nope we are not going to have clean hands.

    1. Yes, thats a fair comment from Orwell.

      In general the works of human beings are more likely to be evil than good. munguin 2014.

    2. Of course, Orwell was wrong.

      The folks responsible for the Treaty of Versailles could have been reasonable instead of vengeful, or the Allies could have refrained from pushing Germany into a corner when they *knew* that Germany's war plan was a pre-emptive strike.

      Of course, now you're talking about the ruling classes refraining from being vindictive little power-grabbers, which I admit is unlikely. We could always throw them out on their ears.

      Oh look: what are we voting on in September?

  11. Replies
    1. Jeez... they aren't going to circulate widely that photograph for the fat rich posh boy with his shirt off, are they?

      If they do that I've vote anyway, as long as he puts his clothes back on and hides the flab.

  12. Niko,

    FFS, look at yerself, man. You used to claim to be a Socialist, now here you are licking the arse of the likes of Osborne, glorying in potential conflict and banging your gums about fighting the Nazis.

    Cheer up. If you think bad thoughts it can only get worse. Come on over to the sunny side of the street. We're all happy here.

  13. You know, that Sarah Palin might have something going for her Biblical politics approach. A message for Gideon from Exodus 8:21 -

    "If thou wilt not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses"

  14. Had a great weekend. My son bought me a " keep calm and vote AYE" t- shirt for my birthday. Wore it today and have had some brilliant conversations with people commenting.
    Seems Gideon's pronouncement has really backfired on him big time.....


    1. Happy birthday Eck...

      And, normally when I wear an independence t-shirt I get a good reaction.

      I can only think of one time when I was in Lidl and the checkout lad gave it a thumbs down!!

  15. Thanks, Tris - Got a great reaction from the young lad at the checkout in Asda!

  16. barney

    So Salmond and Sturgeon the founding members of the snp millionaire club are going to create a socialist state in Scotland.
    FFS wake up and smell the coffeee the only thing they want is power
    and money.thats all

    Explain to me and other normal people how signing up
    to Bank of England hegemony and Westminster oversight
    will allow the Independent Scottish government to pursue
    policies in contradiction of Westminster diktat.

  17. barney the blinkered or willfully blind

    Scotland Analysis: Assessment of a sterling currency union.

    "Regular monitoring of an independent Scottish state's fiscal position by the continuing UK would be required in a currency union, including some mechanism for intervention and correction if fiscal risks to the stability of the currency union were to arise.
    "These constraints would limit a future Scottish government's ability to use fiscal policy to support the economy.

    so bend yer knee snp scum and start licking the arse of the UK
    Government ............

    Independence Referendum ??? umm what woz that all about