Thursday, 15 November 2012


It's that time of the year again, and so Happy 80th Birthday, and congratulations on 70 years in show business, Petula Clark... 

Here's to the Paris Olympia in March.


  1. Cor blimey, guvnor, is this old battle-axe still around? Is she famous and, if so, what for?

    Only kidding, Tris, she still looks and sounds wonderful - if only I could stop mistaking her for Peggy Lee - don't know why - it's a mental block.

    Niko will know what I mean!

  2. Feck me!
    I never knew Pet was a Nat! :-)
    Karen Mathieson is more my choice as female vocalist.

  3. Yeah well I wuz on the Ominbus in gay Paree coming back from a retrospective of Renoir..Guzzling me Tennants when blow me but who got on at the next stop.

    Only Pet well quick as flash I got her autograph and a pic of me handing her a Better together pamphlet....

    do you know Pet(as I calls her) told me she has had two hip replacements.

    funny old world and no mistake.

  4. Ah yes John. As you can see she is still around, still recording and having hits. Cut Copy Me made the Top 20 in Belgium, when it was released there earlier this year.

    Funnily she was a huge fan of Peggy Lee and they did a few duets on television together.

    Niko knows about most things to do with blocks, and of course, mental!

  5. Well, funnily enough Juteman, she is half Welsh and very proud of that. Of course they always call her "la petite anglaise", but she talks a bit in her shows about her Welsh background.

    In the last few years she has toured a few time in the UK and always included Scotland. In fact I sang with her in Edinburgh and in Aberdeen.

    She loves Scotland. The tour bus broke down on the way from Glasgow to Aberdeen and they had to wait for someone come out to it, so, being musicians, they found the,selves in the nearest pub. She says that the locals were quite surprised to find her with a pint in their bar but were pretty friendly and her abiding memory is of guys saying... "Gonnai geez a bit o' Doon Toon, Pet?"

    Karen Matheson is brilliant. Love her with Capercaillie in Gaelic. Good choice!

  6. Imagine the co-incidence, Niko. You in gay Pareee on a bus, just at the time Petula gets on... Well, I never. All the times I've been in Paris and not even Sacha Distel on me bus!

    And how handy that you had a 'Mieux Ensemble' leaflet about your person.

    As for the hip replacements...well, when you've been as hip as Pet for as long as Pet, and when you're as rich as Pet, I suppose you would get yourself a replacement or two.

    How was the Renoir? Can we expect an examination of the retrospective in "Niko's Bar", that weel kent left bank estabishment?

  7. I saw Petula Clark for the first time last year. My dad's always been into her and eventually I went along with him.

    I was expecting someone old like Cilla Black or Vera Lynn, but you'd never know she was that age. She can still belt out a song and rock some.

    And she's funny too. Glad I went and I like that song. Can I get it?

  8. Hi Sam, welcome to the blog.

    Yes, Petula is a bit of a comic too...funny stories and self deprecating comments ...

    Better not let Cilla Black hear you say that about her though. She's about 10 years younger than Pet!!!

  9. Beautiful voice! Beautiful song!

    Tris' and Pet's duet of "Downtown" is the stuff of show business legend. But unaccountably not yet released on CD.

    Any confusion with Peggy Lee can be resolved by remembering that Peggy Lee is the one who was born in North Dakota.

  10. Show business legend Danny. That's the stuff. I really can't imagine why it hasn't been released yet. No 1 for sure... but hey.

    Yes, Peggy Lee, one of the few people who owns up to being born in North Dakota.

    No wonder the woman had a Fever!