Saturday, 29 June 2013


I was intrigued to discover, while reading the story on the First Minister declining an invitation to attend Muirfield during the Open Championship, how far the level of debate had sunk.

Mr Salmond and his Sports Minister Shona Robison have written to Muirfield asking them to reconsider their Men Only policy, given that this is the 21st century.

Without wanting to get into the pros and cons of whether the First Minister is right or not; or whether organisations should be allowed to say ... 'no women', or 'no men', the thing I noticed most, and which took my mind off deliberations about whether or not the FM was right or wrong,  was the reaction of Jackson Carlaw, deputy leader of the Conservative party in Scotland.

Mr Carlaw said: “At least we will be spared photographs of him [Mr Salmond] sprawled like a beached whale beside the greens.”

I wonder if Mr Carlaw (pictured) intends to be present beside the greens himself and if there will be photographs for us to enjoy.


  1. I'm wondering when he LAST looked in the mirror!

    THIS from the deputy leader of the Conservatives in Scotland!"

    This man is an absolute disgrace to Scottish politics, why do we have to put up with such imbeciles?

    Has he NO sense of pride about being a Scottish MSP?

    Does this MUPPET not realise that he "works" in Holyrood NOT Westminster?

    On a side issue have you seen the latest over on Rev Stu's site?

    1. Aye, he's a picture, Arbroath!

      ha ha ha ha ha...

      Roaming charges will be abolished by the EU next year....

      What a load of blethers Bitter Together come out with!

    2. You really have to give it to these BT comedians, they certainly brighten up any dull day!

      Talking about BT comedians have you seen this over on the old BBC site yet?

      That Jo Swinson really knows what she is talking about doesn't she?

      "If Scotland left the UK, posting a letter or making a call could cost more - and there could be less choice for customers."

      There again if Scotland left the UK posting a letter or making a call could cost LESS and there could be MORE choice for customers."

      Got to love those unionist idiots don't ya! They know absolutely NOTHING so they make up all their bile and hope that we Scots are too wee, too poor and too stupid to understand what they are trying to scare us with!

    3. They invent the stuff as they go along.

      I waiting to hear that the sky will no longer be blue; it will rain every day because England isn't there to make the sun shine, and all the birds will fly south because they feel safer in a nuclear power. (Kim from korea really hates birds!)

      You have to wonder why they hate us so much. They didn't do this to any of the rest of their colonies...although, to be fair, by the time they other colonies left they were costing the UK money; the best of the pillage having been carried out many years before.

      In the case of Scotland there is still plunder to be had aplenty.

    4. Aye you're right there Tris, there is still plenty of plunder to be stolen from Scotland and plenty of ermine cloaks to be "earned" as well no doubt! :-)

  2. The Union: an historical perspective - is it Better Together or is Independence the answer

    Worth listening to but Ruth said that "We need to stop personalising the debate" or similar, hypocrites.

    1. I'll listen to that later CH. Thanks.

      They all say they want a mature debate... then they talk about the fat man who ate all the pies... pathetic.

  3. Aye.

    Typical Carlaw. Nothing constructive or positive to say, par for the course.

    So to speak.


    1. LOL... So to speak, as you say Pa! :)

  4. I am beginning to think that the No cabal have their own wee self help jokes, witticisms and secret words to help them in their scary dark place. A bit like racists, unable to insult openly for fear of approbium and ostracism so they speak in secret what they really think.

    Ever so often this backfires, when someone outwith the club spills the beans (Donald Finlay), when they forget that what they say is in the public (twittering) and when they are drunk and lose their sense of control.

    I think the No campaign is showing signs of coming unstuck, when clowns like Carlaw and Smart spout what they have done, in public. They are finished and I think they are beginning to see that themselves but not really understand it.

    Very dysfunctional human beings, at heart.

    1. Self help, Snotty? Self hinder more like!

      Of course there are going to be personal insults thrown around, certainly by supporters. And name calling too.

      Iain Grey will forever be Elmer Fudd to me; Annabel Goldie forever Auntie Annabel, Wendy Alexander, Bendy Wendy and Willie Rennie will forever have "wee" stuck in front of his name. David Cameron will be Eton Boy or Botox Boy (these airbrushed posters!!!), etc.

      But when the deputy leader of a political party thinks that the best shot he can have at the First Minister is that fact that he is fat...especially when he himself in hardly boy band material, is dragging the level of the debate, at party leader level, down beneath where it should be.

      As for Twitter, I'm absolutely amazed that people haven't learned lessons from all the idiots that have ruined their credibility with injudicious tweets.

      For once agreeing with Cameron here, we all know what too many tweets make, don't we?

  5. I am stunned by the ridiculous pronouncements of the BT Lib/Lab/Con party.
    The Lamont "lady" spends FMQs insulting the FM, pays no heed to sense or sensible questions and obviously is incapable of thought process either on or off her feet.
    And now we have yet another clown , this time a conservative one who most definitely suffers from a fine conceit of himself .
    I do hope that Scots are really waking up to the devious ,disgusting and downright insulting piffle and ordure being displayed by those for whom they once voted - not to mention the shameful Scottish media which appears to have installed itself as the opposition with 'nery a countable vote.

    1. Hello DD. Nice to see you here.

      Lamont's Question times have become a joke. Her only goal is to insult the first minister. I think she discovered early on that she got a few laughs from her own side with her quips and decided to go with it as her entire act.

      But she doesn't do it well. For stand up you have to be able to adlib, and she reads everything painfully badly, sometimes losing the place.

      As for the second hand car salesman... Well, I think he needs to take a look in the mirror. Talk about pot and kettle!

      I'm sure that people are sick of the negativity and personal insult and poverty of argument on the side of the no campaign, and although to be fair, all printed media are suffering from internet reading and the wide range of news available now online, The Scotsman, which seems to be almost affiliated to the Labour Party in Scotland is losing readership at a much more alarming rate that the others. As for BBC Scotland, I know I no longer watch it and I know several others who don't, simply because its news content is no longer to be trusted. I don't mind hearing bad things about the Yes campaign and good things about the no campaign, but only if there is an element of truth in them.