Friday, 20 November 2009


Congratulations to John Swinney on winning the Herald’s coveted Scottish Politician of the Year Award and the Donald Dewar Debater of the Year, sponsored by eaga.

The judges praised in particular his handling of the economy, which won him the title against last year’s winner Nicola Sturgeon, and Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill.

Referring to Mr MacAskill’s decision to release Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, Donald Martin, editor-in-chief of the Herald & Times Group, ¬conceded that many thought his conduct in taking this very difficult decision might have earned him the top award.

“However, in his own words, it was a quasi-judicial decision so not entirely political,” said Mr Martin. “His record on other issues such as licensing and his comments over prisoners who had absconded also weakened the case for him.

“John Swinney, on the other hand, has handled a very difficult brief in the teeth of the ¬recession really well and thoroughly deserved to be named Scotland’s Politician of the Year.” (Herald).

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting John Swinney briefly in his office in parliament. Although he was busy, he took time to chat with me and make me feel welcome.

So, not only is John a consummate politician and a superb debater, he is also a really nice guy.

Congratulations Mr Swinney.


  1. Tris..

    lol, I just came across this as well. Anyway great news for John and well deserved .

    Puts paid to Iain Grays rubbish in FMQ's

  2. I wonder if Iain whatsit will ever win anything Spook? Maybe the boobie prize?

    Well, he's a bit of a boobie.

  3. Tris..

    Nah he is just a tit...

  4. Spook:

    Couldn't have said it better myself!

  5. Now now, a Tit has its uses, Ian Gray has..........................................................................................................................................................

    Nope, can't think of one, apart from a doorstop.

  6. Best Scot went Jim Murphy dont forget eh?

  7. Hi Buggar lugs. Nice to see you.

    I've already got a door stop, so I think I'll just bin him. Yeah?

  8. It is well seen that only the National Party has worthy candidates. That other party, the one with a wilted pink rose, couldnae muster up a fart between the lot of them.

    "Labour's not working, it's just blowing in the wind..."

  9. Niko:

    I didn't see that in the Herald's report. I'm sorry. Well done to Spud. Best Scot what though?

    Seriously, according to this report

    Jim should be writing letters of apology to Iceland and Ireland for his insults to them about their economies. It seems that the UK (in which we are supposed to be cushioned from the harsh realities of economic life, virtue of Gordon's financial genius) is in a worse state than either of these two countries that he poked fun at.

    If in the future Jim wants to be something in Scottish politics, he will have to learn not to poke fun at our closest neighbours, especially not when he's blethering through a hole in his butt.

    Nonetheless, I congratulate him on his award. Well done Jim.

  10. Well Sophia, nice to see you back.

    It seems that I missed something. Niko informs us that Mr Murphy was the proud winner of Best Scot. Fair dos, congratulations are in order, and I'm confident that you'll join me in offering them to Jim.

  11. Mr Murphy won Best Scot at Westminster. Well done, let's hope he likes the place so much he decides to stay there after Independence. I wouldnae miss him.

  12. Mr Brown will not ba a happy bunny. Oh but then, I forgot, he's not a Scot, he's a North Britisher. Well, there's wee Dougie, Big Alistair, Browne the useless... and then there's that wee fella that used to be at the Scotland Office, McChattering... There's loads of them, so Jim has done well?

    Does anyone know the name of that other wifie at the Scotland Office, or Office for Scotland or whatever they call it? Lordy is she low key or what?

  13. Best Scot in Wstminster???

    Well there is not that much to choose form is there! If you rule out those that don’t want to admit to being a Scot, those on the fiddle and the down right useless. That does not leave very much left. I’m sure that if I had gone and used a phone box in Westminster for more than 10 minutes I would have been in the running as well.

    I see that Jim’s opponents where John McFall (that very well known, high profile Scot who I have never heard of) and Angus Robertson. Well I guess that the Herald cannot let the SNP have everything. I also see that Captain Beaky won because he tirelessly took the fight to the SNP, did he not say recently that Labour’s main opponents, even in Scotland were the Tories? And his clever mix of consensus and confrontation does that award not bother with things like integrity and veracity? Clearly not! Or Jim’s clever use of lies and skulduggery would have ruled him out.

    Oh and thanks again Mr MixedPickle for that clever use of leaving out the important bit to put a positive slant on the indefensible. A friend of Spud are you?

  14. I agree Munguin. If the Labour Party's enemy in Scotland is the Tories, I think that Mr Murphy should be taking the fight to them. According to him the SNP simply doesn't count. It's Mr erm, Mr what's his name's job to take the fight to the SNP in the parliament in his role as leader of the Labour group.