Sunday, 15 September 2013


For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

Must have been written specially for Charlie Windsor. 

And that has caused a bit of a disagreement in the royal family. 

Since 1568 permission has been required to remove gold from "Mines Royal", with the proceeds going to Crown Estates. But the Duchy of Cornwall, established as a form of income for the heir to the throne, has been around since 1337, and wanted to claim the gold for Charlie.

So, being as they are a close warm family firm they have decided to split the money 50-50. Charlie gets half and the crown estates get half. 

And the people of Kernow get nothing.

Great, isn't it? The broke UK finds gold and two of the richest people (who owe their wealth only to who they were born) split the divvy between them. 



  1. Tris

    He is normally down my list in the loath league behind Lamont, Cameron, both Alexanders, Darling, Rennie. Brown, Osbourne, Davidson and John Brown Dundee Manager but I can see Chaz Mountbatten climbing the table. The spoilt little child is so bloody greedy and hungry with entitlement. What don't the no voters get.


  2. Replies
    1. Dean

      We cannot even begin to contemplate that until we get a yes vote. Another reason for you to vote yes, even you must be thinking the same now in unfair ' don't be poor in ' Britain.


    2. That's a fair comment. For as long as I can remember the monarchy has been much more popular in England than in Scotland.

      I'd say the chances of the monarchy being abolished in the UK are pretty minimal. Actually I'd say nil or only just above it.

      But there are many people on both SNP and Labour benches here that are republican.

      In a Scottish parliament which had authority over constitutional affairs it is not impossible that a vote would be carried to hold a referendum.

      It probably couldn't even be discussed in Westminster on pain of death for treason.

      Of course the Tories here, in the personna of Jackson Car lot, told us that the royal family was very popular, citing the enthusiasm for the jubilee. But the truth is that there were 97 applications made for street parties in Scotland compared to 6,200 in England and 300 in Wales. The royal wedding seemed to be watched and talked about by elderly women and the birth of the baby went almost totally unnoticed.

      Alex Salmond gives the impression of being a royalist, and from what I understand he would have no intention of abolishing the monarchy. But Alex Salmond is just one man.

      I suspect there are many Scots who wouldn't want to slap the queen in the face, but who would be perfectly happy to wait until Charles takes the throne and hold a referendum to lose the monarchy.

      No wonder the Tories have done their best to ensure that the Queen, Charles and William are excluded from FoI acts. Every time I hear something about the greedy grasping of the Windsors I am less and less enamoured of them.

      I'm not entirely certain that we need a separate head of state. Laws should be able to be signed into law by the fact that they are passed by parliament.

      For ceremonials I'm sure that the Presiding officer or his/her deputies would do.

      But that's for the people of Scotland to decide.

  3. Hes saving up for a holiday so lets give him a permanent one after 2014.

  4. tris

    you are nothing if not inconsistent you say ? Oil found in Scotland ( or its seas )
    belongs to Scotland or Alex salmond, and yet decry the lawful owner of the Gold and should expect him give up his wealth.....why ?

  5. ch

    Even ' IF ' the yes were to win in 2014 you will still have to bend your knee to the queen of scots and her heirs. And one day kiss Charles royal arse..........

    1. Nope. 100% wrong. Nothing belongs to Alex Salmond, and I've never suggested for a second that it does.

      Oil found in Scottish waters belongs to Scotland and Scots.

      Gold found in Cornwall belongs to the Cornish people, or at least the English people (although Cornwall was a separate Duchy, simply subsumed by England at some point).

      In any case, the law says that it belongs to the Queen, and through her to Crown estates, but the greedy little blighter wants to get his thieving hands on it...and because he's her son she has agreed through her solicitors that he should have half of it, and she will get the rest.

    2. Niko... sometimes you are very rude.

      Of course you'll have to do the same. Unless of course Dennis Canavan persuades the people of his case fro ditching them so they can stop taking from us and concentrate on accumulating wealth from their other realms.

      Really, in the 21st century, this stuff is fairy tale nonsense.

  6. Excuse me while I curtsy, walk back and tug my forelock m'lud!

    Oh just don't get too used to me doing this though cause come the victory in 2014 I will no longer curtsy, walk backwards or tug my forelock in your greed infested presence!

  7. Are you doing all these things at one time Arbroath?

    I mean I can barely walk backwards without any of the other capers....

    1. To be honest Tris, I do only one at a time curtsy then walk back a few steps then pull my forelock walk back a few steps curtsy again etc. Mind you if you do it at a fair lick the daft money grabbing old bugger will never notice! lol

    2. LOL LOL LOL

      Honestly, really out loud...

      It just paints such a picture...