Saturday, 23 February 2013




  1. A give you an AAA rating for your efforts this week.

  2. tris

    I disagree vehemently with the 'starve the sick and disabled into jobs
    ' poppycock

    The last disabled person at work(if you remember) was laid off we had as you do been
    joking for a few weeks(gallows humour) that he would be gone soon top of the list etc...
    anyways i spoke to him and in the course of work had to go out back to whit whilst gone when i came onto shop floor he was gone .....laid off

    Plus a further five who had built up a record of excessive sick leave one polish lad of three years standing good worker not one to have a day off.......but did drive like a loon thus a car crash hospital sick and then recuperation was finished up as well.

    so the truth is no they wont starve them back into work as there will none for them just
    just a downward trend of poverty and life time unemployment.

    all legal so i am told even in 2013

  3. tris

    I have been on me hols for a few days over on wangs over scotland
    feel like I have been at Scientology weekend....

    Group of strange people even for very strange people watching them tie themselves up in metaphysical knots over Glasgow.
    And how its an unimportant mock ballot which they desperately
    wanted to win and win easily.

    Is like the doomsday cult members trying to explain why the asteroid didnt hit earth and destroy all lifelike wot their cult leaders told them is.....

    well just an amazing example self justificatory self delusion i have seen outside a new Labour meeting in support of the Irag war..............and we know what happened there '

    anyway to clear the stench of that blog from me i am off for a long long hot shower.

  4. I look forward to voting for that cut too, CH

  5. Thanks very much Moody's, I mean Marcia...


  6. Yes, Niko. They are getting rid of people so easily. They just drove through an amendment to employment law which says they don't have to give people 90 days' notice any more; they can just pack them off.

    Disgusting to sack people who've been ill.

    I heard recently of a woman who had had cancer, chemo and an op, and had been off for a while being sacked.

    Can you imagine the depression and worry that comes with having had cancer, and then, when it appears you survived it, being told that you had lost your job.

    Ebven in good times, people who have been off longterm with cancer, aren't at the top of anyone's list for being taken on, but at a time like this they have no chance... and benefits are to be kept down, while they warn us that the 18% fuel increases we have just seen will in a few years' time, look like a cake walk..

    And then they will be surprised when there are riots... Pfffffff.

  7. I didn't really understand the Glasgow thing.

    It appeared that most of the students didn't bother to vote. Turnout was something like 11% wasn't it?

    I'd have said that amongst young and intelligent people that that was a dismal turn out, and I'd say it was a very disappointing vote for independence...

    Some people seemed to think that it was a passable result for various reasons... I don't really agree. I think it was a terrible result, and displays the hard road we have to climb.

    Mind you, the Butter Together lot had been busily telling us that only 23% voted yes in a survey a couple of weeks ago, so 38% is a magnificent result. 15% increase in 2 weeks...

  8. Glasgow poll was totally irrelevant but that wouldn't stop the anti independence brigade clutching at any straw they can grasp.

    Maybe Niko and Dean should listen to Henry McLeish at Edinburgh Central Library 2 since they are staunch 'devolutionist' who believe in progression, they might also look at the latest right winger poster on Labour Hame.

  9. Oh dear, I've just looked, CH... He's a bit of a lad is Henry.

    Shouldn't he be in the Tory party?

  10. So the SNP care about child poverty ... so long as the kids are Scottish... if they live south of the wall - its a geographical accident but hey, SNP don't care.

    Separation is what they want, even if this is to be achieved at the expense of the most vulnerable kids in the UK.

    'us and them' nationalism. Disgusting.

    Vote 'No', vote to actually care and make a difference.