Friday, 27 November 2009


Some considerable time ago it came to light that Nigel Griffiths MP thought that, rather than spend Remembrance Sunday remembering troops, some of whom his party had sent to war in the first place, he would spend it in a dalliance with a “lady” other than his wife, in his office in Westminster, in a state of Bacchanalian oblivion, not to mention undress. Then, upon questioning he would deny the whole thing and give the excuse that he was so drunk that he could remember nothing of it, despite the fact that he managed to upload photographs of the whole rather sordid goings on to his computer. Strange, you might think.

Oh well, anyway, I took the trouble at that time to drop Mr Griffiths an email telling him more or less, in moderate language, what I thought of him. (The moderateness of the language precluded my telling him exactly what I thought of him, unaware as I was at the time of that charming Mandelsonian turn of phrase “chump”.)

I waited for some time for a reply from Mr Griffiths, maybe a contrite little note saying how sorry he was that he had let the people of Scotland down. Surprisingly, none was forthcoming.

However, a few weeks later, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I noticed in my inbox a missive from the said Mr Griffiths. Unfortunately, said missive made no mentions of any wrong doing, or any breaking of members’ codes of behaviour, or any drunkenness, debauchery or indeed of lying. Instead Mr Griffiths asked me if I would care to support him and the Prime Minister, his friend, in some objective or other. I did not care to support Mr Griffiths, any more than I cared to support his "friend", and wrote back telling him so, and reminding him of the reason for my original email. Needless to say, again I got no reply, but at least no further exhortations to support were received.

That is, until this week, when I received not one, but two emails updating me on what a wonderful and busy MP he had been. I suspect he may have had a pang of guilt around this time of year!

I was wondering if anyone knew of any way to ensure that my pc is never again subjected to the indignity of an email from this lowlife.


  1. Report his emails as spam or just phone the bugger and give it to him down the phone. Get a large whistle and blow the hell out of his ear lol

    It will be his office poodle that will be sending out the emails, some robot 12 year old with no sense.

  2. Cant imagine Griffiths will be elected again I mean even i wouldn't vote for him...and i would not ask anybody else to either

  3. Danny, 1st Earl of the OzarksNovember 28, 2009 2:12 am have gotten on a politician's mailing list....well, Emailing list.

    This is the very next thing to becoming immortal. Come next election, he will be thanking you for your previous support, and soliciting you for campaign contributions so that he may continue his fine work.

    (Excuse my cynicism.)

  4. Can you not block his e-mail address and get your provider to send a reason for the block? Along the lines of:

    "This recipient has blocked you because you shagged a tart while pissed at work then lied about it"

    If that could all be done automatically I doubt you would be bothered for much longer.

  5. I always use my special spam account to contact politicians, that way they don't come back to haunt you, you can always delete the account and start a new one.

  6. Spook: That's a brilliant idea. If I thought it was his ear drums I was going to burst I certainly would do that (oh what a pleasure), but as you say, it will be some poor soul....
    Yes. A phone call is a good idea. I wonder if they would let me speak to him. Somehow I doubt it.

  7. Niko: I just checked up on his figures. He's as gone as gone can be. In the last election he had 14,188 votes, and the Liberal Democrat had 13,783 (33.2% to 32.3%). That marked a huge drop from the previous election where his figures were 42.2% to Lib Dems 27.4%.

    I think the Lib Dem candidate should go back to her consituency and prepare for office, don't you? LOL

  8. Your Grace:

    I always believed something I wrote would make me immortal. Little did I realise it would be a disgruntled email to a nobody .... Oh well, I'll certainly do everything I can when it comes election time... he he he he (nasty laugh).

  9. Munguin:

    You have such a way with words. Brilliant though. It does sum up his situation pretty accurately.

  10. QM: I maybe should have thought of something like that. I'm so used to being completely ignored when I write to them that it never occurred to me that this little piece of waste would bother to reply in any way, shape or form.

    I remember that Mr and Mrs Nicholas Winterton treated my email with complete disdane when I wrote to them about their crafty sheme to get us to go on paying for a flat that we had bought for them, by putting it into a trust fund for their children and then charging us rent on it. The unlovely David Wilshire also shunned any communication with me, as did Dan Hannan.

    Only one MP I wrote to and criticised who did take up the challenge of a discussion .... Philip Davies.

    We had a long discussion about a private member's bill that he had sponsored. His replies were intelligent and sensible. Over a series of emails we went from "Dear Sir" and "yours faithfully", to "Hey Phil/Tris" and "cheers".

    He's a rarity.

    I must set up an account for MP communication. I suspect though that the inbox will remain empty for most of the time.

  11. Niko.

    I just noticed that the Liberal Democrat candidate who has stood in the last few elections is not standing next year. She, Marilyne MacLaren, built up the LibDem vote. I dunno whether that was a personal triumph for her, or because of something the Liberals were doing in the area. Anyway, they have a new man now Fred MacIntosh. I hope that doesn't give Mr Griffiths any advantage.